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By Annabelle Short on 12/03/2017

16 Handmade Christmas Gifts to Sew

16 Handmade Christmas Gifts to Sew

16 Handmade Christmas Gifts to Sew

There’s nothing more personal than giving someone a gift made by hand, especially a gift you may have designed and created just for them! This Christmas, why not put your sewing skills to use and do just that for your friends and family? We’ve got sixteen ideas to get you started.

1. Wine Bottle Bag: This handmade gift doubles as wrapping? Use an elegant fabric like velvet or satin for a special-occasion touch. Opt for jewel-tone colours to coordinate with the coloured glass of your chosen bottle, and a tasselled cord tying the bottle at the neck completes the look.

2. Tablet Case: Got a tech-savvy friend who’d love a safe place to stash his or her gadgets? Whip up a quilted tablet case with leather accents for gift that’s both stylish and practical!

3. Infinity Scarf: Whether made of fine, floaty chiffon or a thick, warm woollen, an infinity scarf is a versatile accessory that makes a fantastic gift. You can even whip up several in an afternoon, enough for friends and family, and one for yourself of course! Use French seams to neatly finish your edges, since the “wrong side” of your scarf could be visible.

4. Throw Blanket: Blankets like these aren’t only great Christmas presents. They’re also perfect for new babies, housewarming gifts, birthdays, and more! Who wouldn’t want comfy, cosy, customised throw blanket? Use wool flannel for a high-end finish.

5. Plush Toys: If you’re looking for handmade gifts to give to children this holiday season, you can’t go wrong with a classic teddy bear or handmade doll. You can use a wide range of fabrics, even upcycled textiles, but if you opt to make plush toys with faux fur, check out these tips for making the most of this tricky material.

6. Slippers: Making custom-sized clothing can be tricky if you want to give an item as a gift. If does rather give the game away to call in your friend or family member for measurements and a fitting! Slippers, on the other hand, are a bit easier to tackle.

7. Sleep Mask: Go ahead and splurge on some high-end fabrics for these! Natural fibres like cotton, silk, and linen are least likely to cause skin irritation, and they’re also available in a wide range of colours. Add a soft elastic strap for a comfortable fit, and whoever gets this gift will be ready for their beauty sleep!

8. Lavender Heating Pad: You might want to make a second one of these for yourself! Filled with rice or flax seeds, these heating pads can be made in almost any shape and size, from tiny pocket-warmers to extra-large versions designed to ease tension in your neck and shoulders. Adding in a handful of lavender blossoms when filling your heating pad makes it extra relaxing. Simple trace the sole of their favourite shoe, and voila! A perfect template for handcrafted felt slippers.

9. Napkin Set: For a friend who loves to entertain, a beautiful set of fabric napkins is a gift that’s both functional and fabulous. Natural fabrics tend to be most absorbent and so tend to work best as napkins-linen and cotton are both excellent choices. These are also a great chance to practise those mitred corners you’ve been meaning to improve!

10. Headbands: A great gift for fashionistas of all ages! Add a little shimmer and sparkle for youngsters, or opt for a bohemian-chic vintage floral print for the hipster in your life. Headbands are a great way to use up some of your scrap fabric stash. You can even make them reversible!

11. Travel Accessories: For the jet-setters in your life, travel accessories make fantastic gifts. A roll-and-stow case for makeup brushes or shaving needs is quick and easy to make, and you can pair it with a matching toiletries zip-case for something a little showier. Complete the look with a custom fabric luggage tag to make it easy to spot on the airport carousel.

12. Embroidered Artwork: If you’re into embroidery and looking for a quick gift idea, why not whip up a simple embroidered wall-hanging? You can even leave it in the hoop for easy display. Need some ideas? Check out this tutorial for some inspiration!

13. Hand-made Ornaments: These are a great project to get the kids involved in. Simple felt shapes, stuffed and embroidered, become fun and festive additions to any Christmas decor. Rhinestones, buttons, beads, feathers, and more can all be used to embellish them.

14. Bow Ties: Know any dapper fellows who’d love a bow tie for Christmas? They’re surprisingly easy to make, and, once you’ve got the knack, surprisingly easy to tie! The only measurement you’ll need to know is his collar size, which dictates the length of the centre section of the tie.

15. Totes and Market Bags: Everybody needs a tote from time to time. Why not make it a cute, personalised one? From monogrammed canvas to a slouchy patchwork shoulder bag, there are so many options for styling totes and market bags. You’ve probably got everything you need to make a few on hand right now!

16. Embellished Tea Towels: Add a personal touch to a simple tea towel with a bit of embroidery or applique. It’s an easy way to make a simple gift much more meaningful - consider embroidering a favourite recipe, or adding a bit of trim in a colour that coordinates with the recipient’s kitchen.

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