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By Annabelle Short on 08/08/2016

[Infographic] What Your Clothing Colour Says About You

[Infographic] What Your Clothing Colour Says About You

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Are you curious why:

  • Grey is a great colour for job interviews?
  • Purple is a colour that is "fit for a King"?
  • Politicians favor black clothing?

If so, read on to learn what your clothing colours say about your personality and the world around you!

[Infographic] What Your Clothing Colour Says About You

Want to make a great first impression?

Consider the color of your clothes. Color has immense power over your attitude, your mood, and how other people perceive you, so choose wisely. Use our handy list below to select the best color for you!


  • Is the color of POWER
  • Imparts AUTHORITY, which is why it is a popular choice of leaders and politicians
  • Can be an imposing color, so avoid wearing too much of it in an outfit
  • POPULAR IN FASHION as well, as it makes the wearer appear thinner, stylish, and timeless


  • A versatile color that goes well with ALMOST ANYTHING
  • Looks PURE, innocent, and can make people perceive someone as detail-oriented and highly organized.
  • Too much white however, can make you look washed out, so pair it with something bold


  • Gray is a polular color people for JOB INTERVIEWS, as it shows sophistication and confidence and is not distracting
  • Too much gray looks BORING, so it’s nice to pair it with a brighter color


  • Red is the color of PASSION, POWER and ACTION
  • Is an AGGRESSIVE color will get you noticed
  • Is an INTENSE COLOR that can make you appear heavier than you are


  • Yellow evokes the color of the SUN, making it an attention-grabbing color
  • Avoid yellow in interviews, as it can make you look SHY and TIMID
  • However, it can be a difficult color on the eyes when OVER-USED

Yellow improves CONCENTRATION, which is why it’s used as the color on legal notepads


  • Green is Calming and easy on the EYES, as it represents nature
  • Dark green looks conservative, masculine and implies WEALTH



  • Blue is a CALMING COLOUR that implies honesty and trustworthiness
  • This is why many people prefer to wear blue to JOB INTERVIEWS
  • The “TRUST FACTOR” of blue also explains why it is a common color in bank logos, hospital gowns and police uniforms


  • Purple is a ROYAL COLOR. If you want to be perceived as regal, add some purple to your wardrobe
  • Is also a SENTIMENTAL color that suggests creativity and uniqueness


  • Brown is the color of the EARTH and suggests stability and reliability
  • Promotes COMMUNICATION and makes you appear easy to talk to

If you’re MEETING new people, brown is a great color to go with

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