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By Wunderlabel on 11/07/2022

DIY Christmas Tree Blanket

DIY Christmas Tree Blanket - Free Tutorial

Do you have a Christmas tree blanket or Christmas tree carpet? The Wunderlabel team has been trying to come up with ideas for decorating the base of the Christmas tree and hiding the stand. And we have found a great solution: A Christmas tree skirt! You don’t need to go out and buy one, just follow our tutorial and sew a Christmas tree blanket yourself.  

What fabric is best for a DIY Christmas tree blanket? 
You can use any fabric you like but cotton does have some advantages, like being able to make beautiful appliqués from it. And there are many  gorgeous Christmas patterns to choose from. Cotton will also make sewing the Christmas tree carpet easier.  

How big should a Christmas tree blanket be?  
The size of the Christmas tree blanket depends on the size of the tree. The ideal circumference could lie anywhere between 90 and 120 cm. 

Materials for Sewing a Christmas Tree Blanket 

- 2 cotton fabrics with a festive pattern. 
- Ribbons / ties to match the fabrics
- Sewing thread
- Woven label with sparkling text 

How to Sew a Christmas Tree Blanket

1. To sew a Christmas tree blanket, you should first fold both fabrics in half and then fold them in half again so that the corner with both folded sides is at the bottom. 

DIY Christmas Tree Blanket

2. Use a ruler and pencil to mark the largest possible radius, measured from the bottom left corner. Draw the radius bit by bit from the corner like a compass.  

Draw the radius

3. After the radius is drawn, both layers of fabric can be cut. If necessary, trim the edges again. 

Cut the fabric

4. Once the fabrics are cut to size they should look something like this:  

Cut fabric

5. Now you need to cut out the curve / hole for the tree base. Draw a 7 to 8 cm radius and cut. 

Hole for tree base

6. Once you have finished cutting the blanket to size you can place the fabrics right sides together and cut a long slit to make placing the skirt around the tree easier. The matching ribbons should be cut to a length of about  25 cm. 6 ribbons will be enough for a small blanket. 

Cut a slit

7. The ribbons are always inserted opposite each other into the sides and pinned in place.

Pin ribbons in place

8. Now pin both blanket pieces together and machine stitch a straight stitch, length 3. For the ties, make sure that they are sewn in straight. 

Sew fabrics together

9. Leave a turning opening of approx. 10 - 15 cm at the outer edge. 

Turning opening

10. Cut out a small triangle every 10 cm along the outer curve. This will make it easier to sew the seam after turning the blanket. And don't forget to clip the corners diagonally.

Cut small triangles

11. The inner curve should have small triangles cut out every 5 cm. After turning the blanket, make sure to shape the corners neatly with the aid of a pin. 

Triangles on inner curve

12. Sew with a straight stitch close to the edge.  

Sew with straight stitch

13. The Christmas tree blanket will turn out particularly nice if you match the needle and bobbin threads to each fabric, making the skirt reversible.

Bobbin and needle threads

Finished Blanket

14. In the final step you can sew on your woven label with sparkling text. Don’t forget to tidy up any loose threads and your charming Christmas tree blanket is ready to be placed under the tree! 

Personalised sparkling label

Have fun sewing!

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