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By Wunderlabel on 05/16/2022

How to Make Bunting

How to Make Fabric Bunting

Gorgeous bunting is popping up all over social media these days! Sew bunting like a pro - this easy tutorial will show you how to make bunting with ease. Use classic fabrics and string it up for an elegant classic look or use mis-matched fabric to give off a boho vibe. This DIY bunting banner can be used for parties, weddings, home decor, nurseries or even to spruce up a craft fair booth.  

Materials you will need to sew bunting:

- ½ metre of fabric of your choice 
- 3 metres of bias tape in a coordinating colour 
- Thread in a coordinating colour
- Cardboard or paper for making a template
- Woven Logo Label with your design

Follow these step by step instructions to learn how to sew bunting. Let’s get started!

Step 1

Make a template for the bunting out of cardboard or thick paper – ours is 20 cm high and 15 cm across the top.

How to make bunting

Step 2

Fold your fabric in half, selvage to selvage with the cut edges to the right and left (this makes cutting quicker!). If your fabric is still wider than your ruler, you can fold it again so that the centre fold is on top of the selvage – make sure the fold is nice and straight.

How to make bunting

Step 3

Cut the folded fabric into 20 cm strips (or the height of your template) across the whole width of the fabric from selvage to selvage.

Bunting: Folding the fabric

Step 4

Using your template, mark triangles across the whole strip from the selvedge to the middle fold – no need to unfold it. Alternate triangles upside down and right way up to make the most of your fabric (unless it’s directional!). Cut the triangles out through both layers. A rotary cutter will make this job easier, but it’s not necessary!

Bunting: Tracing the triangles

Step 5

Sew 2 triangles together with the right sides of the fabric touching.  When you get to the bottom pointed portion of the triangle, lift your presser foot and pivot the needle in your fabric, then sew up the other side.  Use a 0.6 cm seam allowance and a back stitch at both top corners to secure the seam. You don’t need to sew the short top side together. Repeat until your triangles are all sewn together.

Bunting: Sewing the triangles together

Step 6

Trim the seam allowance at the points to help make the corners sharp. Careful not to trim through your stitching!

Bunting: Trimming the seam allowance

Step 7

Turn the triangles the right way out. It helps to use something pointy to poke the corners out, like a chopstick or an old pen. Press them for a crisp look.

Step 8

Unfold the bias tape and place it, right sides together, onto the back of your fabric triangle.  Sew along the first fold line of the bias tape.  Our bunting has 2.5 cm between each triangle flag and we started attaching the flags 30.5 cm from the end of the bias tape. This leaves a length of tape to tie up the bunting. Finish 30.5 cm from the opposite end. 17 triangles were used in total.

Bunting: Sewing bias tape on

Step 9

Fold the bias tape around the top raw edge of the triangles to the front side. Sew along the length of the bias tape to finish the raw edge.

Bunting: Sewing bias tape on

All finished - you know how to make sew bunting!

Now it’s time to add a label. Labels are the perfect way to brand your handmade items. A folded woven logo label looks amazing but a woven label with text & symbol would look great too!  We attached ours at the end next to the last triangle flag. Happy sewing!

Bunting: logo label

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