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Published: 2023-02-02 ǀ Updated: 2023-03-07

Fashion Dictionary

Fashion Dictionary – Fashion Glossary from A to Z


In the fashion industry, the A-line refers to a silhouette with narrow-cut shoulders that flare out towards the bottom, visually creating an A shape.
The decorative stitch set by hand has an exact distance from one stitch length to the next.
This refers to the highlighting of a characteristic feature of a piece of clothing.
Fashionable accessories serve as a complement to one's look. Commonly, shoes, belts, bags, scarves, ties, hats as well as jewelry belong to accessories.
Accordion fold
The pattern consists of parallel, triangular folds and is used in dresses to give volume and movement or to highlight or shade certain areas of the body.
The cellulose-based man-made fiber is not unlike natural silk, elastic, wrinkle-resistant and quick-drying at the same time. The material is often combined with viscose.
Acid Wash
Jeans in particular are washed with chlorine-soaked pumices, giving them individual washes with eye-catching patterns.
Active Wear
Active Wear refers to functional clothing designed primarily for the practice of sports.
Adventure Style
This type of casual wear is characterized by its sporty-rustic look.
These tight-fitting shorts are worn under the actual shorts, with both individual pieces sewn together at the waist. This style became famous especially through the US tennis player Andre Agassi.
Airbag fabrics
These fabrics are lightly padded and some have quilting seams. They are used for outerwear and accessories.
Ajour pattern
This pattern features openwork or "holes" throughout the fabric.
Allover print
Patterns or motifs are distributed over the entire fabric.
Alpaca wool
This fine, soft and almost-not curly wool comes from South American alpacas. It serves as a raw material for high-quality coating and combed yarn fabrics.
Alta Moda (italian)
Alta moda is a term used to refer to high fashion or haute couture in the Italian language.
American Style
The sporty leisure style is based on American sports.
The androgynous style in fashion is created by uniting cuts, fabrics and details of women's and men's fashion alike.
Angora wool
This wool is obtained from the fur of angora rabbits and is considered one of the noblest types of wool in the world. However, the extraction of the raw material remains highly controversial to this day.
Ankle boots
Half high boots, with different heights of heels.
Ankle jeans
These timeless jeans, also known as crop jeans, reach to the ankle and can be easily combined with almost anything.
This archetype of a winter jacket comes from Nordic countries. It is characterized by the sporty cut and a hood.
Anti fashion
This style deliberately sets itself apart from the mainstream fashion. Other terms used synonymously are anti-establishment, edgy fashion, alternative fashion, counterculture and counterfashion.
Anti fit
This particularly casual fit is intentionally not very precise.
Anti pilling
Special finishes are designed to reduce or completely prevent the formation of knots on textiles.
Antique look
Smooth leather is processed by dyeing, embossing or sanding to such an extent that it appears aged or simulates a patina.
Apparel Industry
This term is predominantly used for the mass production of clothing. It includes the assembly, cutting, finishing, sorting, labeling and marketing of garments.
An appliqué is a decoration applied to textiles. This can be ironed, sewn or embroidered.
This pattern contains very special stylized leaf and vine patterns.
Aran pattern
Aran patterns are complex knit patterns that originated from the Aran Islands off the west coast of Ireland. Their way the coarsely knitted sweaters and jackets of white virgin wool and their relief patterns have then finally found their way into the fashion world.
Argyle pattern
The diamond placed on the top is a popular pattern especially on stockings.
Asia shirt
These shirts focus on Asian elements and feature a drop neckline and a stand-up collar, in addition to their tight cut.
This includes clothing pieces in which the seams do not meet along the usual centerline, but rather off to the side, giving the clothing a crooked appearance.
A studio is the workplace of a fashion designer.
Au naturel
This french word refers to something in its natural state. For example, a naked body.
Authentic Finish
This refers to untreated cotton fabrics, which are mainly found in rustic and sporty types of textiles.
Describes new and progressive fashion that breaks away from traditional fashion concepts. It is often experimental and artistic and advocates for new ideas and techniques in fashion.
Awning strips
Wide, block-like stripes in different colors alternating with white.


A traditional Moroccan slipper – open at the toes, often with a pointed or upturned toe.
Baby Doll style
Short, flared skirts, tight tops, and a youthful, innocent look.
Baby cord
A thin, soft cotton fabric with a cord-like structure, often used for children's clothing.
Removable fabric badge made of fabric, metal or plastic, attached to clothing or accessories, usually representing a symbol, logo or message.
Baggy Pants
These pants are wide and long, look somewhat baggy, and sit loose on the hips. This style is particularly popular in hip hop and with skateboarders.
Baguette Bag
The elongated bag, which looks similar to a clutch, celebrated its birth in the nineties.
Baker's Square
This two-colored check is characterized by a larger, square pattern that resembles a chessboard. It has a pattern circumference of about 3 cm, making it around twice as large as the Vichy check
Head and neck embracing cap that either only reveals the face or just the eyes and mouth.
The fabric above the chest runs in a semicircular line, forming a deeper neckline.
Ball gown
This formal gown typically consists of a fitted bodice and a floor-length, voluminous skirt. It is characterized by a wide-swinging silhouette and opulent embellishments such as pearls, sequins, or embroidery.
These low-cut, youthful-looking summer shoes resemble classic ballet slippers.
Ballon trousers
A particularly wide and lightly cut pant.
Banana skirt
In this skirt, the panels become wider towards the hem, but run at an angle.
This bandana is pirate style tied at the back of the neck.
This term refers to bras or bikini tops without straps.
This jacket made of waxed and impregnated cotton was already popular with aristocratic English hunters and fishermen in 1890. The company Barbour was awarded as a royal court supplier several times.
Barfly clothing
These clothes are ideal for wearing in cocktail bars.
Baroque design
Baroque design is characterized by its ornate decorations and lavish patterns, reminiscent of the Baroque era.
The sporty caps are equipped with a shield on the front, which serves as sun protection.
These products do not have special requirements for design or fashion, but belong to the basic equipment of any wardrobe.
Basket bag
Bags shaped like a basket, made from natural and synthetic fibers, leather or even willow weaving.
Bateau neckline
This oval neckline follows the collarbone and has its word origin in the French word for boat.
With this old fabric printing technique, some areas of the fabric remain light after dyeing due to the application of wax.
Cotton or a blended fabric has polyester added, which makes the fabric easier to care for and less likely to wrinkle.
Battle Dress
This blouson suit is modeled after an English pilot's uniform with its large chest pockets, shoulder tabs and wide waistband.
Batwing sleeves
The sleeves resemble kimono sleeves. However, the wide sleeve gradually narrows towards the wrist.
Bavaria look
The Bavarian look is a traditional style characterized by elements of Bavarian folk costume such as leather pants, traditional shirts, and Gamsbart,
Beach Wear
All clothing suitable for a day at the beach.
Beaver fur
The beaver fur can also present itself as a felted wool fabric.
Bell Bottom
These jeans fit closely at the hips and thighs, but flare out at the knee, creating a bell shape at the bottom.
Bell skirt
A skirt that fits close to the waist and flares out to a wide hem. It is usually made of cotton, silk or other fabrics and is typically short to knee-length.
Bell-bottom pants
Wide, straight-cut pants without a crease.
Bellows pocket
The sewn-on pocket has a larger capacity due to the inserted folds at the pocket opening.
Bergère dress
This dress is inspired by the clothing of noble citizens in the Baroque period. Stylish elements include a fichu, apron part, voluminous, one-sided raised skirt, and underskirts.
These pants, which get their name from the Bermuda islands, end just above the knees.
Between length
This jacket length falls between a long jacket and a blouson.
Textiles characterized by longitudinal and transverse elasticity are bi-elastic.
This fashion style, which was predominantly characterized by thin, long-legged girls with black lips and eyes inspired by Art Deco and Art Nouveau, made its way from the English boutique Biba since 1964 into the fashion world.
Two-colored yarns, fabrics or prints are bicolor.
This leather jacket has a strong visual resemblance to a motorcycle jacket. Its characteristic rock style and cool look are notable.
Billet pocket
This pocket is sewn into a men's jacket over the right jacket pocket and is used to easily store tickets.
Bird's-eye pattern
A pattern that resembles the eyes of birds. It consists of small, round holes in the fabric, surrounded by a thin thread. This pattern can be used on various textiles such as fabrics, leather, and furs.
Bishop sleeves
The sleeve cut starts at the armhole and slowly widens towards the wrist, where it is gathered into a cuff.
Black Tie
This term is found on invitations and refers to the dress code of a festive outfit.
This men's or women's jacket, which is usually a solid color, is suitable for both casual and formal occasions.
The dyeing or bleaching of denim jeans. This creates the characteristic used look.
Blended fabric
A mixed fabric consists of at least two types of fibers (natural and/or synthetic). The aim of the combination is to combine the positive properties of the fabric.
Wide, knee-length pants that women wore in the mid-19th century to conceal their underwear.
This waist- to hip-length jacket is fitted at the top and flares out towards the bottom. Elastic cuffs finish the sleeves
This snake-shaped scarf is usually made of fur or feathers and is a clear expression of extravagant style.
Boat neck
The high, wide collar runs above the collarbone and ends at the sleeve seams. This form of neckline is also known as Sabrina or Bateau neckline. Visually, it lengthens the neck and gives the appearance of a larger bust.
The one-piece garment is an alternative to bra and panties. The closure of most models is at the crotch or back.
Body Wear
This term subsumes underwear and corsetry.
Boho style
Floral prints, feathers and accessories made of natural materials characterize the boho style of the seventies. The focus of this style, popular at festivals, is fun, freedom and cosmopolitanism.
Boiled Wool
This woolen fabric made of woven wool textiles contains at least 20% wool. The characteristic felted structure makes the fabric water-resistant and durable.
This waist-short jacket with long arms once belonged to the costume of Spanish toreros.
Bomber jacket
The bomber jacket has its origin with American combat pilots. It visually distinguishes itself from other garments with the material nylon. The inner material is also made of polyester, there are two side pockets and a zipper closure.
Bonding involves joining different materials to combine the best properties of the textiles.
This refers to the rigid part of a corset. The name comes from the fact that in the past this was made from whalebone - today materials such as nylon, polyester, steel and plastic are more common and are sewn directly into the garment.
Bootcut jeans are cut wide at the leg end to fit loosely over boots.
These narrow decorative trims are either attached to the edge of a garment or fabric.
Border style
This casual sporty style is at home with snowboarders.
A relatively expensive shop that sells exclusive, usually high-quality fashion items from selected designers or individual manufacturers
The straight cut lapel blouse has half-length, wide sleeves and gives freedom of movement through its back pleat. Often it also has a decorative print on the back.
The loosely cut men's underwear have enjoyed increasing popularity for years thanks to their high wearing comfort.
Boyfriend jeans
This loose-fitting women's pants give the impression of having just been borrowed from a boyfriend and often form the basis for a feminine-casual look.
Branding refers to all finishing options such as embroidering, printing or applying labels to a textile.
Breaking-in refers to the process of wearing or washing textile materials resulting in fibers becoming relaxed, making the garment more comfortable.
Breathable clothing
Breathable garments wick moisture away from the body to prevent chilling from wet clothing.
Tight fitting pants worn over boots while riding. The wide crotch and buttocks area provide comfort on the horse.
British Understatement
This traditional British look is found in elegant business suits and high-end collections. A recognizable feature is the high waist, uniform-like cut and longer side slits in the back.
In the past, brocade referred to a fabric embroidered with gold and silver threads. Today, a shiny jacquard fabric in an elaborate pattern is usually used instead.
Brush train
This short fabric panel on the back of a skirt extends beyond the end.
The classic shoe of men's fashion is unmistakable due to its unique design. Meanwhile, there are also women's and children's shoes of the leather shoe, which has a high recognition value through hole pattern, open lacing, wing caps on the sides and a heel cap.
Additional seat pleats incorporated into the fabric not only provide a casual appearance, but also create additional freedom of movement.
Building blocks
With a modular system - mostly found in professional menswear - individual basics can be combined with each other in different ways.
Burberry check
The check pattern in white, black and red on a beige background used by the luxury brand Burberry is world famous.
Fabrics with opaque areas made from different yarns are treated with an etching paste by printing, causing the fabric to appear transparent in some places.
Business shirt
Classic men's shirts, usually in white or light blue and without pattern, are also known as business shirts.
A bustier is a tight-fitting top that typically extends to the waist and supports the bust.
Button fly
In contrast to the zipper fly, this closure refers to a button fly on pants.
Opening for a button to fasten a garment.


Caban jacket has its origin in the imperial navy. The heavy virgin wool not only keeps you warm, but is also suitable in damp conditions. Characteristic to this day are the two-row button placket and the wide lapel collar, the large pockets and the small storm flap.
Cable pattern
A pattern that is created by crossing several stitches, resembling a braid.
This sleeveless top is only cut down to under the chest. Or it has a deep V-shaped neckline that reaches down to the navel and starts from the shoulders.
This tight hood made of jersey or knit closely encases the head and protects from rain.
Calecon Pants
This pants shape is modeled after long, warm men's underwear. Characteristic is the wide ribbed waistband at the ankle.
Textiles are compacted and smoothed by rollers. A higher gloss, higher smoothness and a flatter handle are obtained. Different patterns can be achieved by embossing on the roller.
Camel Hair
Natural fabric made from the hair of the camel. It is soft, light and very durable.
These sleeveless, fitted undershirts are usually made of silk or other smooth fabrics and reach down to the waist. Previously, they were worn exclusively under clothing - today they are almost a must-have in a wardrobe.
Originally, the term denoted camouflage clothing with the corresponding military camouflage look. Meanwhile, the camouflage pattern has set a trend in the fashion world.
Camouflage pattern
Spotted pattern in muted colors originally served the military to camouflage people and machines.
This warm short coat made of long-haired knit often has a fur lining. The origin of the coat is the Allies of the 2nd World War.
Cannélé fabric
The ribbed fabric is characterized by its wide ribs of different size. The ribs are created by twisting threads in certain areas.
This flat straw hat, originally worn by rowers, has a straight and wide brim.
Canvas is a coarse cotton fabric in canvas binding, which is considered especially durable.
A head covering piece in various shapes and made from a variety of materials.
The cape is a sleeveless cloak or hood.
This summer pant fits closely and is characterized by its approximately 3/4 length legs. The hem at the end of the leg is provided with a small slit and can therefore be easily rolled up.
Capsule Collections
Capsule collections are often produced as part of unique collections or for special occasions in small quantities. They often become the best-selling collections of well-known fashion brands.
Capuccio collar
The term refers to a hood collar in Italian. If it is attached to a deep V-neck which width is regulated by a side button, it is called a Cappucio closure.
This sweater has a hooded turtleneck.
A cardigan is a knit jacket with a V-neck and usually without a button placket. It is worn over the head and is usually worn over a shirt or blouse.
Care label
Label attached to a garment to give the wearer information on how to properly care for it. It may contain instructions on how to wash, iron, and dry it.
Cargo pant
This women's or men's pant has additional pockets in the knee or thigh area. It is not only popular with the police and military, but is also excellent as leisure and outdoor clothing.
Carmen style
In this dress combination, the tops are off the shoulder and often trimmed with ruffles. The wide-swinging skirts also often have ruffles or frills, while the waist is emphasized by a belt.
One of the most valuable natural fibers in the world, obtained from the undercoat of the Kashmir goat. Characterized by its softness and warmth.
Casual Friday
Many companies allow their employees to forgo the business look on Fridays and instead show up to work in casual attire.
Casual Wear
Casual fashion is characterized by comfortable and casual clothing, which nevertheless does not skimp on the necessary chic - and is therefore perfectly suitable for everyday office life.
The skin-tight full body suit consists of only one part and traces the figure of a woman very accurately. Although there are different models, especially the variant made of latex is particularly well known.
A runway on which models present their clothing at fashion shows.
Ceramic fibers
Heat-absorbing synthetic fibers made from inorganic raw materials, forming the starting material of many sport and outdoor fashion items.
Scientifically referred to as a ring mail shirt. Originally worn in antiquity and the middle ages for protection against weapons, it is made up of small interlocking metal rings. A chainmail shirt with short sleeves has an average weight of 15kg.
Chalet style
This fashion style has clearly been inspired by French rural life. It consists of warm, cozy and often rustic clothing that is inspired by the style of ski and mountain huts.
Chalk strips
Classic striped pattern with white long stripes on men's suits and women's costumes.
The lightweight fabric looks identical to classic denim, but is lighter and softer.
This soft and supple goat or sheep leather is even today still tanned with cod liver oil or fish oil.
This fabric made from different threads in the length and width direction varies the shimmering appearance depending on the light.
Chantilly lace
This bobbin lace on tulle base shows natural plants from Baroque and Rococo elements.
The traditional folk costume necklace consists of small hunting trophies and is worn at the waist.
This women's straw hat with chin strap has a wide brim and a short frill hanging all around.
Charm bracelet
The classic charm bracelet consists of a bracelet with different links, to which different pendants can be attached. In Italy, the bracelets are considered lucky charms, in southern Germany as a traditional gift to godchildren. As early as 1845, Tiffany discovered the accessory for the fashion world - a trend that is picked up again and again by designers.
This soft combed yarn fabric has a grained surface and a fine diagonal.
Small fashionable pendants on bags, chains or bracelets.
This long vest can be varied to dress length, has no sleeves, and is worn over other garments. Catholic priests wear them during mass.
Chequering refers to a check laid over a small overcheck like pattern.
Chelsea Boots
These special ankle boots stand out with their flat heel and elastic insert on the side. After Queen Victoria is said to have been convinced by this shoe, they reached their peak in the swinging London of the 1950s and 60s.
Fluffy, warm, and durable. The fabric looks like a velvet caterpillar or butterfly.
The single-breasted men's coat with its button row, cut, and diagonal flap pockets looks strict in its muted tones.
The very fine goatskin impresses with its shiny surface.
The zigzag pattern conquered the world's catwalks in the seventies. It is not only popular in playful versions, but can also look elegant and chic.
One of the lightest and finest fabrics there is. The fabric made from natural silk is used as a base for blouses and skirts.
Chinohosen are lightweight summer pants made of chino twill that become wider at the hem and cover the ankles.
The shirt robe without shoulder seam dates back to the time of the ancient Greeks and is traditionally pulled over the head.
A particularly closely fitting collar or neckband.
Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars - or Chucks for short - have long since become cult. The flat or semi-high canvas shoe with rubber sole and plastic toe is now considered the most successful shoe worldwide.
Chukka boots
Mid-calf leather lace-up boots for men. Often with two or three pairs of eyelets for lacing.
Chunky knitwear
Chunky knitwear is particularly popular for sweaters and cardigans in winter. The items made of thick yarns and loose stitches often look like hand-knitted.
Cigarette pants
A tight and slim-fitting pants that runs close to the leg and ends in a slim leg opening.
Classic designs
Widely popular design pattern. It consists of a uniform, geometric pattern that repeats easily on each piece. The patterns are usually kept in neutral colors and can be easily adapted to any outfit. Examples include glencheck, houndstooth or pinstripes.
Claudine collar
This flat, seamless, and round collar is attached to a slightly larger, round neckline.
The area from the neck to the chest is especially important in women's fashion.
Clip closure
This type of metal closure is common in sportswear
This ankle- or calf-length pant with a wide waist, held in place by a belt worn over the pant, is often found in grunge fashion.
This basic shape of a woman's hat from the 1920s with a turned-down brim can be combined with folds and other tricks for different fashion styles excellently.
Clothing line
A collection of garments designed and marketed by a fashion designer or fashion house. These collections are usually focused on a specific theme or style and are released in a seasonal collection.
Clothing size
Various letter and number indications for clothing sizes. These differ not only between men and women, but also in different countries.
Cloud-pleat skirt
A skirt that is cut long and is gathered using cords to achieve the right length, resembling a puff of cloud.
Clutch Bag
This evening bag carried under the arm has no handles or straps.
Coach coat
Long coat or cape with an additional short cape (pellorine) over the shoulders.
Coarse linen
Robust, soft and easy to maintain fabric, usually made from a mixture of cotton and linen. It is very durable and suitable for use in furniture, clothing and other textiles.
A coating of chemical substances changes the surface of a material for visual or functional reasons.
Cocktail dress
The dress designed by Coco Chanel in the 1950s has gone down in history as the 'little black dress' in the fashion world.
In the fashion world, this refers to the desire to cover oneself with cocoon-like enveloping shells.
Series of textiles developed for a specific purpose or season. A collection can include clothing, accessories, bedding, carpets or even furniture. Collections are usually designed by designers to achieve a certain look or fashion.
College blouson
The simple blouson has knit cuffs at the neck, sleeves, and waist.
A fabric that is resistant to fading and changes in color tone.
Colour blocking
This refers to a combination of different, sometimes contrasting colors in a clothing style that result in striking color contrasts.
Combat pant
These pants resemble army pants. Characteristic are the side pockets on the legs.
Combed yarn
Spinning process in which short hairs are removed so that a uniform wool fabric is obtained. A precursor is the combed yarn.
Combi costume
Costume with different material or color of jacket and skirt.
When a fashion style experiences its second spring as a trend, it is referred to as a comeback.
This combination of a skirt or dress or pants, jacket, and vest, along with a matching coat in the same color, is formal.
At least two articles of clothing are perfectly coordinated in color and pattern, for example a formal suit consisting of pants, jacket, vest, and tie that is worn for special occasions such as weddings or theater visits.
Mass-produced clothing pieces, in large quantities. Ready-mades can be produced in many different sizes, shapes and styles to meet a wide range of needs.
Contrast panels
Color contrasting form stripes at the hemline of neck and sleeve ends.
Fabric made of thick, twisted yarns. Usually made of cotton or synthetic fibers. It is often used for pants, jackets, and other articles of clothing and is known for its sturdy and durable quality.
The unbleached pure linen fabric is strikingly glossy and comparatively soft to the touch.
The shoulder-free top firmly encloses the stomach and cleavage and emphasizes the figure particularly clearly. The corset is closed with a lacing or hook system at the back.
Tight-fitting garment usually made from elastic or stiff fabrics. It is often used to shape waist and upper body. It is stiffer and more immobile than a corset.
Corseted Underwear
Hip-length undergarment worn over the corset in the 19th century. Characteristic features were the wide straps and the drawstrings at the top, lace decorations or eyelet embroidery. Nowadays, the term corseted underwear is used for all undergarments worn over the bustier.
Corso jackett
This plain jacket is worn as a substitute for a coat over a jacket.
Cosmopolitan style
Describes a fashion look that uses a mixture of different cultures and influences. It can contain various elements such as traditional clothing, modern accessories or even ethnic elements.
Elegant combination of a jacket and usually knee-length skirt, suit for women.
The natural cellulose fiber is particularly durable and long-lasting. Properties such as good moisture regulation and skin-friendliness make cotton a popular raw material.
Country look
This rustic style of clothing is based on English country house and high-end sports fashion.
This French term refers to male designers. The female designer is a couturiere.
Cowl collar
High, wide, loosely draped roll collar.
Crank embroidery
Process of stitching a pattern into a piece of fabric by a crank machine.
Crash optics
The Crash optics / crash look is created when fabrics are twisted, knotted or pressed after washing so that the characteristic crumpled look is created after drying.
Crater shape collar
Round collar that narrows towards the top.
Tie pattern.
A thin, slightly ribbed fabric made of silk, cotton or synthetic material. It has a grainy look, a crunchy grip and a flowing drape.
Crew Neck
A ribbed round neckline commonly found on sweaters, t-shirts or other tops.
A light, ruffled fabric created by soaking it in warm water. This fabric has permanent fine wrinkles primarily running lengthwise.
Crinkled look
Also known as crash look, this is mostly found in women's fashion. Characteristic are the desired wrinkles in the garments such as blouses, jeans, shirts, jackets and scarves.
A voluminous petticoat also known as an underpinning or underskirt.
A type of water-resistant shoes made of a special foam material that provides comfort and a lightweight feel.
Cropped Jeans
Ankle-length high-waisted jeans.
Cross Dressing
A form of expression where one wears clothing typically intended for the opposite gender.
Cruise style
A style characterized by relaxed yet elegant clothing.
Cuirassier boots
Soft shaft boot with wide flap up to the knee and wide flap.
A knee-length trouser that resembles a skirt with its straight, wide leg. Also available as midi and maxi.
In lingerie, refers to the cup or the shell of the bra.
Cup collar
Stand collar that opens slightly outward.
Cupro has similar properties to viscose. The fabric does not charge statically and is breathable, has a silky sheen and can be ironed.
Coco Chanel made the fabric, characterized by irregular and nodular thickening, into a real classic. It always exudes a feminine and classic chic that can also be found in street style today.
Garment that is custom-made to the specifications of a customer.
Skinny trousers that are cut shorter than regular trousers.
A special type of design elements with intentionally set holes.
Cycling shorts
Snug-fitting shorts that end just above the knee. Originally intended as functional clothing for cycling, they have since spread to many other sports and leisure activities.


Over-sized collar that covers the shoulders completely.
A fabric woven from silk or cotton with a distinctive pattern.
Knee-length, two-rowed coat. Or also known as a designation for a vain and very fashionable man.
Men's fashion style characterized by a combination of extravagant and classical elements such as lace and ruffles.
Danton collar
A collar cut long to the chest with pointed collar tips.
Fashion trend in a very well-groomed nautical style.
Sleeveless top with a deep neckline, often made of ribbed or net fabrics.
A sturdy, heavy cotton fabric, often used for jeans.
Desert Boots
Ankle-high boots with a velvet leather shaft and a non-slip crepe sole made of latex material. Characteristics include the simple, flat heel and the striking decorative seam between sole and shaft.
Design elements
In fashion, color, shape, line, texture, balance, harmony, proportion and pattern are the most important design elements. They are used to determine the look and atmosphere of a garment or an entire outfit.
Designs clothing pieces. Renowned designers create a recognizable style through their unique style.
This refers to continuous or repeating patterns on fabrics.
In Germany, dessous are also known as lingerie. The ladies' underwear offers a special appeal through its elaborate decorations and lace elements that is less functional but all the more sexy.
Deliberately ripped and shredded denim fashion.
Two-piece ensembles such as a skirt with top or a dress with jacket. Tops and trousers can also be worn separately.
Diagonal cut
Diagonal cut refers to the cut of a woven fabric at a 45 degree angle. Since fabric is more elastic diagonally, this technique increases the fabric's flexibility.
Diamond Wash
Unlike stone wash, this process uses very hard, small crystalline stones, making the fabrics very light. However, this process affects the durability of the fabrics.
A long, light, loose fitting coat with a belt and hood worn in North Africa and the Middle East. Usually worn by men.
Dolman sleeves
Long inserted sleeves that are cut in a rounded shape at the top and then taper off in an oval or square shape at the bottom.
Donegal Tweed
Irish-originated stretch yarn tweed that appears handwoven due to its nubbled yarns. It is available in a variety of colors and patterns and is known for its durability.
Double fabric
A fabric made up of several layers that are woven in different directions to make it more durable and robust.
A process in which a fabric is dyed twice with different colors to obtain a specific pattern.
Down jacket
Jacket filled with the undercoat of ducks and geese, especially warm in winter. It is characterized by its light weight and division into chambers.
A casual style of trousers that have a loose fit and usually reach mid-calf.
Artfully laying of folds to achieve special effects
Dress code
Rules or regulations for a certain dress code in a private or business environment.
Dressing gown
This long morning gown has a shawl or revers collar and is closed with a belt of the same material. It is usually made of soft fabrics like silk or satin and is normally worn in a private setting.
Synonym for male models in the English-speaking world.
This collective term refers to heavy fabrics in twill or herringbone weave of linen or cotton, which is mainly used for mattress covers and workwear.
Drop Waist
The waistband of a pair of trousers or a skirt is placed below the wearer's natural waist, so that the upper body appears optically elongated.
Drop-tail style
Garment with a longer back than front.
Dropped sleeve
Sleeve attached to a lengthened shoulder seam.
A long, light single-breasted coat, usually made of wool, that has its origins in British seafaring. Characteristic are large wooden buttons and hoods.
Coarse cotton fabric that is mainly used for workwear, such as dungarees or overalls.
Pants held up by two shoulder straps. Found in everyday wear as well as workwear.
A very dense, glossy fabric made from a blend of cotton and silk. Due to its stiffness, the fabric is often used for jackets and A-line skirts.
Dust Coat
Light and very wide coat, usually unlined and kept in light, neutral tones.


Easy Wear
A term describing garments that are comfortable and easy to wear.
Easy-iron laundry
Certain characteristics of a fabric make it easier to iron. The term Easy Care is sometimes used for this purpose.
Eclectic style
Style composed of a variety of different elements from different styles.
Eco look
Style of wearing eco-produced garments. This includes garments made from recycled materials, garments made from natural fibers and garments made under fair working conditions.
Original name for unbleached and natural raw silk. Now refers to a grayish yellow, greener and paler than gams or old ivory.
Sewing technique in which a piece of fabric is sewn to another piece of fabric to obtain a clean, straight edge.
Combination of unconventional and diverse elements.
Effect yarn
Yarn with special texture, such as knots, flames or nubs.
Extremely stretchable and elastic chemical fiber. As an admixture to other fabrics, elastane guarantees a high wearing comfort.
Synthetic fiber that is characterized by its elasticity and resistance.
This term names the fur or plush trim on the collar, lapels, sleeves, front edges and hems.
Printed style element or brand symbol.
Empire Line
A style characterized by a high waist area and emphasized bust area. Usually found on dresses.
A combination of two or more pieces of clothing that are very well coordinated with each other.
A decoration on a piece of clothing, usually on the shoulders.
Eponymous fashion brand
Fashion brand named after its own designer's name.
This collective term stands for all textile finishing processes that have an influence on the properties of a fabric.
Shoes from Spain made of linen or cotton with a flax, hemp or straw sole.
Combines traditional and fashionable elements of various cultures. Characteristic of the loose fitting clothing is often colorful prints with various patterns.
Etui Dress
Collarless dress without sleeves with a fitted silhouette.
Exotic style
Combination of traditional elements of different cultures.
Striking highlights of a garment or accessory.
Closed metal rings for passing laces or attaching hooks.


Fabric Swatches
Small pieces of fabric used as samples for material selection.
Fair Trade
Fair trade stands for a form of trade that focuses on ethical production processes. Corresponding organizations try to lobby for fair wages, but also environmental protection in the producing countries. The standard is not protected, so not all labels offer the same conditions.
Fake refers to a counterfeit, usually of renowned brand manufacturers.
Fake Fur
Artificially produced fur applied to a textile fiber.
Fanny packs
This practical bag is worn by means of a strap around the waist, so that all valuables are right at hand.
Far west dress
This dress is modeled on the style of American immigrants and farmers.
Fashion 2.0
A term referring to the new era of fashion in which digital technologies and social media play an ever bigger role. These technologies have revolutionized the way fashion is marketed and consumed and have contributed to making fashion more exciting and accessible.
Fashion fauxpas
An error made in the selection of clothing. This error can be a bad combination of colors or fabrics, an incorrect fit, or an inappropriate accessory.
Fashion house
A company that designs and manufactures fashion. It can be a single fashion house or a company that operates multiple brands. Fashion houses are known for their high-quality designs and workmanship and are often worn by celebrities.
Fashion icon
A person who is considered a leader or pioneer in the fashion industry and whose style and trends are imitated. Such people are usually noticed by the fashion industry and are seen as an inspiration to others.
Fashion metropolis
A city that is considered a major center for fashion. Such cities have long traditions in the fashion industry and are known for their innovative and modern designs as well as their fashion events. Examples of fashion metropoles are Paris, London, Tokyo, and New York.
Fashion press
A medium that specializes in fashion, lifestyle, and trends. Part of the fashion press is the magazine that reports on the latest trends and developments in the fashion industry.
Fashion show
An event in which new collections and designs from fashion designers are presented. They are usually attended by fashion journalists and other media representatives to follow the latest trends.
A person who is interested in fashion and always looking for the latest trends.
Fast Fashion
Particularly environmentally damaging cheap fashion, characterized by numerous collections per year. It includes very inexpensive production methods and global supply chains. It is usually sold in large department stores such as H&M, Zara or Primark.
Faux Uni
These fabrics are so small patterned that they appear single-colored at first glance.
Faux fur
A synthetic material that is used in the fashion and textile industry due to its similarity to natural fur, price, and ethical issues.
A type of hat characterized by its wide brim and deep profile.
Gray silky winter fur with white belly side of the Siberian squirrel.
Felled seam
Seam that is finished so that the fabric edges can't fray.
A thick, dense fabric made from short fibers. Through heat, moisture and mechanical treatment, the fibers are densely compressed to create a dense, robust texture.
Any type of textile fiber, natural or synthetic, used to make fabrics.
Field Jacket
A type of jacket made from a robust, water-resistant fabric and usually equipped with zippers, buttons and pockets to withstand active outdoor activities.
Chemical fibers that can be infinitely produced. Sometimes natural silk and fine metal wires are also counted among the filaments.
The material on the inside of clothing pieces is referred to as filling.
Fine knit
Fine knit is characterized by fine yarns with regular stitches in high density. Cotton is usually used as raw material for sweaters and cardigans.
An umbrella term for all finishing processes that are performed on a fabric or fabric to make it softer, smoother and more resistant.
Fireplace collar
High stand-up collar with keel-like shape that is buttoned up.
Fireplace skirt
Long women's skirt made of wool fabric up to the ankles. Characteristic is a closure such as zipper or buttons, plaid pattern and fringes.
Fishing pants
A type of trousers usually made of cotton and featuring a long, straight fit, high waist and wide leg opening.
Fishtail skirt
A long skirt that fits tightly from the waist to just below the knee and then widens downwards.
Fitting refers to the process of sewing or assembling different fabric pieces to create a garment.
Five pocket-jeans
Jeans with five pockets. In addition to the two back and hip pockets, there is another small pocket on one of the two hip pockets.
Flagship store
A store that serves as a central place for the presentation and sale of a particular company or brand. Considered the flagship for the company.
Flame yarn
The yarn is made up of two different types of yarn and thus has an irregular structure and color.
Flamenco fashion
A style inspired by the traditional Spanish flamenco dance style and typically featuring colorful garments and skirts that can be worn both loose and figure-hugging.
Flannel shirt
Shirt made of flannel or flannel cotton fabric and usually has a soft, thick texture and a loose fit. Also known as lumberjack shirt.
Flapped Pocket
Horizontally applied pockets with access, which is covered by a flap - the flap - are often found on jackets, coats and trousers.
Flare Pants
Becomes wider from the knee down to the foot.
Flared Leg
The fit of the flared trousers is very tight on the thighs and becomes wider towards the foot end.
Flat fabric
A fabric whose threads are arranged in a single plane without any decoration or pattern.
Flatlock seam
This flat and elastic seam is suitable for sewing stretch fabrics. It consists of nine threads.
Flat and smooth fabrics.
This refers to a velour fabric made of polyester and cotton, which is particularly popular in the field of functional clothing due to its good insulation properties and high wearing comfort.
Fleece yarn
Yarns made from uncombed wool and wool blends, which are arranged in a disordered manner and when processed creates a woolly surface with irregularities. The fabrics are therefore soft and voluminous and are excellent for felting or fulling.
The open shoes made of plastic are held by a strap between the two largest toes.
Flock print
A type of printing in which small fibers are printed on a fabric to achieve a velvety finish.
This printing technique is used to apply short fiber flocks to textile carrier material.
The coarse wool fabric creates a shaggy look on coats.
Flood pants
These pants end between the ankle and knee. The cut is usually straight, the leg is close-fitting or wide.
Umbrella term for fabrics with a three-dimensional thread structure. Here, a third thread system, the so-called plume thread, is additionally worked into the fabric.
Floral pattern
Patterns with blossoms, flowers and leaves.
This term refers to unbound, freely lying threads under or on the fabric. It is the distance between two binding or crossing points.
A ruffled fabric usually made of a series of folds that are then attached to a fabric to create a soft, swinging texture.
Flutter pants
Trousers with a very loose fit and usually wide legs. Often found as pajama trousers.
The alternative to the tie is often worn with a tuxedo or frock coat.
Fly Label
Small label attached to the outer side seam. They usually consist of brand logos and are primarily used as a design feature.
The fabric fold is either sewn or held by another construction feature to influence the fullness of a fabric.
Fabric background for ties. It is an important basis for a color-matching combination with shirt and suit.
Footless Pants
Trousers usually made of soft, flowing fabric and open at the bottom to expose the foot. Like a stocking without a foot.
Foto prints
Printing technique in which photos or other images are printed on a fabric to create a unique pattern.
A thin, lightweight fabric usually made of silk, usually produced in a rectangular or square format. Silk scarves or scarves can be referred to as foulard.
Fine wool fabric made from different yarns of merino wool with a napped and walked surface, usually used for suits or dresses.
A formal black suit consisting of a long, tailored jacket, vest and trousers, usually made of heavy fabric.
This blazer is perfect for leisure time.French cuffs
French Knickers
Longer-waisted underwear with leg openings.
French leg cutout
Special cut for ladies' underwear which lifts the front and side leg opening, thus optically lengthening the leg.
Frills are wide ruffles attached to the bottom of clothing such as skirts, dresses, or sleeves to give the garment a more feminine and romantic look.
Frock coat
A classic piece of men’s fashion, especially suitable for formal occasions. The slim, long jacket has back darts and finished edges. There’s also a corresponding variation for women.
This decorative closure made of cord or plait consists of a loop and knot.
General term for playful embellishments on clothing pieces.
Fun Couture
This fashion style mixes styles and epochs, colors and materials, creating a young and individual style.
Functional clothing
Clothing that has been specifically designed for a particular purpose. It is usually made from special materials that are breathable, water-repellent, and quick-drying, and therefore can be used for sports, outdoor activities, and other activities.
Fuzzy Hair
Wool fabric with individual hairs protruding, spun as an effect in the yarn.


Type of underwear that fits snugly and consists of only a narrow strip of fabric to cover the buttocks. G-strings are usually made from soft materials such as silk, satin or cotton. Also another term for the thong.
Twill fabric is a dense and smooth fabric with a steep diagonal structure. It is usually used for making coats, suits, sports pants and dresses.
Socks without feet, from ankle to thigh, with a comfortable fit. They provide additional protection from the cold and are made from natural and synthetic fibers.
Galloon stripe
Galloon stripes are wide stripes of decorative fabric used to embellish clothing pieces and other textiles. They come in a variety of colors, patterns, and widths and can be used to give a clothing piece more texture and a unique look.
Boyish fashion worn by women, also known as the Flapper Look.
Garment Wash
Garment wash is a process where garments are washed before they are sold to produce a soft, plush finish. This process can also be used to produce a desired worn look or a specific texture.
Gathered sleeve cuff
A sleeve cuff created by inserting the same and regularly parallel tucks. Also known as a puff sleeve.
A loose row of stitches, pulling of the thread, and sliding along the fabric on the thread create folds that reduce the width of the fabric.
Gaucho Pant
Shorter skirt-like pants with a wide, straight leg.
Printing technique where a specially shaped pattern is printed onto a piece of fabric. This technique is often used to create a design on clothing pieces or other textiles.
Also known as muslin or mull, it is a lightweight, open-weave and slightly transparent fabric with a coarse texture.
Classification of all product categories in the apparel industry into different quality levels. 5 genres are distinguished: 1. Stack, sales or consumer genre 2. Medium or middle genre 3. Upscale medium genre 4. Model genre 5. Designer genre
Technique used to grind a fabric surface making it very soft and velvety.
Sheer, lightweight, soft fabric made from silk or a blend of silk and polyester. It is often used for making garments such as dresses, blouses and skirts. Slightly heavier than chiffon.
Sleeveless jacket or vest.
A type of shoe worn as part of traditional Scottish attire. They are usually made from leather or other soft materials and have a high, laced shaft that goes over the ankle.
Girlie shirt
Shirt that has been specially designed for women and is typically made from lightweight, soft materials. It is usually designed in bright and vibrant colors and often has a cute, feminine design.
Fabric made from a blend of silk and polyester. It has a beautiful, shiny finish and is often used for making garments such as dresses and blouses.
Glacé finish
The gloss finishing of fabrics is achieved by pressing with rollers under high pressure.
Glacé leather
This soft and supple goatskin is popular for gloves and apparel.
Traditional Scottish plaid pattern consisting of small overlapping squares and rectangles. It is common for the colors in a Glencheck pattern to be arranged in contrasting colors. It is very popular for creating jackets, pants and skirts.
Glossy look
This style is characterized by its cellophane and lacquer look. Characteristic is a smooth, shiny surface or appearance.
Triangular piece of fabric inserted into a dress, shirt or glove to create more width and freedom of movement.
Golf fold
Inverted pleat in the back of a jacket to increase arm movement. Similar to the tuck pleat found in the front of the skirt.
Gore-Tex is a special type of breathable, waterproof fabric often used in outdoor clothing. It is durable and comfortable and provides additional warmth and protection from wind and rain.
The style is based on the Gothic scene which mainly uses black as a color and incorporates elements of medieval clothing into the style.
This refers to shades of the same color.
The fashion term once referred to half-silk fabrics with black and white patterns, but now refers to all mini-designs that look gray from a distance.
Longitudinal or transverse ribbed ribbon. Usually made of cotton, silk or viscose and used for decorative work.
The Grunge-style is characterized by robust and timeless clothing, often worn in a loose and androgynous form, without emphasizing the silhouette.
Guipure lace
Bobbin lace in cool white without tulle ground bordered by a fine contour thread and giving a three-dimensional appearance. Mainly used for the decoration of wedding dresses, bodices, hems, necklines.
The dense silk quality is excellent for silk ties.
A fabric insert that is incorporated into the bottom of a garment to allow for more freedom of movement and comfort.
Casual and comfortable look consisting of a mix of sportswear and streetwear. It is usually achieved by using relaxed and comfortable fabrics such as cotton and polyester.


This term goes back to Christian Dior, who placed value on straight shapes with the silhouette. Characteristic is a straight cut top, which is separated from an equally straight cut bottom by a belt - and thus optically forms an H.
Sewing accessories such as buttons and zippers. Also store for men's clothing.
Hairline strips
Very fine stripes, usually made of silk, but also of synthetic fibers. They are finer than pinstripes and are usually used for suits and waistcoats.
Women's garment whose straps run from the front of the garment around the neck, with the upper back generally left uncovered.
Handkerchief check
The checks in the size of a handkerchief are single-colored, but visible through a matt-gloss structure of the fabric.
Handstitch is a technique in which individual threads are pulled through the fabric to create a pattern or decoration. This technique can be used to highlight individual elements or to create a unique design.
Handwoven look
These fabrics look like hand-woven with their loose and porous fabric and irregular thickening.
Harem pants
The baggy trousers with an oriental look contribute to a summer vacation feeling.
Harley Davidson jacket
This classic motorcycle jacket has its origin in the fifties.
Harris Tweed
This hand-woven worsted fabric has a small pattern in melange-like coloring.
Haute Couture
French Haute Couture has been regarded as the Olympics of the fashion world since 1858. Admission to the couturiers' guild is not so easy and is subject to certain conditions.
This cap with visor also has a piece of fabric that reaches from the back of the cap to the nape of the neck and serves as a sun protection.
Hawaii shirt
This shirt is exclusively considered leisurewear due to its short sleeves and colorful patterns that give a feeling of sun, beach and sea. It probably became world famous through the television series Magnum.
This look appears very washed out.
Herringbone pattern
A traditional pattern consisting of a series of horizontal and vertical lines arranged obliquely to each other. Often found in wool fabrics and tweed.
High Fashion
This refers to the design, manufacture and marketing of exclusive clothing as a counterpoint to mass-produced goods.
High Heels
Shoes with very high heels.
High Twist
This combed yarn fabric made of fine high-twisted yarns is cool and dry to the touch.
High tech
In fashion, High Technology refers to new fabrics and accessories with high functionality.
This weatherproof fabric has good cold protection, is tear-resistant and durable.
Hip Strings
These strings sit particularly low on the hips.
Hip Tube
This tube is comfortably placed around the waist and artificially lengthens a top to the hips.
This fashionable skirt with a low waist sits on the hips.
These are low-rise pants and skirts that sit on the hips.
The hippie style with flower patterns, fringes and loose cuts, flowing hairstyles, peace signs and crocheted tops was not only totally in vogue in the seventies.
The teenager or adult belongs to a certain scene, usually lives in a big city and is characterized by a (supposedly) fashionable and individual style.
Hobo bag
The hobo bag was once a must-have for hippies. Today the shoulder bag is part of numerous bag series.
Home wear
This refers to comfortable and unconventional home clothing.
The hand-woven fabric consists of loose yarns in a simple, porous binding.
Honan silk
This silk fabric is iregular due to thread thickening.
These special head coverings cover the back and top of the head and are tied together under the chin.
Pullover with a hood.
Hook slit
A hook slit is a slit attached to a garment, allowing the wearer to pull through a belt or other type of jewelry.
The coarse coat and costume fabric has a fluffy underside and a Panama-like upper side.Suspenders
Horn buttons
These buttons, made from the antlers of deer, are mainly used in traditional clothing.
Hot pants
Particularly short, tight-fitting trousers sitting closely on the hips.
The always right-angled, tartan-like pattern, in classic black and white color combination, is particularly popular for coats and blazers. This pattern can now also be found in many other color combinations.
Hunza loden
Heavy wool material that is weatherproof, tear-resistant and long-lasting.


A stretched out look reminiscent of the letter I. Flowing fabrics such as chiffon or soft tulle are often used.
Ikat pattern
Created by a weaving technique where the yarn is dyed in sections, creating simple striped patterns to multicolored geometric or complex patterns.
Treatment of outerwear or shoes with chemicals to make them waterproof.
Printed silk fabric.
In Vogue
Fashion that is current and modern.
Embroidered, contrasting motifs in knitwear.
Interlock is a process of joining thick ribbed fabrics together to create a durable, long-lasting material. It is usually used for fabrics that need to be washed frequently to give them more durability.
Inverted pleat
When the break of two overlapping folds meet in the middle of the fold depth and are sewn along the break edge. Kellerfaltens are typical for skirts, dresses, and the back of shirts or loden coats.
Invisible style
Clothing that is intended to remain hidden from others, such as in the form of skin-colored underwear or seamless processing.
Irisé refers to a type of fabric with color gradations similar to the iridescence phenomenon. It is very popular in the fashion industry and is achieved through cellophane inlays or embossing techniques.
It-Piece refers to a piece of clothing that is seen as a fashionable highlight but usually only lasts one season.


Ruffles, lace or frills under the collar or neckline of the front of a blouse or dress.
Fashion style of the former First Lady of the United States, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. It is a very classic look characterized by simple and elegant lines. Characteristics are a knee-length skirt, twin-set, pearl necklace and flat pumps or alternatively a slim short dress with a short jacket.
General term for woven fabrics with patterns made from all sorts of materials such as silk, viscose, wool and cotton. Jacquard is considered particularly robust and long-lasting.
Traditional hip-length, straight-cut jacket made of walker sheep's wool. Characteristic are differently colored edges and decorative buttons made of metal or deer horn. Common colors are gray, green or red. In the Alpine region, knit jackets are also referred to as Janker.
Janus sleeve
Also called Half Raglan. The seam runs from one point on the shoulder line to the armhole.
Japanese Silk
Silk type produced in a traditional way in Japan. It is a very fine and luxurious fabric known for its softness and high quality. An alternative name for it is Japon.
Jazz Pants
Women's slip with a French leg cut and wide waistband.
The trousers made of robust cotton fabric or denim were first produced by Levi Strauss in 1847 as work trousers for gold miners. Today there is an almost endless variety of different designs, fits and colors.
Jeggings are a combination of jeans and leggings. The usually very tight jeans have a high elastane content and therefore offer a very high wearing comfort.
Either refers to a close-fitting garment made of mesh fabric, serves as a collective term for single jersey or refers to a binding type in which a stretchability of the fabric is achieved in the width.
Jewel neckline
This circular cutout near the neckline offers an excellent setting for an elegant neck jewelry.
A very popular accessory made from a variety of materials. It can be made from metals, beads, stones, glass pieces, feathers, and other materials and is often used to complete an outfit. It is significantly cheaper than real jewelry.
Jodhpur pants
Originally used as riding pants in polo, the trousers are loosely cut over the knee and fit snugly underneath.
Jogging pants
Originally, jogging pants refer to a tight-fitting pants with long legs that is used for jogging. Colloquially, the term has also been extended to comfortable trousers in a sporty look and elasticated waistband.
Jogn Jeans
These jeans combine the unbeatable comfort of a jogging pants with the look of a classic jeans.
This one- or two-row cut jacket is fastened high with a stand-up or turnover collar.
This pullover-like top looks sporty and is good hip-length.
The overall is a one-piece trousers that is characterized by its loose fit. Leg and sleeve length can be short or long.


The Kabik is a traditional, opaque fabric mainly produced in India and Bangladesh consisting of silk, cotton or a combination of both.
A kaftan is a long, loosely falling garment often made of silk, cotton or other lightweight fabrics. It is worn mainly in countries of the Middle East.
Kangaroo pocket
Single pocket located centrally on the front of sweaters. The entry is either on the side or from the top.
Wool from the Kashgora goat, a cross between the Kashmir and Angora goats. Inexpensive alternative to cashmere.
Trapezoid-shaped leather and metal bag that opens wide and has a short arched handle that a small padlock can be attached to. Named after American actress Grace Kelly.
Kent collar
Widely popular classic turnover collar, usually found on men's shirts. It has a medium height and medium length tips.
Kimono sleeve
Sleeve style originally from the traditional Japanese kimono. It is wide and cut straight.
Kitten Heels
Shoes with very low heels, usually between 1.5 and 2.5 cm high. This type of heel style is very popular in fashion, as it creates an elegant and feminine look with a high degree of comfort.
Trousers that are shorter than usual trousers. They usually reach about mid-thigh and have a wide, loose fit. Knickerbockers are often worn by golf players and other athletes.
Knot yarn
Effect yarn with knotted fibers spun into it, resulting in a nubby look when processed.
Classic binding type, also known as twill. In köper binding, a weft thread is passed under a warp thread.


Light short coat in shirt look oriented towards the professional clothing of doctors and nurses.Label
Thin woven decorative material for textiles in various variations such as bobbin, embroidery, tulle, filet, crochet and guipure lace.
Lambada suit
Suit made from a thin, lightweight material that resembles a traditional suit but is much more comfortable. The suit usually has a plain design that can include several colors or patterns.
Wool from the first shearing of six-month-old lambs is particularly soft.
Lambsvelours leather is worn with the flat-shorn coat facing inwards.
Fabric with gold, silver or more rarely copper metal threads woven in to give it a particularly glossy surface.
Technique of using laser to cut textiles. This method allows for complex shapes and designs to be cut into textiles without damaging them and seals raw edges to prevent fraying.
Latex originally came from the rubber tree as a raw material but nowadays the raw material mostly comes from artificial production. Especially popular for fetish clothing.
Fabric with a crinkly and granular surface is soft and easy to wash.
Lavaliere Bow
Flowing collar bow with loose hanging ends.
Layering look where different layers of clothing are worn on top of each other for reasons of heat insulation or fashion aspects.
Layering look
The layering look refers to wearing multiple layers of clothing to achieve a warm and insulating effect.
Tanned hides and skins where the fiber structure largely remains in its original state.
Leather Imitation
Polyurethane materials that imitate leather optically, but are much cheaper and easier to maintain.
Leavers Lace
Patterned tulle lace, mainly found in lingerie.
Tight-fitting pants made from very elastic fabrics, resembling a stocking without a foot.
Sleeveless, one-piece and tight-fitting jersey typically made from lycra or spandex. Mainly found in gymnastics and ballet.
Liberty Fabrics
Famous fabric from the company Liberty in London. Known for its often colorful and unusual patterns, this fabric is easy to work with and low-maintenance.
Robust and durable fabric made from flax fibers. The garments are particularly popular in summer due to their good moisture absorption.
Category of women's clothing, including underwear (primarily bras), nightwear and light robes.
Shirt blouse with side curved slits is specially designed to be worn over pants.
Livery style
Long, straight-cut suit usually made from heavy fabrics such as velvet, silk or velours. It has a very traditional, formal look and is usually paired with a vest, gilet, notch collar and a tie. Uniform-like clothing for servants and staff. Commonly found in the hotel industry.
Comfortable, flat shoe cut from a single piece of leather, reinforced with a rubber sole on the underside. Loafers are usually very comfortable to wear and can be worn as both formal and casual shoes. Also known as slippers.
Loden is a woolen twill fabric, sometimes mixed with noble hair, so densely woven or felted that the binding pattern is unrecognizable. It is often used for jackets, coats, trousers, scarves and other clothing.
Long blouse
Longer version of the blouse, hip-length or longer.
Long sleeve shirt
Shirt made from t-shirt fabric with long sleeves, coming in countless variations such as models with round or V-neck, patterns or even shirts with an integrated hood.
Originally long underwear, the term now stands for a body with a simple cut.
Longline pants
A pant that is cut longer than a regular pant. It usually reaches to the ankles and is made of lightweight and comfortable materials such as cotton, linen, or silk.
Long-sleeved T-shirt made of a thin cotton or jersey fabric.
A visual medium used to showcase all the photos of a model, photographer, style, stylist, or the works of a designer or designers. A lookbook can be a catalog, website, magazine, or even a video.
Tube scarf, also referred to as a circular scarf, can be wrapped multiple times around the neck.
Loose Fit
Particularly wide and loose-fitting clothing.
Lounge Wear
Clothing style combining fashion design with high wearing comfort.
Low Waist
Pants with a particularly low waist height.
Low shoes
Low shoes are extremely popular shoes for spring and autumn with their completely closed form. Versatile colors and shapes, lacing or Velcro closures or versions as slippers allow combinations with all outfits in principle.
Based on lumberjack jackets, usually hip-length and single-breasted, with a belt and patch pockets.
Lumberjack shirt
The durable flannel shirt with the characteristic tartan pattern is no longer just popular with lumberjacks.
Metallic glittering yarn that gives clothing special light effects.
Synthetic textile material made from a mixture of cellulose and synthetic polymers. It is a lightweight, soft, and breathable material that is easy to work with, giving it a silky matte look and a pleasant feel on the skin.


Madeira embroidery
Traditional craft of the island of Madeira refers to a punched embroidery in fine batiste. Usually used to decorate handkerchiefs, decorative fabrics, dresses, blouses or nightgowns and towels.
Madras plaid
Cotton printed fabric with classic large-scale, colorful plaid pattern. The use of different colors in the warp and weft directions gives the pattern an interesting, irregular character. It has its origin in the Indian city of Madras.
Makeup tones
Pastel colors such as cream and beige or light apricot and peach nuances, similar to those in cosmetics.
Man-made fibers
Non-natural occurring fibers. There are both cellulose-based and synthetic versions.
Mandarin collar
Short, folded-down collar on a shirt or jacket.
French word for sailor clothing. It refers to a particular type of clothing made up of horizontal stripes arranged in different combinations of blue, white, and red.
Maritime style
General term for a design that refers to the sea, ships, and nautical. It is often characterized by patterns such as fishing nets and stripes reminiscent of sailboats.
Marlene Trousers
Special type of trousers made from a flattering, lightweight material. Originally developed for men, but now also worn by women. Named after Marlene Dietrich, who made a statement in women's fashion with these trousers. It has a high waist and a tight fit.
Mary Jane
Classic buckle shoe with low heels and a wide, rounded toe cap. The strap closes the shoe with a buckle over the instep.
Masculine style
Design that draws on male clothing and accessories. It typically uses a combination of clean lines, dark colors, and sturdy materials to create a classic and timeless look.
Collective term for relief weaving or quilting weaving, without crepe or shrinking yarn.
Different materials in a single garment.
Type of fabric made from a mixture of different yarns combined in different colors and textures. It is mainly used for casual clothing and is soft and comfortable.
Ultra-thin films between the outer fabric and the lining to make clothing wind and waterproof, yet breathable.
Menswear look
This women’s fashion style takes design elements or entire pieces of clothing from men’s fashion.
Process of treating a fabric chemically to improve its texture. It is often applied to cotton and gives the fabric a shiny and soft look.
Merino Wool
Wool made from the same Merino sheep breed used for making woolen fabric. It is very soft, warm, and breathable, and is often used for making clothing and accessories.
Transparent material with a net-like structure. Popular in material mix with other textiles.
Mexican Skirt
Long, loose-fitting skirt made up of several layers, popular in Mexico due to its striking colors and patterns. It is usually made of cotton and other natural fibers.
Micro Cut
A specialized type of weaving using very fine threads to create a smooth, glossy surface. This technique is often used in the production of silk, satin, and other high-quality fabrics.
Very short mini skirt with a tight fit.
Very fine and detailed designs created with special techniques on textile materials. They are often used in high-end fashion to create unique and eye-catching patterns.
Very finely spun chemical fibers often used for sport and functional clothing. Although they have advantageous properties such as durability and breathability, they are constantly criticized for promoting microplastic.
Very skimpy bathing suit made from a very lightweight material and with a very small top and bottom. It is usually less covering than a regular bathing suit.
A special fabric woven from a series of elastic and ribbed threads. It is very popular in the production of sportswear, as it offers good breathability and high comfort.
Military Look
A classic style characterized by simple, sturdy, and military-inspired clothing pieces such as jackets, pants, and shirts. It has become increasingly popular in recent years and is often used in street and high fashion.
Milky Wash
A type of washing process using a special procedure carpet to create a soft, velvety shine. This technique is often used in the production of jeans or other fabrics to obtain a particularly pleasant surface.
A very detailed and colorful pattern composed of many small flower motifs.
A short skirt, no longer than half the length of the thigh.
Minimal print
A minimalprint consists of a small pattern spread over a whole fabric. Not only small flowers, but also geometric patterns are popular.
A design style characterized by the use of clean, clear lines and a reduced color palette. It is often used in the fashion industry to create eye-catching yet classic designs.
Minimizer bra
A type of bra specifically designed to reduce the size of the bust and distribute its volume evenly. It is particularly popular among women who have a larger bust and wish to achieve a slimmer and more comfortable look.
Soft fur obtained from different species of martens. It is often used for making luxury accessories and garments.
Miranda pumps
These pumps bear the name of a South American film star from the 1940s. The platform slingbacks have a high, curved heel.
Mirror Seam
Joins the revers with the collar. Used in classic cut jackets, coats and women's jackets.
Different garments made from different materials, cuts, and colors form a harmonious combination in the end.
A very soft and lightweight fiber made from a blend of cotton and cellulose. It is very comfortable and breathable and is often used for clothing, underwear, and bedding.
A very soft and durable fiber made from the wool of Angora goats. It has a very silky and glossy look and is used mainly in high-quality suits.Moccasins
Molded bra
A type of bra that has been specially designed to accommodate a predetermined body shape. This bra is typically made from soft and stretchy materials and can be molded to the desired shape of the chest.
A very soft yet dense fabric usually made from cotton.
A design style characterized by the use of single-colored fabrics and accessories. It is often used in the fashion industry to achieve a very elegant and classic look.
A very skimpy one-piece bathing suit that has the shape and cut of a bikini.
Very warm winter boots with foamed-filled material and water-resistant from the outside.
A fabric woven from at least two differently colored yarns.
Multicolored garments.
A lightweight and soft fabric made from cotton, silk or a blend of both. It is often used for making blouses, dresses, scarves and other garments. Muslin has a smooth surface and is semi-transparent.


Napoleon collar
High fold-over collar with wide webbing, with model in late 18th century.
Nappa leather
A collective term for a particularly supple chrome-tanned smooth leather with full scars from different animal species.
Natural Stretch
Elasticity without artificial elastane admixture, created solely by binding or yarns.
Natural waistline
The narrowest part of the upper body, typically located where the skin folds when one bends to the side.
Neckband Collar
Short, simple standing collar on shirts or sweaters.
Backless and shoulderless shirts that are closed in the neck. They are available both as a bra and bikini top as well as shirts, blouses and dresses.
Piece of fabric fixed around the neck with a knot, especially in combination with suits. Its predecessors can be found in neckerchiefs, worn in the 17th century.
Rubberized and breathable fabric for diving suits and rainproof clothing.
Originally made from nettle fibers, it is now mostly made from cotton with canvas binding.
Garments that are practically combinable with all other colors due to their unobtrusive coloration.
A new designer who has already achieved some success and has a promising future.
Knitted plush with a velvety surface.
This abbreviation stands for Number Metric and indicates the yarn fineness. The starting point of the calculation is the ratio of length units to weight units.
A thin, non-woven material made from natural or synthetic fibers. Nonwovens are often used as lining or insulation material.
Norfolk jacket
Rustic men's jacket. Characteristic is the curved saddle, dragoon, patch pockets and the back pleat as well as leather buttons.
Norwegian pattern
Traditional knitting pattern made from a combination of right and left stitches. It is often used for making sweaters and other garments. Particularly famous are snowflakes, reindeers and diamonds, often worn on sweaters around Christmas time.
Nova Check
Burberry plaid with lighter background, with sand as the base color.
Leather made by coating and processing the grain side of cowhide. It has a very soft and velvety surface and is often used for making shoes, bags and other accessories.
Style of wearing flesh-colored garments to achieve a more natural look. Characteristic is also a naturally looking make-up.
Nurse strips
Fine and uniform stripes in white, blue and grey resembling the blouses of hospital nurses.
Soft, silky and shiny fur obtained from the nutria marten. It is often used for making luxury accessories such as coats and jackets.
Synthetic plastic made from various chemical compounds. It is often used for making garments such as tights, jackets and other sportswear.


Wide sash originating from the Japanese kimono.
Shade located between white and beige, similar to ivory.
Neckline in which the straps are looped around the shoulders, emphasizing the shoulders and collarbone.
Office wear
Style characterized by conservative and professional clothing. It is often worn by professionals in office environments and can include suits, ties and other formal garments.
Offside fabric
With this special weaving technique, dress and coat fabrics look differently on their right and left sides, but can be used on both sides.
Oil Wash
Type of textile finishing in which a fabric is dipped in a special oil solution to create a marbled finish. It is often used to make jeans and other durable garments.
Old tartans
These plaids are characterized by their fashionable color combinations.
Printed or dyed fabric with a gradient of light to dark or from one color to another. As the fabric is produced in large rolls, the look of individual garments vary.
One-Shoulder Dress
Asymmetrical dress held up by one strap so that the other shoulder remains free. This creates a diagonal finish to the neckline of the dress.
Fabric that offers a very high degree of opacity. It can be used to create a particular design as the color is transparent.
Organic Cotton
Environmentally friendly organically grown cotton that abstains from pesticides and synthetic fertilizers when cultivated.
Very lightweight, sheer fabric made of silk, polyester, or a blend of both. Often found in evening wear.
Outdoor clothing
Made of textiles specifically designed for outdoor use. Makes them functional and weatherproof.
Climate regulating fabric contains microscopic encapsulated paraffin beads that melt when sweating and store heat to be released as needed.
One-piece garment consisting of pants and a top connected together. In women's fashion, the term jumpsuit is often used for this.
Inappropriate, exaggerated style of dress for a situation.
Fabrics woven with a light and dark yarn color and then dyed additionally.
Boots that just reach above the knees.
Overlock stitch
Stitch type that sews two pieces of fabric with more than two threads. It combines two stitching functions, the mechanical connection and the overcasting.
Clothing in oversized sizes is mainly aimed at people who need larger sizes than standard ready-to-wear.
Style in which a garment is larger than usual to create a more casual look.


Padded bra
A padded bra has pre-formed cups to particularly emphasize the shape of the breast.
Padding refers to the use of thick and soft materials to make clothing warmer and more comfortable. Padding can be made from natural or synthetic materials and is often used as a lining in jackets, coats, and vests.
Page sleeves
The small puff sleeve continues as a narrow sleeve to the wrist.
Pagoda sleeves
Fitting on the upper arm, it widens towards the wrist, so that the shape resembles a funnel.
Ornamental Persian pattern or motif using a teardrop shaped motif with a curved upper end.
Palazzo pants
Pants with wide legs and a high waist.
Short coat with lapel collar, usually worn over a dress or jacket. Often with a button placket or belt.
French word referring to a certain pride or showy way of dressing. It is a term that describes how someone looks and dresses when they are trying to be noticed. It stands for confidence and extravagance.
Thinner velvet variant, which is worked and not woven in contrast to simple velvet.
Shoe style usually made of leather or other solid material. They are open and usually have a flat sole, which allows the wearer to move around easily and comfortably.
Type of underwear that is very tight-fitting and mostly made of an elastic material. They are usually short and usually reach up to the navel.
Parachute silk
A thin, light fabric usually made of nylon or polyester.
Traditional wrapping cloth widely used on the islands of the Pacific and Indonesia. It is a rectangular cloth made of cotton, linen, or silk and can be worn as a beach dress, shawl, or sarong.
Anorak that reaches down to the hips and is made of cotton or blended fabric. Characteristic are warming linings and hoods that protect well against wind and cold. Other features are the sewn-on side pockets.
Parricide collar
An extremely high shirt collar that gives the impression of choking the wearer.
Scarf or thin cloth made either of pure cashmere or of cashmere and silk. Lighter and warmer than a classic cashmere scarf, they are usually 70 cm long and have fringes at the ends.
Sewing technique in which pieces of fabric with different colors and patterns are assembled to create unique and eye-catching garments.
Patent leather
Leather that has been coated with a special plastic coating to make it water repellent and give it additional durability and shine.
Template to replicate clothing. Consisting of a series of paper pieces, they simulate the shape and style of the garment.
Peasant skirt
A voluminous, knee-length skirt, in a rural style.
Peau de Soie
Luxurious, silky fabric usually made of silk. It is very soft and glossy and is often used for evening wear.
Peek-a-boo style
Style in which a garment has several transparent inserts or cut-outs, allowing the wearer to show part of their skin. It is a very exciting and provocative look.
Peep Toe
Shoe style in which the toes are visible through a small opening at the top of the shoe.
Short shoulder cape worn over the coat.
Pen jacket
Jacket with a full back, falling straight.
Pencil skirt
A tight-fitting skirt that reaches down to the knee or below
Perforated embroidery
Embroidery where holes are stitched into the fabric. These holes are then decorated with other needle embroidery, beads or other materials.
Type of decoration in which small holes are punched in a piece of fabric.
Curly fur of very young lambs of the karakul sheep.
Short underskirt usually made of cotton, silk, or other soft materials. It is usually worn under a dress or skirt to create more volume and fullness.
Widely cut traditional shirt with a standing collar, half button placket and braid front.
One point of a garment is lifted and attached to an overlying point. On skirts, this creates a draped fabric fold that adds extra volume and a romantic, classic touch.
Pigment dyeing
In contrast to true dyeing, the color is applied only to the surface of the fabric here.
Pillbox Hat
Small hat that was originally made famous by First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy in the 1940s. The pillbox hat is produced with a narrow brim and a short, close-fitting body. It has a straight and neat shape and is a beautiful accessory for dresses and suits.
Velvet-like fluff that forms on textiles. The fluff consists of fiber pieces that come together through friction. Pilling is most common on textile fabrics such as wool, polyester, acrylic and cotton.Pilot shirt
Fine longitudinal stripes on dark fabrics usually found on men's and women's suits.
Piped Pocket
Pocket edged by two narrow strips of fabric.
Textile embellishment technique where a thin strip of fabric is attached to a garment to embellish it. It is usually made of a thin, lightweight fabric such as silk or satin and often used in contrasting colors to the main fabric.
Very thick and sturdy looking fabric made from cotton or polyester. It is often used for upper garments such as polo shirts and jackets as it holds its shape and has a firm grip.
Placement Printing
Textile printing technique where a motif or pattern is placed at a specific location on a garment.
Placé Tie
Tie with multiple layers of thin, lightweight fabric. This tie is very elegant and is often worn for formal occasions.
Classic plaid pattern of Scottish national dress, created by weaving different colored threads.
Plaid Check
Popular pattern in the textile industry. It consists of a grid pattern of vertical and horizontal lines, colored either in different colors or a combination of colors and white. Plaid check is often used for clothing, tablecloths, and other textiles.
Formal ascot for men, wider than a tie. It is exclusively worn to dress shirts with wing collars and often ornamented with a pearl pin. In countries such as England and the United States, a plastron is standard wedding attire for the groom and guests.
Pointed trim in the middle of the upper part of a dress that is pointed downwards to make the waist appear slimmer.
Fabric made of thin strips of fabric layered in a pattern. The fabric is very airy and lightweight making it perfect for summer clothing.
Plus-Size Fashion
Fashion that specifically targets curvy women and men with its sizes.
Very soft and padded fabric made from a blend of cotton, wool, and other synthetic fibers. It is often used in baby and children's clothing, but also in interior design to provide a cozy feeling.
Small, rounded pouch that is attached as an accessory to a garment.
Polo Shirt
Short-sleeved shirt usually made of cotton. It has a classic polo design with a collar, button closure, and a small logo on the chest. It is a versatile garment that can be worn both for leisure and business.
Synthetic fabric made from acrylic fibers. It is very lightweight, soft, and warm and is often used for clothing pieces and accessories. Polyacryl is very durable and resistant making it excellent for everyday use.
Synthetic fabric made from polyamide fibers. It is very strong, elastic and resistant.
Resilient and easy-care synthetic fiber that is shape-retaining, dries quickly, and is often processed along with cotton. As it holds heat well, polyester is also used as a filling for winter coats.
Material made from petroleum-based sources. It is popular not only as faux leather in the fashion industry, but also for coating textiles.
Sleeveless, bell-shaped, cloak-like garment with a slit in the middle for the head.
Very lightweight, smooth, and soft fabric made of cotton. The fabric has a full-bodied surface texture and is often used for shirts, dresses, and other garments.
Small decorative details attached to a garment to embellish it. Posaments can be made of metal, beads, or other materials and are a popular accessory in the fashion industry.
Pouch bag
This classic handbag looks similar to a pouch. There are many models made of fabric or leather, with long and short straps or even with fixed handles.
Power dressing
Style used in the fashion industry to express confident and professional qualities. It is highlighted by bright colors, strong contrasts, sharp lines, and a strong silhouette.
Pre-shrunk / Sanforized
Pre-shrinking or sanforizing is a mechanical-thermal pre-treatment of textiles that is intended to prevent shrinkage when washing.
Precious hair
Term for very special high-quality animal hairs that do not originate from the sheep. Particularly high-quality hairs are e.g. the hairs of cashmere goats, alpacas, yaks or camels.
Princess seam
A specific type of sewing technique where two layers of fabric are sewn together to create a decorative and durable seam. This technique is often used in formal garments such as suits, wedding dresses, or ties.
Printing of various motifs or patterns on garments.
Ready-to-wear clothing that is pre-made and available in standard sizes.
Pucci Print
The Italian designer Pucci first developed the graphic print designs with round, curvy, and fanciful shapes in bright colors on silk jersey.
Sleeveless sweater usually made of comparatively thin materials and worn over shirts or blouses. A V-neck is particularly popular here.
Shoe with a similar shape to high heels but with a much flatter heel.
Pure Look
Pristine style that emphasizes shapes and materials through simple but elegant fabrics and cuts.
Push-up Bra
Bra that lifts and emphasizes the breasts.
Two-piece garment worn at night in bed. Special cuts such as the shorty or the use of warming fabrics have given rise to special models for summer and winter.
Python Look
Printed skin pattern of a python.


Queen Anne Neckline
Diamond-shaped neckline with a high collar in the back that particularly emphasizes the chest and shoulders. This flatters people with narrow shoulders and a small bust.
Originally the name for colorful padded blankets of American immigrants, quilt now refers to fashion fabrics with a matelasse effect, which are more or less padded and quilted.
Quilted Jackets
Thick, warm jackets, made of a padded material with a quilted stitch and a down or polyester filling.


Racer back
Strap form originating from swimwear design. The straps come together at the upper back forming a Y-shape.
Strap that divides in a Y shape towards the shoulders, leaving the shoulder parts out.
Raglan sleeve
Raglan sleeves are sewn in one piece so that the seam at the front and back runs from the neckline to the armpit.
High quality, firm bast fiber in linen look.
Circumference of a permanently repeating web or print pattern.
Brushed and pre-felted wool fabrics are treated with rotating brushes.
Raw Denim
Raw Denim refers to jeans in their original form. Dyed with indigo and not yet washed, the color is dark, and the jeans may still shrink when washed.
Ready to Wear
Immediately available clothing manufactured in factories in standard sizes.
Clothing in standard sizes, sold in large quantities in retail.
Real dyeing
The color is applied to the entire fibre, not just the surface of a fabric.
Tailored, heavy coat without a cross seam at the waist, flared towards the hem.
Also known as branding refers to ways of embellishing clothing such as embroidery, printing, attaching emblems, and labels.
Reform fashion
Comfortably cut clothing that replaced the corsetry fashion in the early 20th century.
Regatta Strip
Regular medium-width transverse stripes in blue and white.
Regular Fit
Classic cut of jeans and tops between a slim and loose fit.
Relief embroidery
Embroidery with three-dimensional patterns and designs.
Renaissance sleeve
Puff sleeves, usually found on blouses and dresses. They are divided by cords and strips.
Retro style
Fashion that usually draws on past and old style elements.
Fold of the front edge of a garment, which is connected to the collar by means of a seam.
Clothing that can be worn on both sides.
Decorative material made of small, sparkling crystals, used to create stylish fashion jewelry and fashionable decorations.Ostrich leather
Rhombic pattern
This upside-down square resembles the diamond of playing cards. Alternative names are Argyle pattern and Burlington pattern.
Ribbon yarn
This embroidery thread consists of thin polyester or nylon bands that can be knitted, ironed flat or woven. Often used for spaghetti straps, elastic bands or elastic bands.
Richelieu embroidery
Motifs are outlined with buttonhole stitches, then cut out and connected with bridges.
Rider coat
Tailored, heavy and weatherproof coat usually has high side and back slits.
Most commonly used processing method for a uniform dyeing of dark jeans. The jeans are only washed with clear water.
Fabric with pronounced ribbing in the transverse direction.
Fabrics in which thicker threads are woven into the otherwise thinner fabric at intervals of 5 to 8 millimeters. This creates the characteristic checkerboard pattern and makes the fabric particularly robust.
Roman sandals
Simple shoe made of a leather sole and straps bound around the ankle with toes left free.
Crimped or folded strips of fabric used as decorative elements on necklines, sleeve ends or skirts and blouses.
Ruffle collar
A particularly wide and flowing collar made of several layers of fabric and usually made of a thin and flexible material such as cotton or linen.
Ruffle lapel
A type of lapel whose collar end is folded into several layers that hang on one side. This lapel style is reminiscent of a flag and is often used in formal suits or jackets.


Wooden shoes. In women's fashion also sandals with wooden soles, which are sometimes also equipped with heels and decorated with decorative elements.
Sabrina heel
Low, curved heel that curves slightly inward.
Strong, undyed cotton fabric. It is particularly coarse and usually also somewhat stiff.
Saddle skirt
Knee-length, flared skirt with a fitted waist section.
Safety pocket
Inner pocket on coats or jackets is secured with a velcro, button or zipper.
Saharanne jacket
Loosely cut jacket with several patch pockets and a half-high collar. Resembles a safari look with a waist belt and a casual cut.
Salt and pepper pattern
Fabric made from a mixture of light and dark threads. It is a very simple design that is usually used for formal clothing.
Sand Wash
Washing denim with sand for a particularly pleasant and soft surface.
Open shoe shape with straps.
Texturing used to make a material softer and smoother.
Sari stripes
Stripes characteristic of Indian saris.
Wraparound skirt made of a soft cloth originating from Indonesia.
Sarouel pants
Pants in an oriental style are wide and skirt-like up to the knee, then cut or wrapped close to the foot end.Satin
Sartorial production
Clothing tailored to measure. Recognizable by hand-sewn seams.
Soft, dense fabric made of wool or a blend of wool and silk. Often used for carpets, upholstery fabrics, curtains and other high-quality fabrics.
Long piece of fabric or wool mainly used as a cold protection around the neck. In addition, scarves are used as fan symbols in team sports or as a fashionable accessory.
U-shaped neckline that emphasizes the décolleté and optically lengthens the neck.
Hip-length top, primarily worn by nurses and medical personnel. Originally a three-quarter length women's blouse.
A connection between two fabric pieces that is more or less visible and can form a decorative element of the fabric.
Various types of underwear that have no side seams and are therefore less visible under the outer clothing.
Seamless underwear
Underwear pieces without side seams, so they don't show under the outer clothing.
Second hand clothing
Clothing of all kinds that is resold by former owners and may have already been worn.
Second line
A collection that is typically cheaper and slightly altered compared to the previous collection.
Seed Beads
Small glass beads that are sewn directly onto the garment as decorative elements.
Fine woven fabric with small puffy stripes, predominantly made of cotton and often used for bed linen.
Cuff used to reinforce seams and hems in trousers, jackets and blouses.
Small, round plastic pieces that shimmer as an optical highlight on textiles and accessories.
Serafino Neckline
Round neckline with button row.
Shabby Chic
Clothing that looks worn and dilapidated.
Shadow print
Printing variant that clearly delineates motifs without gradations of color, so that they look like a shadow pattern or even a scissor cut.
Grip-resistant, smooth wild silk fabric, suitable for festive clothing, bridal wear, everyday wear and home decoration.
Shape Wear
Garments that shape and support the body. Worn under clothing and give a smooth, flat figure.
Shawl Collar
Trapezoidal lapel collar.
Sheath Waistcoat
Figure-hugging costume with a short sheath attached to the jacket.
Traditional Japanese process in which textiles are manually folded, bound, dipped and dyed. Similar to the batik process, unique patterns are created.
Shift dress
Straight-cut dress. Similar to the sheath dress, it is only wider around the waist and hips.
Shirt blouse
Shirt blouses are the equivalent of classic men's shirts for women. The fit of the plain blouses is usually straight, possibly also tailored, and the arm is long. Characteristic is also the typical shirt blouse collar.
Shirt dress
Long shirt that is lengthened downwards to look like a minidress.
Shirt jacket
This lightweight jacket is unlined and oversized made of linen or cotton.
Short sleeve blouse
Classic blouse with short sleeves.
Short pants that reach at most below the knee.
Pajamas for warm climate, consists of short pants and short-sleeved top.
Shot thread
Long thread that is woven to bind a textile. It is guided on the back of the fabric, closes the meshes and holds the fabric together. It runs across the entire width of the fabric.
Shoulder bag
Bags with large zippered compartment in the middle and a flap that can be folded over the front and closed.
Animal fiber from the cocoon of the silkworm. Lightweight, tear-resistant, temperature-equalizing and absorbent. Looks noble, can be sensitive to sweat and sunlight.
Silk Crepe
Characteristic crunchy grip of natural silk is achieved through treatment with formic acid.
Flame off protruding fibers of yarns and fabrics with gas.
Single jersey
Thin, soft falling jersey fabric that is knit smooth on the right stitch and therefore has a visible right and left fabric side.
Classic men's suit with a one-breasted row of three or four buttons on the front. At the back it usually has one or two vertical slits.
Skater pants
Wide pants with a low crotch look especially casual.
Skinny jeans
Tight-fitting jeans.
Slack Jeans
Pants with a straight but loose cut.
Slanted Pocket
Slanted pockets into which one can easily insert the hand sideways.
Slash Pocket
Small pocket in the right-hand jeans pocket, originally intended for pocket watches.
Slim Fit
Tight-fitting garments.
Open women's shoes with a strap around the heel.
Soft, light-weight clothing made of acetate and viscose mixtures, mostly straight cut and comfortable to wear.
Tight-fitting underskirt without leg attachment.
Slip blouse
Blouses without a continuous button row, which are pulled over the head. The cut is usually loose with a round neck, V-neck or a button row at the neckline.
Slippers are a variety of shoes worn at home. In addition to wooden sandals and flip-flops, simple felt slippers can also be used to protect against cold feet and to avoid bringing street dirt into the house.
Slub blouse
Blouse with a long band instead of a collar, which can be tied into a bow at the neckline.
Smock dress
Summer dress with straps.
Smock jacket
Wide, shirt-like blouse, usually made from lightweight material and typically reaching to mid-thigh.
One-button suit with shawl collar, also known as tuxedo. Color-coordinated jacket, vest, pants and cummerbund. The smoking pants have neither cuffs nor pleats, but often two galloon stripes.
Smooth knitware
The single-sided knitwear consists of equal stitches, with the fabric side always being the right side of the stitches.
Smooth leather
All leather types whose grain side is facing outward. The grain side is the former fur side and can be structured, grained, embossed, shrunk or even smooth.
Generic term for sports shoes and sneakers for leisure.
Soft Pants
Comfortable, wide-cut and lightly falling trousers.
Functional textiles for sports and outdoor clothing. Softshell materials usually consist of several layers that are laminated into a single functional layer. It is water-repellent, highly breathable, performance-oriented and durable.
Spaghetti straps
Very thin straps on tops and summer dresses.
Special Edition
Special collections that are only produced in a limited edition.
Spencer combination
Formal outfit for men consisting of a hip-length jacket, a dark pair of trousers, a white shirt with a tab collar, a colored bow tie with a matching pochette and a cummerbund or a waistcoat.
Spitz Style
Collar and revers corners of jackets, suits and coats especially cut in a sharp angle.
Sports bra
Bra with especially good support for sports activities. Made of breathable and quick-drying materials. Some models are shaped like a bustier, providing a high degree of comfort. Available with light, medium and strong support.
Sports wear
Casual leisure wear inspired by sporting apparel.
Square neckline
Square neckline, attached to the front of a garment.
Stay Ups
Hold-up sheer stockings.
Stencil Print
Stencil printing on textiles.
Wide and loosely draped scarf over shoulders and arms.
Stone Wash
Washing method in which jeans are washed together with stones and a washed-out look is created.
Ball or toggle-shaped mechanisms used to fix cord pulls in the tunnel.
Straight Fit
Cutting style that produces a slim and straight silhouette.
Clothing and shoes with an informal, casual look are usually comfortable and straightforward.
Material with a high degree of elasticity. Usually made from synthetic fibers. Stretch fabrics are very versatile due to their comfortable and flexible feel.
Strie cloth
Wool fabric raised in the lengthwise direction and then pressed smooth by steaming. It is lightly shiny, water-repellent and weatherproof.
String thong
Fabric that barely covers the front genital area and is held together by narrow straps.
Originally a fixed connection of two metal pins with heads, now often only a decorative element.
Submarine neckline
Collar runs in a large, oval bow, leaving the shoulders largely free, but covering the décolleté largely.
Suede is a natural leather made from the skin of animals such as cows or sheep. It has a rough and uneven surface and is generally thicker and more durable than other types of leather.
Suede leather
A synthetic leather material with a velvety, soft surface that is often used for shoes, bags, and furniture.
Suit jacket
Light jacket that can optionally be combined with a similar pair of pants to form a complete suit. Can also be worn separately with jeans or other pants.
Treatment of wool fibers that make them more resistant to felting and better suited for machine washing.
Practical and robust clothing made of weatherproof materials that meets the requirements of outdoor life.
Tunnel-like embedded cord that pulls the fabric together at waist height.
Sweat material
Thick, soft and breathable fabric mainly used for the manufacture of sport and leisure clothing. The fabric is very light and comfortable and is usually made from cotton or synthetic fibers. The surface finish allows for good moisture absorption, while the outside of the materials is mostly smooth and the inside is often roughened and softer.
Sweetheart neckline
Heart-shaped neckline follows the curves of the breasts and tapers to a point in the middle.
Long, unlined jacket with a casual look. Usually made from heavy material such as velvet or leather.
Pockets on jeans, jackets, coats and sweatshirts with an arched entry.
Generic term for all fabrics and goods made from chemical fibers.


Tab collar
Collar where the collar wings can be connected by an adjustable fabric strap with a snap button.
Soft and very pleasant fabric made of polyamide that conveys the feeling of cotton. Mainly used in the area of functional clothing.
Shiny, stiff fabric made of silk or nylon, often found in ball gowns and ribbons.
French term for slim, figure-hugging, feminine costumes.
Tailor look
Appearance of a custom-made and fitted garment made by a tailor.
Tank Top
Top with wide straps, is sleeveless and has a U-shaped neckline.
Combination of swimsuit and bikini. The waist-length top is worked like a bikini top, but much longer, so it almost completely covers the stomach.
Tapered Leg
Pants with a comfortable fit, where the pant leg tapers towards the foot. These trousers were formerly known as carrot trousers.
Tapestry pattern
Patterns consisting of different patterns and colors, often found in carpets and wallpaper. They are both eye-catching and elegant and are also used in the manufacture of outerwear.
Scottish check pattern.
Tea length
Length of a dress or skirt that falls between the knee and ankle, usually three to four inches above the ankle.
Techno cotton
Mixed fabric made of cotton and polyester or polyamide is particularly easy to care for.
Techno fabrics / techno look
Fabrics made of synthetic yarns and / or coatings look particularly artificial and cool. Combining several garments of this style results in the techno look.
Soft plush fabric made of wool or synthetic fiber is slightly less dense than velvet, but has significantly longer fibers.
Teflon coating
The anti-stick film is known mainly from pots and pans. In the fashion industry, the material protects fabrics from dirt and stains without causing changes in color, structure or grip of the fabrics.
Fabric made of terry yarn has a surface with loops and knots. Not to be confused with terry cloth.
Terry cloth
This cotton woven fabric with one or two sided loops and at least two sets of warp threads is highly absorbent.
Surface finish of a fabric.
Very skimpy panties made from a small piece of fabric on the front and back connected by straps or chains.
Thread check
This fabric is characterized by fine-lined, two-colored checks.
Classic suit consisting of a jacket, trousers and waistcoat. It is normally worn as formal or semi-formal clothing.
Through pocket
This patch pocket has no pocket bag, so you can access the pocket of the underlying garment through the outer garment.
Throwback fashion
Casual fashion genre focusing on the revival of clothing from earlier times.
Tier skirt
A women's skirt made of parallel, elongated fabric strips.
Tipped lapel
Collarless fold of the front edge of a garment, usually found on suit jackets or coats.
Thin, lightweight fabric made of cotton or linen. Is very airy and breathable and is often used in the production of dresses and blouses.
Topless dress
A strapless dress also known as a topless dress.
Hat with a narrow brim or without a brim, also known as a chef's hat.
Torero pants
Tight, calf-length trousers have slits or buttons on the side. Optically they are similar to the trousers of Spanish bullfighters.
Corset-like Long-Bras that reach to the waist and are often decorated with lace.
Tote Bag
Medium-sized bag with two parallel handles. Usually not closed at the top, they are larger than most other handbags.
Towel caros
The clear tartan designs with their strong colors visually remind of dish towels.
Towel collar
The scarf-like collar is developed from a rectangle.
Uniformly designed trousers and top for sport.
Transitional fashion
Fashion for the transition seasons with their unpredictable weather. The demand is therefore to fulfill several functions at the same time.
Trekking Style
Functional outdoor clothing for hiking, trekking and mountaineering.
All-weather coat with wide reverses, waist belt and pleat in the back. Often also with shoulder flaps and patch pockets.
Triangle bra
Bra type with triangle-shaped cups, is in its original form un-padded. The triangle cut can also be found in bikinis.
Smooth elastic fabric, usually made from cotton, polyester or a combination of both.
Slipover sweater made of wool with a high zipper collar, also known as a sailor sweater.
Trunk show
A preview of a designer's latest fashion collection in select clothing stores prior to general sale.
Tube pants
Pants that are continuously cut very tight, similar to leggings. Also referred to as skinny jeans.
Tucked hem
In this handwork technique, threads are pulled out at the hem and the remaining ones are bundled and sewn firmly to the hem, creating perforated stripes.
Tulip skirt
High-waisted skirt with pleats or ruffles below the waistband, narrowing towards the hem.
Loose, net-like fabric made of cotton, silk, synthetic fibers, created by twisting two chain threads together to form a voluminous structure, popular for wedding dresses and petticoats.
Blouses with a loose fit and a length up to the middle of the buttocks.
Tunnel drawstring
Used for threading a cord, used to adjust the width of trousers or hoods by pulling on the cord.
Turtle Neck
Tube-like collar without a turnover.
Turtleneck sweater
Sweaters with high, rollable collars.
Classic ballet skirt made of tulle.
Formal suit usually consisting of a black or dark blue suit jacket and matching trousers. It is usually worn with a bow tie and is a classic for special occasions. American term for smoking.
Tweed yarn
Appears hand-spun with bumps and irregularities.
Another term for twill or twill binding and thus one of the basic binding types for woven fabrics. Twill fabric is very dense and has a diagonal structure, which is mainly known from denim.
Twin Set
Combination of sweater and matching cardigan, with combinations of long and short sleeves.
Twist is created by twisting various yarns together.
Twist yarn
Elastic, durable and soft highly twisted wool.
Refers to two items for the price of one. Jackets are combined with removable vests, shirt and blouses with integrated tops or raincoats with a lined inlet for winter.


Loose, two-row men's coat with a wide lapel and back belt.
Unobtrusive, not obviously high-quality style.Plain colors
Underwired bra
A bra with underwires at the bottom of the cups for additional support.
This fit is suitable for both men and women.
This jersey is one-piece, fits close to the body and often has no sleeves.
This refers to the recycling of old clothes.
Urban Elegance
A style that is sophisticated and stylish yet also relaxed and suitable for everyday wear in a city
Used Look
Through special treatment methods, clothing is processed to appear worn and used. Characteristic features include small holes, faded colors, or abrasion marks.
Utilitarian clothing
Functional, practical clothing that is designed for a specific purpose, such as work or outdoor activities, and is often made of durable materials.


A V-shaped neckline that extends from the center of the neck to the breastbone.
Valencienne lace
A lace is a delicate, fine lace that was originally produced in the city of Valenciennes.
A fabric finish that gives the appearance of slightly worn or faded created by the contrast of right and left stitches.
A soft, velvety fabric made of cotton, synthetic fiber, or velvet.
A fabric made of cotton yarn and synthetic fibers that resembles velvet leather.
The classic vest is a sleeveless, waist-length jacket for both men and women made from various materials and available in many styles.
Vichy check
A classic check pattern consisting of small, square, chessboard-like patterns that resemble a tablecloth. The check is made up of light and dark colors arranged diagonally. Vichy check is often used on cotton fabrics and is a popular fabric for summer clothing such as shirts and skirts.
A type of South American camelid whose wool is known for its softness and warmth.
In fashion, the term "vigorous" refers to a strong and energetic style. This style can take various forms such as the use of bold and striking colors, large patterns, or unusual materials. A vigorous outfit is typically very eye-catching and characterized by a strong personality.
Vintage look
A fashion trend where clothing and accessories are designed and worn in the style of the 1920s to 1980s. The vintage look is characterized by the use of retro fabrics, prints, and cuts.
A synthetic cellulose fiber made from natural raw materials such as cotton, wood, or bamboo. Viscose is a commonly used material in the fashion and textile industry because it is soft, smooth, and lightweight.
Visual Merchandising
A method used by the retail industry to present products and brands in an appealing and attractive way. This includes designing displays, shelves, and store layouts as well as arranging products in a specific order.
A very light and thin fabric, often made from cotton or linen. The fabric has a smooth and matte surface and is especially suitable for lightweight and airy clothing such as blouses, skirts, and summer dresses.


Warp knit
A fabric that is made by the process of knitting, in which the threads are placed on a knitting machine in a specific pattern. Warp knit is particularly durable and easy to care for and is often used for workwear, sportswear, and underwear.
Washed silk
Soft, lightweight fabric made from silk that has been treated with a special washing process to achieve a soft, fluffy finish. It is often used for making garments such as blouses, skirts and dresses.
Wasp waist
A very narrow and accentuated waist achieved with tight-fitted tops and corsets, resembling the waist of a wasp.
Waterfall collar
A type of collar that resembles a waterfall, where the front of the collar is open and flowing. This collar style is particularly popular in blouses and dresses, giving the wearer an elegant and feminine look.
Waxing is a process in which textiles are treated with wax to give them water-repellent and windproof properties.
Wedge pants
Tapered trousers that become narrower to the ankles, and can be pulled taut with a strap under the sole of the foot.
Shoes with a thicker and wider sole that is higher at the heel, giving the wearer a higher heel without the weight of the heel resting on the toes.
A larger bag that provides enough space for a weekend trip.
Western skirt
A skirt designed in the Western style, usually made of denim or linen, with decorations such as fringes, seams, or quilted stitching.
Wet look
A fashion trend where clothing appears wet. This effect is often achieved by using glossy and smooth fabrics such as leather or PVC.
White tie
A formal dress code used for special occasions such as evening dinners, balls or operas, that consists of a black tailcoat, white bow tie and a white shirt.
Wiggle Dress
This "curve-hugging" dress originated in the 1950s and is designed to make curves jiggle when walking.
Wild silk
A natural fiber obtained from the cocoons of wild silkworms. With a particularly smooth and shiny surface, wild silk is very elegant and relatively expensive.
Windblown line
An effect that is meant to convey the impression of movement through ruffles, folds, or gathering.
A windbreaker is a type of lightweight and breathable jacket that is designed to protect the wearer from wind and rain.
Wing bag
Pocket with curved or angled grip.
Wing collar
Long, wide collar usually worn on shirts, blouses and dresses. The collar consists of two wide, flat ends that come together at one point to form a triangle.
Winter jacket
Winter jackets are typically made of water-resistant and insulating materials and often have a hood, pockets, and lining.
Wonder Bra
A trademarked name for a classic supportive bra with straps that cross in the back.
Wonder Tee
A T-shirt designed to shape and smooth the figure, achieved through shaping inserts or seams.
A natural fiber obtained from the hair of sheep, goats or other animals. Wool is known for its moisture-regulating and insulation properties.
Wool velvet
A fabric with a soft and velvety surface, commonly used for winter clothing such as sweaters and jackets.
Clothing specifically designed for professional use, typically durable, practical and comfortable.
Wrapped look
The wrapped look refers to a design in which a garment is wrapped around the body like a scarf or shawl.
Wrinkle-free laundry
Garments are wrinkle-free if they remain virtually wrinkle-free due to special features and therefore do not have to be ironed.


A design that creates an X shape through diagonal seams or gathers in the lines of a garment.
A fashion style that emphasizes large and wide silhouettes and plus sizes. This style can be achieved through the use of loose and wide cuts, thicker fabrics and large patterns.


Large and wide tops combined with tight, slim-fitting bottoms, creating a Y shape in the silhouette.
A thin thread made from a natural or synthetic material used for making textiles. It can be made from cotton, linen, silk, polyester, nylon, or acrylic.


Zipper puller
The tab or handle attached to the slider of a zipper.
A diamond-like gemstone for a fraction of the price.