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By Annabelle Short on 12/23/2016

14 Tricks to Dressing with a Pear-Shaped Body

14 Tricks to Dressing with a Pear-Shaped Body

14 Tricks to Dressing with a Pear-Shaped Body

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Pear-shaped women have curvy hips, thick thighs and narrow shoulders. Many pear shaped body also have a small bust, narrow shoulders, and distinct waistline. This infographic will show you exactly how to dress this body type.

If you have a pear-shaped body, clothing that widens and enhances your upper torso while narrowing your hips and thighs can look especially flattering. So to help you emphasize your beautiful figure we put together these fashion tips. Flaunt those flattering curves with these simple tips and tricks!

  • WEAR BRIGHT COLORS ON YOUR UPPER TORSO: This catches the eye at the top of your body, away from hips and thighs. This will also make your shoulders and chest seem a bit broader than they actually are
  • WEAR DARKER COLORS ON YOUR LOWER BODY: Wearing dark colors skirts or pants has a slimming effect on your hips and thighs.
  • WEAR FITTED CLOTHING: Look for fitted tops that are tight around the waist that can highlight an hourglass figure.
  • LAYER YOUR TOPS: Adding things like cardigans, vests, jackets or scarves can add volume to your upper body and balance your proportions.
  • OPT FOR EMBELLISHED TOPS: Tops with printed designs, ruffles or horizontal stripes, embroidery, beading, lace or other embellishments enrich the upper body.
  • LOOK FOR TOPS OR DRESSES WITH WIDE SLEEVES: Tops with wide sleeves can add volume to your arms and create more of an “hourglass effect.”
  • WEAR JEWELRY: Jewelry like dangling earrings and necklaces draws attention to your upper body.
  • WEAR TOPS WITH WIDE NECKLINES AND CHEST ENHANCING NECKLINES: V-necks, strapless and off-the-shoulders dresses can give weight to the chest and highlight your shoulders.
  • WEAR THIN BELTS: For a flattering figure, wear belted long tops, cardigans and tunics at the narrowest point in your waist.
  • COMPLETE YOUR LOOK WITH BOOT CUT, FLARED, STRAIGHT-LEG PANTS OR JEANS: Boot cut and flared pants become wider at the bottom, and help to proportion your body beautifully. Straight-leg panu help to conceal wide hips.
  • WEAR THE RIGHT DRESSES: For a well-proportioned figure, wear A-fine skirts or A-line evening dresses. By flaring out gently towards the knees or legs, the create a gentle downward flow that generates a slimmer look.
  • WEAR UNDERGARMENTS THAT BOOST YOUR CHEST: Balance your body’s proportions by volumizing your chest area with padded or push-up bras.
  • MAKE USES OF HEELS: Wear open-toed high heels or pointed heels to elongate your legs.
  • DON’T WEAR PENCIL SKIRTS: You should avoid this type of skirt as it hugs your hips.

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