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By Annabelle Short on 04/26/2017

The Best Online Sewing Classes To Take In 2017

The Best Online Sewing Classes To Take In 2017

Learning to sew is a skill on the bucket list of thousands of people looking to do something fun or learn something new. However, our hectic lives don't always allow us the free time for things like sewing classes. But, I'm here to tell you about the four most recommended online sewing classes for 2017! Some of the classes are free, while some are not. The layout of the classes varies – some are video tutorials, whereas others offer their own programs, software and deals.

Continue reading to find out which of these sewing classes is the best fit for you!

1. Online Sewing 101

These online classes are a little more expensive, but totally worth every penny. If you're looking to develop a skill that you can truly benefit from, I would suggest checking out this website. They have offer anything from classes and assignments to obtaining your certificate or CEU after six months. These courses teach you the type of stitches needed and how to get the proper measurements. Plus, you'll gain valuable information on how to create patterns.

These online classes teach more than just the basics. They don't just teach you how to sew pillowcases and hems; they also make sure you fully understand how to put garments together. Buttons and zippers are too complex for basic sewing classes, but they are included in these online classes.

With these classes, you can start anytime you want and it's even compatible with iOS and Android, so you can complete the classes without a computer. With a total of six months to complete, you can work at your own pace and the certificate you receive at the end is accredited.

The prices for the classes is exceptionally fair. Classes without a certificate cost $75. Classes with an accredited certificate at the end cost $95. You can access discounts by joining their platinum program, which is beneficial if you plan on taking multiple classes.

2. Craftsy

This website is more basic and educates you on the simplistic techniques in sewing. With these free classes, (yes, I said free,)  you'll learn multiple stitches, threading for different types of machines and hemming. These classes also offer HD video lessons that are accessible 24/7, a virtual classroom, and over an hour of close-up instructions.

Along with the basics, they teach other lessons, like handbag making, quilting, and embroidery. Craftsy offers an app, available on iOS and Android, so you can learn on the go. It's free to sign up and probably one of the most popular places to receive free sewing lessons in 2017.

3. SkillShare

This website offers free intro classes in sewing, but, if you want more, you should invest in the real deal. With their free intro classes, they offer a broad range of crash courses in learning about your machine, patchwork and more about the tools you'll use.

With their premium classes, they offer anything from working with leather to buttons and zippers or even woven throw pillows. All classes are designed to fit your schedule and budget. Every lesson is through an HD video session, each given a rating from members who have already joined. The website makes it easy to use, allowing you to search for the types of sewing that interest you the most. It is free to sign up, too! They also have an app for your iOS device.

4. Sew at Home

This website offers step-by-step instructions for sewing. With over 350 pages of classes, Sew at Home also has their own course catalogue. The catalogue list is overwhelmed with beneficial information. The table of contents alone offer classes in:





-Embroidery Software and Tools

All the classes offered in the catalogue are in video format. Depending on what you're learning, some videos are longer than others. Most of the free lessons offered entails downloading software that teaches you how to sew properly, step-by-step. It'll tell you the skill level before you download it. So, if it's too difficult, you'll know beforehand.

You can pick a category, the level of difficulty, and you can even choose an instructor! Most of these lessons are fairly inexpensive, but the majority of them are free of charge. The best part of this website is that it also includes sewing for several things other than just clothes. You'll see options for upholstery, leather, plush, and home decor, as well. The only downfall to this website, is that it doesn't have an app to download like the others we’ve mentioned. Regardless, this is one of the most popular free to inexpensive classes recommended for beginners, or someone looking for an easy level course.

5. Last, but not least, here are three of the most helpful YouTube channels that help you learn basic sewing skills and how to use the correct tools to make the clothes you want the most. YouTube is the most popular and recommended place for tutorials on anything and everything.

- Detailed tutorials on anything from basic to advanced in both sewing and arts and crafts. Aneka has been a regular contributor to these free video tutorials since 2013.

- Anita By Design has been uploading tutorials on YouTube for the last two years. Her videos range from beginner to intermediate levels of experience. The tutorials go into detail from basics to hand sewing.

- Angela Kane Sewing TV has extremely impressive information and experience in the art of sewing. Uploading her own tutorials since 2009, Angela Kane also has her own company and website for sewing. She's an advanced seamstress, offering her highly educated skills in video format for beginning to expert level sewing. If you are truly interested in becoming a professional seamstress, you'll definitely have to check out her YouTube profile.

There you have it, everybody! This is your list of inexpensive resources for the best online sewing classes for the year 2017!

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