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DTF Transfers

DTF Transfers

DTF stands for “direct to film”. It is an innovative product in the textile printing market and a better alternative to other full color textile transfer films. DTF transfers are a special type of iron-on image that is printed on a transfer film and can then be applied to fabrics or other materials using a heat press or iron. Unlike other transfer films, DTF transfer films do not require a special ink coating on the carrier medium. Instead, a thin layer of white or transparent powder is applied to the transfer film, which is then printed with a special DTF printer. The printer uses water-based inks that are applied to the powder and then applied to the target material through heat and pressure. DTF transfers offer a wide color range and high print resolution, resulting in a superior quality and detailed print. They are also durable and wash resistant, making them a good choice for personalized clothing, promotional items and gifts.

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DTF Custom Heat Transfers

DTF Transfer - Iron-On is a professional and customizable solution for demanding needs and high-quality printing.
Upload your logo, picture or artwork to create your very own iron-on DTF Custom Heat Transfers on ready-to-apply transfer film. DTF transfers are perfect for sports clubs, bachelor parties or starting your own fashion line. DTF transfers are often ironed onto t-shirts, hoodies, bags, sportswear and workwear.


  • Various sizes and shapes
  • Iron-on
  • DTF transfers made with water-based ink
  • Upload your own logo or artwork
  • Vivid colors and high resolution DTF transfer printing
  • Washable up to 140°F (60 °C)
  • For cotton, polyester, nylon, elastane, textile blends, linen, soft shell, felt, genuine leather, etc. (Please follow the ironing instructions for your chosen material and the DTF transfer ironing instructions).
  • Affordable branding for businesses
DTF Transfers

DTF Name Labels for Kids

DTF Name Labels for Kids are excellent for labeling clothing at daycare and school. Our customizable DTF prints are made to be ironed onto fabric and are washable, long-lasting, colorful and can be matched to just about anything.


  • Washable up to 140°F (60°C)
  • No peeling
  • High resolution DTF transfer printing
  • CMYK+W (4-color + white)
  • Water-based ink
  • High elasticity
  • Excellent color brilliance and color accuracy

DTF Transfer Printing - The Game Changer in Textile Finishing

DTF transfer printing is mainly used for finishing a variety of textiles. We transform your designs / logos into DTF transfers with high coverage colors. Whether you just need a single print, a series of designs or a high volume order, Wunderlabel can help! 
We are committed to using sustainable printing technology and are happy to be able to offer our customers eco-friendly products such as our DTF transfers made with water-based inks. These outstanding iron-on prints are not only hard-wearing and elastic, but also have great staying power.
Find out more about the DTF print material under “Types of Fabric”.

What Is DTF Transfer Printing?

TheDTF transfer printing process involves uploading a digital image to a computer and then printing it onto a carrier film. The ink used for printing is usually a special pigment ink suitable for use on textiles and other materials. After the image has been printed onto the carrier film, it is coated with an adhesive and transferred to the fabric using heat and pressure.
The ink being applied directly to the film results in a high quality durable print with better color saturation and color accuracy. 
DTF transfers are long-lasting and can withstand multiple wash cycles up to 140°F (60 °C). In addition, DTF transfer printing can be used on dark fabrics, which is often difficult with other transfer printing processes.

Read the tutorial on how to iron on DTF transfers.

Advantages of DTF Transfers

DTF transfers offer many advantages compared to other types of iron-on textile printing.

  • High resolution, high quality DTF transfer print, CMYK+W (4-color + white)
  • High elasticity
  • Excellent color brilliance and color accuracy
  • Long lasting 
  • Durable and stretchable
  • Perfect for light and dark textiles

What Materials Can DTF Transfers Be Ironed onto? 

DTF transfer printing can be used on a range of materials: Cotton, polyester, nylon, elastane, textile blends, linen, soft shell, felt, genuine leather.. IMPORTANT! Please follow the ironing instructions of the material.

What Do You Need for DTF Transfers?

To decorate your textiles you will need your own picture or logo, an iron or a heat press and the DTF ironing instructions.  
Simply upload your design in the Wunderlabel configurator and we will produce your DTF transfers and carefully package them for shipping. You will be able to apply the iron-on prints to the fabric of your choice as soon as you receive them.

DTF Iron-on Transfers for every Need

Whether for a DIY project, a party or your business, Wunderlabel has the right product for you! 
Iron-on DTF transfers are a great choice for many different people needing personalized clothing or promotional items to spread their brand message and make them stand out from the crowd.
 Here are some examples:

  • Businesses:

DTF transfers can help businesses promote their brand message by printing their logos or slogans onto clothes, bags and other promotional items.

  • Sports clubs:

DTF Transfers are great for creating personalized jerseys or tracksuits for sports teams.

  • Individuals:

Individuals can use DTF transfers to personalize their clothing with custom designs, lettering or images.

  • Artists and designers:

DTF transfers offer artists and designers the opportunity to print their artwork or designs onto textiles, making their work accessible to a wider audience.

  • Events:

DTF transfers can also be used at special events such as weddings, anniversaries or birthday parties to create personalized clothing or keepsakes.

In summary, DTF transfers are the perfect choice for anyone wanting personalized clothes or promotional items!

Video: How to make a custom cap with a DTF transfer

You can apply DTF iron-on transfers not only with an iron onto fabric, but also with a heat press. In this video tutorial we will guide you step by step through the process of transferring a DTF transfer image onto a cap.