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By Terra on 12/04/2017

Customer Spotlight: Serene Handbags

Customer Spotlight: Serene Handbags

"Today I place my labels squarely on the front of my creations to show that I do indeed have incredible pride in my work."

If pattern, color and gorgeous handmade wares are your thing, then you’re going to love this customer spotlight!  Serene is the talent behind Serene Handbags and she definitely has a good thing going.  Her handmade bags are not only gorgeous, they are practical and beautifully made.  We are very proud to be her label provider!

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Introducing Serene Handbags!

Customer Spotlight: Serene Handbags

Tell us about Serene Handbags.

In the midst of raising three children, one set of twins, I craved a creative outlet. Having sewn simple quilts before having kids, I decided to attend a class to refresh my sewing skills. Suddenly I felt a pull to create through needle & thread. Many friends & family would benefit from the gift of a handmade purse, zipper pouch or apron. Through their positive feedback I realized I could share my creations with a wider audience. Hence Serene Handbags was born.

Customer Spotlight: Serene Handbags

What keeps you inspired to create?

Other than my incredibly supportive husband and children, the sights & sounds of life keep me inspired to create! As an artist I’m visually inspired. I rarely use a solid colored fabric, rather I find fabrics that at first glance may appear to clash and I pair them together for an eye-popping combination. Additionally, I find beauty in nature via my giant arched window that overlooks my sewing space. This time of year, the Pacific Northwest is ablaze with leaves of reds, oranges and golds floating to the ground of our Evergreen backdrop. Pair the view with some incredible music like Soundgarden or Grouplove and the only thing holding me back is time.

Customer Spotlight: Serene Handbags

What does labeling your handmade items do for your business?

In the beginning, I felt a braggart for labeling my art. I used to hide my labels on the inside of my bags. Then I received some hearty feedback from a friend that I should be proud & that there was nothing wrong for taking credit for my work. Today I place my labels squarely on the front of my creations to show that I do indeed have incredible pride in my work. Thanks to for not only being easy to use, but also matching my personal strict quality standards & perfectionism. Now my labels help customers find me on the web and grow my customer base.

Customer Spotlight: Serene Handbags

Check out the Serene Handbags website, you won’t be disappointed!  Serene can also be reached for custom orders or questions at [email protected], and don’t miss a thing by following her on Instagram for weekly updates on where to shop in person.

Thanks for sharing Serene!

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