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By Annabelle Short on 01/30/2017

Clever Organization Ideas for your Crafting Room 

Clever Organization Ideas for your Crafting Room 

Is rummaging for your supplies slowing down your creativity? Does storage chaos flow better than your creativity? Even if you don’t have these problems, introducing some clever organisation into your crafting room will optimise your time and your working space giving you more room to concentrate on your projects.

You can create your own or purchase something from the wide range available on the market.

Take a look at these clever ideas for storage that can be bought, or made yourself. Be inspired to transform your crafting room into a perfectly organised and functional space and have creative chaos sewn up quickly.

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Nesting Fabric Storage Boxes

From Tea and a Sewing Machine, cast your eye on these beautiful nesting fabric storage boxes. Using just 2 fat quarters and interfacing for each box, you will find instructions to make your own pattern or you can follow a link to purchase one. They’ll add colour to your crafting room, look beautiful on your shelves and will be perfect for your storing your cottons, spare pieces of fabric and other sewing bits and bobs.

Drawstring Bag

How about a handy drawstring bag to store elastics, cottons or fabric scraps? This lovely tutorial from Things to Make and Do is perfect for brightening up your crafting room and organising the little things that hang around your crafting room.

Handy Pouch

For those drawers that look neat on the outside but are chaotic on the inside, take a look at the Handy Pouch Project from The Sewing Directory.  A few of these will tidy your supplies into attractive bundles making it quicker for you to find and use them.  They also have the added bonus of making your supplies portable - which is always a bonus even if you just want to move around the house for a change of scenery.

Half Inchie Needle Case

Keep all your needles in one place with this gorgeous patchwork half inchie needle case from Very Berry Handmade. A beautifully designed organiser for all your needles, the tutorial is straightforward and comes with some brilliant tips for using up scraps of material, and the best way to use iron-on interfacing to get the most perfect results.

Handy tip: If you don’t have enough space for all your needles, add a few extra felt “pages”.

Storage Buckets

Perfect for storing your measuring tapes and cotton reels, the Back with Buckets tutorial from Vintage Ric Rac gives you all the instructions you need to make your very own sturdy and attractive storage buckets. The use of applique decoration means that they’ll be easy to personalise to compliment the theme of your crafting room.

Liberty Sewing Organiser

It can be so frustrating to have all your sewing equipment scattered around your work area when you really need to be able to get hold of them quickly and easily. The Liberty Sewing Organiser featured on The Sewing Directory will help you to tie up all the loose ends of your crafting room organisation. With pockets for all your accessories, a strawberry pin cushion and a needle book, the days of searching for equipment will disappear for good!

Personalising your project: Most of the pockets are individual so it would be simple to position each piece of your equipment in a place which suits your crafting style.

Buy and personalise

Personalising your purchases

Your crafting is unique and your storage can be too, even if you’re buying it in. For example, you can make your storage reflect your personal style by making handmade labels to enhance your organisation. Embroider yourself some labels and include some illustrations of the items or, alternatively, sew on some of the real things to your sign – for example, buttons or sequins would make great decorations on their labels!

VonHaus 30 Drawer Parts Storage Organiser Cabinet - White/Grey

An ideal storage solution for your buttons, pins, needles and other small, easy to lose crafting items, this VonHaus storage organiser cabinet is brilliant! It’s available from various retailers but Amazon makes it easy to choose between the different sizes of units available with 12, 30 and 44 drawer units.

Drawer dividers/ organisers

Perhaps you already store your craft supplies away in drawers but to stop them mixing and becoming hard to find, try using drawer dividers or organisers. These Ikea drawer organisers are great, as long as your drawers are deep enough to hold the boxes. You get 6 of these handy organisers for only £. And if you don’t need to use them all, they fold flat just by opening a zip.

Set of 3 storage suitcases

Crafting doesn’t have to be an isolating hobby or job, especially with the variety of clubs and workshops to join, college courses to embark on or studio spaces to work in. So, if you’re on the move with your crafting try using some storage solutions that you can easily take with you. The set of 3 storage suitcases from the Works will look great on display in your crafting room and are easy to transport.

Sewing Machine Trolley Bag

Again, a great storage solution for on-the-move crafting – a sewing machine trolley bag saves your back from the strain of carrying a heavy sewing machine and is made to protect your machine. If you choose the right bag, you’ll also gain some pockets for extra clever storage. Sewing Online offers a good range of trolley bags in attractive designs that you can choose to match the themes in your craft room.

Sewing Machine Table

There are plenty of sewing machine tables available on the market, and the tables available from Horn are wonderful examples of the organisational advantages of having a table specifically designed for sewing and crafting. Depending on your needs, and budget, you could have extendable workspace, cleverly designed storage for you essential crafting tools and the perfect seating position.

Good luck transforming your crafting room and remember to let us know how you solved your organizational dilemmas.

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