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By Terra on 12/17/2018

Customer Spotlight: iHooked

Customer Spotlight: iHooked

"Labeling adds a special detail that I feel makes my brand stand out."

Technology lover and talented crocheter, Courtney, created iHooked and never looked back. Her branding process evolved over time to become something that suites iHooked perfectly. Her inventive idea to use rivets was genius! We are so proud to be her label provider.

Woven Labels from Wunderlabel

Woven Labels are one of Wunderlabel's most popular products. These labels are durable and resilient in the face of environmental influences.  They are available in small quantities and at fair prices. Woven labels are available either wit your own text and one of a range of symbols, or with your own logo. Woven abel with text & symbol: 60  x 15 or 60 x 20 mm. Bespoke woven label: custom. Let's go!

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Introducing iHooked!

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Customer Spotlight: iHooked

Tell us about iHooked - how did you get started?

I got hooked on crocheting back in 2010 when I decided to quit smoking. It gave me the ability to quit smoking and stay quit, but also it opened me up to a whole new artisan world of super talented, local and international artisans I never knew were out there.

It didn’t take long to think of a name for my business. I am an absolute tech junkie - specifically, I am in love with all things Apple. But I also work full time at the University of Manitoba as a Software Specialist. So smashing the two main things (technology and crochet) in my life together just made sense. iHooked was born! I then opened up my Etsy store and just started creating crochet wears using bright colours, different textures and materials.


What keeps you inspired?

There is so much out there that inspires me, but the main thing that keeps me going are my customers. Whether it’s seeing someone wearing one of my hats at the store, or a customer coming up to me at a local craft show and saying "oh I bought this from you last year and love it." They all inspire me to create more.

Customer Spotlight: iHooked

What does labeling your items do for your business?

Labeling adds a special detail that I feel makes my brand stand out. When I first started I had little wood tags, and they were great, however I didn’t think the “wood look” was me. So I started looking around. I searched Etsy and Pinterest at others artisans and how they brand their items and how I can stand out from them as well.

When I came across the custom fabric tags at Wunderlabel, I knew that this is what I wanted my brand to be and it just felt right. When I got my first round of labels, I sat in my favourite chair and started sewing them onto my products. After hand sewing about 20 tags, I knew I was not a fan of sewing. It took forever for me to sew and I really did not like doing it. So I needed to really rethink how I was going to attach these to my crochet wears. This is were the rivets came in. I picked up a small pack of rivets from my local Michaels store and just started attaching and hammering them on … and I loved it!!!! It was a quick process, no needle and no thread to tie off. It was perfect. Plus the rivet gives my brand a bit of a modern look which is what I really was looking for

Customer Spotlight: iHooked

iHooked can be found on Facebook, Instagram and on the new iHooked website. You can contact iHooked directly at [email protected].

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