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By Wunderlabel on 02/12/2024

Colour Trends in 2024

Colour Trends in 2024: What do Pantone® Fashion and Fashion Week say?

Colour trends for 2024 are the colours selected by fashion and design experts as particularly trendy and stylish for the year 2024. They reflect the mood, expectations, and inspirations of the time. Trend colours can apply to clothing, accessories, furniture, wall colours, and other areas.

There are various sources predicting or presenting colour trends for 2024, based on their own analyses, surveys, or experiences. One well-known source is Pantone, a company that develops colour systems and standards and selects a Colour of the Year annually. Because their colour system is so popular worldwide, we have also added the Pantone reference number to the colour selection in our configurator for Woven Labels with Logo: This allows our customers to choose the correct shades using a Pantone fan.

Another source is Fashion Week, a series of fashion shows held in different cities showcasing the latest collections and trends of designers.

Colour Trends in 2024: Trending Colour, Shade, Colour Palette

In 2024, trend colours are expected to be inspired by natural elements and sustainability. One of the trend colours could for example be a rich green reminiscent of lush forests, establishing a connection to nature. Also, shades like warm earth tones and gentle blues might be found in the trend palette for 2024. The colour palette is likely to be characterised by calming and earthy tones, radiating tranquillity and cosiness. Additionally, bolder colours like bright red or deep blue could be included in the trend palette, symbolising vibrancy and dynamism. Overall, the colour palette for 2024 will likely present a mix of natural, soothing tones and vibrant, lively colours, offering a balanced and versatile selection for design and fashion enthusiasts.

Which colours are particularly trendy according to Pantone® Fashion and Fashion Week?

According to Pantone® Fashion and Fashion Week, certain colours are particularly trendy for the year 2024. According to experts, trendy colours include warm neutral tones like soft beige, cream, and peach. Bold and vibrant colours like bright orange, lively green, and vibrant blue will also play a significant role in the fashion year 2024. These colours are intended to bring freshness and vitality to the collections. In addition, earth tones such as brown, terracotta, and olive green are in trend. 

These natural hues reflect the desire for sustainability and naturalness. Overall, the colours for 2024 are expected to offer a successful blend of lively nuances and calming neutrals, allowing for various moods and expressions. Designers and fashionistas can look forward to a diverse palette of trendy colours that will take centre stage in the upcoming season.

What is the Trend Colour of the Year 2024?

The trend colour in 2024, according to the Pantone Color Institute, is a delicate peach tone - Peach Fuzz, listed under the number 13-1023. This colour is a blend of a delicate orange and a gentle pink. The successful tone conveys warmth and modern elegance.

The Peach Fuzz colour scheme is intended to contribute to creating a calming and relaxing atmosphere that fits into our hectic lifestyle.

It was chosen by Pantone as the Colour of the Year 2024 because it reflects the mood, expectations, and inspirations of the time. Peach Fuzz is a colour suitable for both fashion and design, and it can conquer our homes and wardrobes. Whether in the form of clothing, accessories, or makeup, Peach Fuzz could be the trend colour that takes the fashion world by storm in 2024. It will be interesting to observe how designers and brands incorporate this colour into their collections and how consumers will embrace it in their everyday looks.

Trend colours 2024

What are the Trend Colours for Spring 2024?

The trend colours for Spring 2024 have already been predicted by various designers and experts. According to forecasts, pastel colours such as delicate pink, soft lilac, and baby blue will be particularly popular in spring. These gentle shades exude an airy and fresh atmosphere, perfectly suiting the spring season. In addition, bold and vibrant colours like lively green, bright orange, and vibrant yellow are expected to be on-trend. These bold hues bring freshness and energy to the wardrobe, ensuring a cheerful appearance. Pastel and bold colours can be combined to create interesting and modern looks. Overall, Spring 2024 promises a diverse colour palette that wonderfully reflects all aspects of spring.

- Horizon Blue: A cool and soothing blue reminiscent of the sky and the sea.
- Strong Blue: A strong and vibrant blue radiating energy and confidence.
- Bistro Green: A dark and elegant green reminiscent of nature and gastronomy.
- Spicy Mustard: A warm and spicy yellow reminiscent of the sun and the kitchen.
- Chutney: A deep and rich red reminiscent of exoticism and culture.
- Sun Orange: A bright and cheerful orange reminiscent of joy and freshness.
- Honey Gold: A soft and radiant gold reminiscent of warmth and elegance.
- Olive: A natural and harmonious green reminiscent of hope and balance.

Pantone swatches

Which Trend Colours are Popular in Summer 2024?

Experts also predict for the summer that the fashion industry will experience a return to fresh and natural shades to convey a sense of optimism and lightness. Pastel colours such as lilac, mint green, and coral are likely to take centre stage and be combined with bold shades of sun yellow and sky blue. This colour palette reflects the longing for a connection to nature and a positive attitude shaped by the experiences of the past years. Sustainability will also play a crucial role in selecting the trend colour, with an expectation of a preference for environmentally friendly dyes and materials. In summary, the trend colour in Summer 2024 will be a refreshing mix of pastel and vibrant tones, aiming to radiate optimism and a connection to nature.

Trend Colours and Revivals in 2024

In the world of fashion, trend colours and revivals are becoming increasingly important. In 2024, we can expect an interesting mix of different colours and designs. Classic colours like navy blue and beige will be as popular as bold and eye-catching tones like neon pink and deep purple. This broad palette of trend colours will allow consumers to express their personality and style in diverse ways. At the same time, revivals of retro designs and iconic patterns from past decades will have a strong presence in fashion. From polka dots to elaborate floral patterns, the fashion world in 2024 will experience a journey into the past, combined with modern elements to offer a unique and fascinating fashion experience. Fashion designers are expected to focus on reviving and redesigning classic designs to meet the needs of a diverse and discerning audience.

What Role do Trend Colours Play at Fashion Week?

Trend colours play a crucial role at Fashion Week as they set the direction and mood for the upcoming season. Designers and fashion brands present their latest collections in the trendiest colours carefully selected by trend researchers and colour experts. These colours can influence the entire fashion industry and are observed by designers, buyers, and consumers alike. They reflect current societal trends and moods and can influence consumer behaviour. Trend colours are also embraced by fashion magazines, influencers, and celebrities, further strengthening their significance. Therefore, at Fashion Week, trend colours are not just an aesthetic decision but also have a strong economic and sociocultural impact. It is crucial to identify the right trend colours and integrate them into one's collection to remain relevant and successful.

Most Famous Fashion Weeks

The most famous Fashion Weeks in the world take place in the fashion capitals of New York, London, Milan, and Paris. These events attract thousands of designers, models, celebrities, and fashion enthusiasts from around the world every year. During these fashion weeks, renowned designers showcase their latest collections on the runways, setting trends for the upcoming season. The events are not only significant for the fashion world but also for the general public's interest in fashion and style. In addition to the major Fashion Weeks in well-known metropolises, there are numerous other events in cities worldwide providing insight into the diverse and exciting world of fashion. Nevertheless, Fashion Weeks in New York, London, Milan, and Paris remain the most prestigious and widely followed events in the industry.

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