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By Wunderlabel on 05/18/2020

How to sew in size labels for clothing 

How to sew in size labels for clothing 

Do you sew or knit clothes yourself and are looking for the right size tag? At Wunderlabel, we have a variety of sew-in size labels for you. Here, you can choose between sew-in labels with various international size standards ranging from size labels for children, babies and adults, with different kinds of background colours and even ready-made sets of labels. You can purchase the sew-in size labels at Wunderlabel starting at £3.99 for small quantities of 25 pieces. In addition, all clothing size tags are certified according to the OEKO-TEX® Standard and thus are guaranteed non-toxic. Not only are they easy to attach, they are essential for making clothes. After all, every article of clothing – whether it is made by hand or not – deserves a size tag!


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Size Labels from Wunderlabel

The premium quality of our size labels is ideal for demanding customers. We offer size labels in different colours and with all common size indications: Adult sizes, Children's sizes, size numbers or "one size" labels. Dimensions: 9,5 mm x 40 mm. Our size labels for clothing can be ordered in small quantities. Be inspired by our product!

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How exactly are size labels for clothing sewn in?

How to sew in size labels for clothing 

Compared to iron-on size labels, our woven sew-in size labels can take much more wear and tear. Once they’ve been securely attached, they can withstand all temperatures during washing and are super durable. Sewing in size labels hardly takes much longer than ironing on size labels because the labels can be attached in no time with just a few stitches on the sewing machine or simply by hand. You can either sew them onto the fabric at both shorter sides of the size tags or, if you prefer a more free-hanging option and maybe even ordered the sets with creased labels, you can also attach them on just one side.

How to sew in size labels for clothing 

What types of sew-in size labels can I buy?

How to sew in size labels for clothing 

All of our size labels are sew-in size labels. Of course, Wunderlabel also has clothing size tags for children. You can choose between EU and US size labels for children’s clothing. EU sew-in size labels for children’s clothing range from 92 to 172, US labels from 1T to 6T. 

Even baby clothes deserve baby clothes size labels. That’s why Wunderlabel has baby size labels to sew in. Here, you can choose between various sizes. If you want to use baby clothes size labels in EU sizes, you can choose between 44 up to 86 for babies and toddlers. US sizes range from newborn up to 18-24 months, 0-3 months up to 18-24 months and 3 months up to 18 months.

There are also various size standards for adults. On the one hand, you can choose between sew-in size labels with clothes size standards ranging from XXS to XXL. On the other hand, you can also have your sew-in size labels inscribed with zero up to 62 or order them in US adult sizes from six up to 16.

Tip: Size labels to write in

If you’re not sure yet which size labels are best for your clothes, why not create labels with a logo or icon and simply leave a bit of space below, for example, by making a line, a circle or any other kind of shape for the size? That way you can add the size to your size label at a later time any way you want. With the Wunderlabel configurator you can order size labels for clothing with your logo and even design size labels to write in using your own text & icon.

How to sew in size labels for clothing 

Can I purchase sew-in size tags as a set?

Are you interested in different types of sew-in size labels that come in various sizes? Then our sets of various woven clothing labels are just the thing for you. Take a look at our sets of size labels for clothing, decide what size standard is best for your size labels for children, babies or adults and choose the quantities of the sizes you need. Thanks to the crease that all of the sew-in size labels in the sets have, they are super comfortable and hardly noticeable on the skin. You can easily pick your label set with your color and quantity of choice! Certain sets can even be ordered at £13.99 for a minimum of 100 pieces.

What colours do the sew-in size labels come in?

At Wunderlabel, you can choose between seven background colours and three font colours for sew-in size labels. Here are the combinations of background and font colours you can choose for your sew-in size labels: black with white font, white with grey or black font, blue with white font, pink with white font, purple with white font, apple-green with black font and green with white font.

How to sew in size labels for clothing 

Are Wunderlabel’s size labels produced in an eco-friendly fashion?

At Wunderlabel, we are very proud to offer products with OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certification. This means that even our woven sew-in size labels are free of proven and potentially toxic materials. That is why we have been classified within the product class I range. Our products are also safe for babies, so you can feel free to use them for children’s articles such as burp cloths, clothes, blankets, stuffed animals etc. We want to make a difference! In our opinion, every little step in the right direction counts. That is why our products are made of at least 50% recycled yarn. Some of our products are even 100% recycled (woven labels in white and black, printed satin and Tyvek labels). If you care about the environment as well as the lives of animals, we also offer a vegan leather option.

In addition, we try to avoid plastic as much as possible and use mail envelopes made of recycled cardboard. We aim to constantly improve and accept new challenges!

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