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Gift Ribbon

Gift Ribbon

Surprise your friends and family with personalized gift ribbon!

Create gorgeous custom gift ribbon to add the perfect personalized touch to gifts for your friends and family. All it takes is just a few clicks using our online design tool and your very own printed ribbon can be yours. You can choose your own symbols, text and even upload your own logo or artwork. 

Get creative and design your perfect gift ribbon

Wunderlabel has many options when it comes to designing the perfect gift ribbon. We have something for everyone! Each printed ribbon has its unique characteristics and design options. All of our personalized gift ribbon is 100% satin polyester. It is soft and silky and has smooth edges. Take a look at what personalized gift ribbon we have to offer.

How to make a gift ribbon?

We explain you, how to make gift ribbon with text & symbol: This gift ribbon is super easy to design! The ribbon is 15 mm wide and orders start at just 10 yards. Choose between 14 gorgeous and vibrant ribbon colors. Once you have your ribbo

Perfect gift ribbons for presents

Ribbon is a great way to embellish a gift with something extra special. Design a gift ribbon which is completely personalized to the gift recipient. It’s easy using our online design tool. Not only is personalized gift ribbon budget friendly, it makes a big impact. Christmas gift ribbon can be designed with the year or even names, and wedding ribbon can be embellished with a wedding date. The gift ribbon ideas are truly endless. Wunderlabel has what you’re looking for.

- Black gift ribbon - for over the hill parties or halloween
- Red gift ribbon - for Valentine’s Day
- Blue gift ribbon - for a boy’s baby shower
- Yellow gift ribbon - for Mother’s Day
- Silver gift ribbon - for a wedding favor
- Pink gift ribbon - for a girls birthday party
- Satin gift ribbon - to make all gift feel extra special

Pair your printed ribbon with other Wunderlabel products!

Our personalized gift ribbon pairs nicely with other personalized products such as stickers and hang tags used as gift tags. These products can also be designed using exactly the same method. A few clicks through our online design tool and you can have a set of personalized items to use for gift giving.

How do I make a bow out of ribbon?

Follow these simple steps to make a bow of ribbon:

1. Cut a length of ribbon depending on how big you want your bow to be.

2. Make 2 loops (or bunny ears) with the length of ribbon. Make sure your bunny ears are the same size.

3. Fold one bunny ear loop over the other and bring it from the back through the center hole.

4. Pull the loops to tighten the knot. Adjust the loops as needed.

What widths are the gift ribbons available?

Wunderlabel printed gift ribbon with text and symbol has a width of 15mm. Our printed gift ribbon with logo is available in the following widths: 10mm, 15mm, 20mm, 30mm, 40mm. Length starts at 10 yards and comes in a continuous roll. 

What type of print is available for printed gift ribbon?

Wunderlabel offers many different types of print methods for printed gift ribbon. Each method has its own unique characteristics. We offer digital, offset, serigraphic with flat print, serigraphic with raised print and foil print. In addition, we also offer embossed ribbon.