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By Annabelle Short on 04/06/2017

14 Sewing Quotes Only A Seamstress Will Understand

14 Sewing Quotes Only A Seamstress Will Understand

Here are some quotes about sewing and quilting that only a seamstress will understand.

14 Sewing Quotes Only A Seamstress Will Understand

Here are some quotes about sewing and quilting. Print this out and stick it anywhere you can see it enough to inspire you when there is no time for getting to your sewing refuge.

  • ”I am certain that a Sewing Machine would relieve as much human suffering as a hundred Lunatic Asylums, and possibly a good deal more.” - Margaret Atwood, Alias Grace
  • ”I’m always tinkering with something - suddenly I’ll think I can work with wood, but then I’ll realize I can’t, so I go back to sewing.” - Melissa McCarthy
  • ”We live in a web of ideas, a fabric of our own making.” - Joseph Chilton Pearce
  • ”Anyone who works on a quilt, who devotes her time, energy, creativity, and passion to that art, learns to value the work of her hands. And as any quilter will tell you, a quilter’s quilting friends are some of the dearest, most generous, and most supportive people she knows.” - Jennifer Chiaverini
  • ”Fabrics doesn’t make exquisite dresses, it is the stitches.” - Treasure Stitches
  • ”A good use for me is to let me go away with my sewing machine and come back with some really new stuff.” - Betsey Johnson
  • ”So much fabric, so little time! Or, sew much fabric, sew little time!” - Author Unknown
  • ”Women derive a pleasure, incomprehensible to the other sex, from the delicate toil of the needle.” - Nathaniel Hawthorne, The Scarlet Letter
  • ”I like to do interior design, I love to quilt, I love to see different colors together, and I love to match things up.” - Mary J.Blige
  • ”You can sew your own curtain ton remain hidden from the dark side of the world.” - Munia Khan
  • ”Any day spent sewing, is a good day.” - Author Unknown
  • ”As far as we could tell, the face of the revolution was a sea of embroidering women, patiently waiting the resignation of their repressive governor.” - Diana Denham
  • ”I am reminded that every day I have the chance to pick up a needle and some thread and add to the story. To stitch together something beautiful and unique, to patch a small scrap of fabric to the story, to the Story of God, that will be retold again and again for all of eternity.” - Jerusalem Jackson Greer, A Homemade Year: The Blessings of Cooking, Crafting and Coming Together
  • ”Sewing mends the soul.” - Author Unknown

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