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By Wunderlabel on 07/25/2022

Summer Fashion 2022

Summer Trends 2022

What does summer fashion have to offer in 2022? 
We have compiled the trends for summer 2022 to help inspire you. 

What are we wearing in the summer of 2022?
Working from home has spoilt us with endless pyjama days and we will not be giving up that level of comfort in 2022:  XXL blazers and sweatshirts, casual fit shirts, wide skirts and trousers,  oversized cosy knitted jumpers are all must-haves in the year 2022.  Minimalist tailoring are complemented with modern details, colours and accessories that give a relaxed yet elegant flair.  

For those who are looking for more fun in fashion this season, designers are offering interesting cut-outs, dress slits, carwash fringes and bright colours.  Colourful, flashy, extravagant: A strong reminder of the late 90s and early noughties look. The trend has been very aptly named Y2K: Year 2 Kilo (Year 2000). 

Glamour is also making a comeback. Shimmer and glitter, ruffles and lace are bang on trend for spring/summer 2022!

What are the trending colours for 2022?
There are two distinct trends when it comes  to colours in 2022.  Colours inspired by nature, such as sand, camel, all kinds of greens, black and white, shades of grey and brown, as well as bronze, can be beautifully combined for a tasteful and elegant outfit. But colourful eye-catching looks are just as relevant. Luminous yellow, magenta (bright pink), purple, turquoise, petrol and all shades of blue are absolute trend colours. The colour palette for summer 2022 is exceptionally broad! And you can already find some beautiful outfits in Digital Lavender which is supposed to be the trend colour in 2023.

Which are the hottest prints for summer 2022?  
Checks and stripes of all kinds have been very popular for years. In 2022, these patterns are once again among the biggest fashion trends. But there are also many others: Checkerboard designs, dots, abstract motifs, ethnic prints and even runes - signs with symbolic value, such as peace signs. There's no getting around animal prints this season either. Zebra, snake and leopard designs are an integral part of many collections for spring/summer 2022.

Which fabrics are most popular?
Natural fabrics like cotton, linen and hemp remain clear favourites, whether as sewing fabrics or knitting yarns. Blends of recycled synthetic fibres are gaining more and more appeal thanks to new techniques that can create special effects like enchanting glitter, wet looks, colour gradients and much more. Sustainability is, of course, always on trend.

As you can see, diversity prevails in fashion 2022 and there is something for every taste. This year is the perfect time to try something new. The keywords are joie de vivre and optimism!

So that you don't miss any trends and to help you find your individual style, simply add the link to this blog post as a "bookmark" or to your "favourites".

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