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By Wunderlabel on 01/17/2022

DIY Baby Trousers: Free Tutorial

DIY Baby Trousers: Free Tutorial

If you are looking at this tutorial then it is likely that you have a special occasion for making DIY baby trousers. They are very quick to sew and there is no pattern required for these easy baby trousers. All you need to do is cut the fabric to size, adjust them and sew them together.  

What kind of fabric is used for DIY baby trousers? 

A comfortable pair of baby trousers is made of jersey and elasticated fabric for the cuffs.  

How much ribbing do you need for baby trousers 0-2 months? 

For baby trousers size 0-2 months you will only need one piece of ribbing measuring 50 x 50 cm. 

For what ages are DIY baby trousers sewn?

In this free tutorial we show you how to sew baby trousers for babies aged 0-2 months. 

You will need the following to sew DIY baby trousers: 

- 2 pieces of jersey fabric measuring 30 x 26 cm
- 1 piece of ribbing measuring 38 x 16 cm
- 2 pieces of ribbing measuring 15,5 x 16 cm
- Rotary cutter or scissors
- Personalised name tag
- Woven size label 0-3 MO

How to Sew Baby Trousers

We will simply be using rectangular pieces of fabric and no pattern is required for these easy baby trousers. You can cut the fabric to size with a rotary cutter or scissors.

DIY Baby Trousers

Lay the two pieces of jersey fabric wrong sides together.
DIY Baby TrousersNow halve the fabric lengthwise and cut into the folded edge at a height of 13 cm. Cut downwards at a distance of about 0.5 cm from the folded side. This will become the crotch of the trousers. 
DIY Baby TrousersUnfold the trousers. This is how they should look: 
DIY Baby TrousersTo sew the fabric together choose an overlock stitch like the one shown below (no. 17).

DIY Baby Trousers

Make sure that you use the correct foot for this stitch. 
DIY Baby TrousersThis is an example of the settings for this stitch:
DIY Baby TrousersNow sew the outer edges with the chosen stitch, making sure that you run the fabric slowly along the foot. 
DIY Baby TrousersThis is what the stitching is likely to look. Do the same in the crotch section. 
DIY Baby TrousersAnd also do the same for the waistband and the leg cuffs (right sides together in this case).
DIY Baby TrousersNext, turn the legs and ribbing for the cuffs and waistband inside out (wrong sides together). 
DIY Baby TrousersLet’s start with the waistband.  Divide this into 4 equal sections with clips or  pins. 
DIY Baby TrousersPull the waistband over the trousers with the open side up so that the trousers lie inside the waistband. Now clip the trousers to the waistband on the left and right first and then with the two remaining clips.

You can sew the size label in now or attach it later.

DIY Baby Trousers

Sew slowly to fasten the waistband to the legs and make sure to always get all 3 layers in every stitch.  
DIY Baby TrousersYou will have to stretch the waistband again and again so that the trousers will end up being evenly distributed around the waistband. 
DIY Baby TrousersThe waistband should look like this:
DIY Baby TrousersDo the same for the cuffs on the legs. This will be a bit more challenging since they are more narrow. 
DIY Baby TrousersYou are now ready to sew on your name tag.
DIY Baby Trousers

All done. 

Good luck!

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