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By Wunderlabel on 01/15/2024

Textured Labels

Custom Textured Labels - Options & Uses

Woven labels with textured weaving add a distinct and refined element to a wide variety of items. Whether adorning garments like T-shirts, jeans, coats or bringing a hint of sophistication to accessories like purses, caps, and shawls, the flexibility of these woven labels knows no bounds. Keep reading to discover more about these exceptional garment labels!

What Are Textured Labels?

Textured labels are used in the apparel and textile industry to add a unique and tactile element to clothing and accessories. A special weaving technique creates raised patterns and textures that can be seen and felt. Labels with horizontal, vertical or diagonal stripes add a level of sophistication and luxury to the label, making them an attractive choice for high-end brands, designers and passionate crafters alike, to set products and creative projects apart. 

They can be designed online with up to three lines of text in a variety of fonts and one symbol from our extensive selection. And like our standard labels, they are durable and long-lasting making them ideal for garments and accessories that are subject to frequent wear and washing.

What Are Textured Woven Labels Used for?

Textured woven labels add a unique touch to a variety of clothing and items, providing a stylish boost to your designs. By considering the colour contrast with the fabric, these labels can serve both practical and decorative purposes, adding a personalised touch to your creative projects. 

Applications for Textured Labels

Custom clothing:  By consciously selecting and placing these tags, you can elevate the style of any item of clothing with a distinctive flair. Clothing, laundry and neck labels can all add a personal touch to any item in your wardrobe. The addition of textured labels can also elevate the presentation of items from small businesses, like shirts, hats, and tote bags, expanding their appeal beyond individual use. 

Accessories: For bags, you can add a label to the exterior or interior or even incorporate a keychain with your label attached. Hats and caps can be customised with a small label on the brim or a larger one on the front. Scarves can have labels sewn onto the bottom edge for a subtle but stylish touch.

Home furnishings / decor:  You can even use striped labels to personalise home decor items, such as pillows, cushions, blankets, throws, and table linens. For your personal use, you could attach personalised labels onto a set of matching napkins and table runner for your dining table. For your home furnishings merchandise, these unique labels add an eye-catching finishing touch.

DIY projects: In crafting projects, labels can seamlessly integrate into DIY bags, quilts, and hand-knit or crocheted items. They can be used to add a professional touch to homemade items, as well as to provide important information such as care instructions or the maker's name and contact information. Using custom fabric labels can also help to showcase your brand and add a special, personalised element to your handmade items. 

Limited edition items: The unique label textures can also enhance limited edition items and make them more exclusive. These special woven labels add value to the product and can make your products more desirable to consumers. Additionally, labels with texture can help the product stand out on the shelf and attract more attention from potential buyers. 

Label design examples for clothing labels with texture:

Texture: Design Examples

Woven Labels Specs
- Material: 100% polyester - 100% recycled material
- Care:
   - Sew-on labels washable up to 90°C
   - Iron-On labels washable up to 30°C
- Edges: Soft and flexible
- Cutting: Hot cut, no fraying
- Weave: Jacquard
- Certification: OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 Certified

How Is the Textured Effect Achieved?

The textured effect on woven labels is achieved through the process of weaving. When creating woven labels, different coloured threads are interlaced on a loom to form the desired design. By adjusting the tension and weave patterns of the threads, a textured effect can be achieved, adding depth and dimension to the label. This can be done through techniques such as twill or herringbone weaving, which create a raised, tactile surface on the label. Additionally, using different materials or yarn thicknesses can also contribute to the effect. Overall, the art of weaving allows for a myriad of design possibilities in creating high quality woven labels, making this method a popular choice for visually appealing and tactile textured labels.

What Are Wunderlabel's Texture Options for Woven Labels?

We offer three different textures alongside our standard (smooth) labels: Horizontal, vertical or diagonal stripes to add visual interest and depth. Whatever your style, we have the perfect texture to suit your project.

Woven Labels with Horizontal Stripes

Feature a very subtle horizontally lined texture.

Horizontal Stripes

Woven Labels with Vertical Stripes

Feature 1 mm alternating vertical background stripes. Bordeaux, dark purple, blue, green, light brown, brown and black labels are woven with a black background stripe. All other colours are woven with a white background stripe.

Vertical Stripes

Woven Labels with Diagonal Stripes

Feature a very subtle diagonally lined texture. 

Diagonal StripesHow Do You Attach Textured Labels to Clothing?

There are a few different methods for attaching high quality woven labels to clothing. One option is sew-on labels, which require sewing the label onto the garment by hand or with a sewing machine. Another option is to use iron-on labels, which can be quickly and easily attached by using a household iron or a heat press. Our labels can also be customised with lasered mounting holes, which allow for secure attachment to the fabric with standard sewing thread, thick yarn or even metal rivets. Ultimately, the method of attachment will depend on the material of the clothing and the look that you are striving for. You will find all three options in the online design tool for Woven Labels with Text & Symbol and Woven Labels with Sparkling Text & Symbol.

Are Custom Woven Labels Cost-effective for Clothing Brands?

Custom woven labels can be cost-effective for clothing lines as they provide a durable and professional branding solution that adds value to the garments and enhances brand recognition. In addition, custom woven labels can be produced in large quantities at a relatively low cost, especially when ordering in bulk. This means that the cost per custom clothing label decreases as the quantity increases, making it an affordable choice for clothing brands. Investing in high-quality woven labels can contribute to the overall perceived value of the clothing, which can in turn lead to higher customer satisfaction and potentially higher price points for the garments.

While the initial investment in one-of-a-kind woven labels may be higher than other labelling options, the long-term benefits and enhanced brand value make them a worthwhile investment for all fashion establishments. 

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