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Newsletter December 2014

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We at labelsandribbon.com wish you and merry christmas and a happy new year
It was coming up to Christmas and the Judge was in a jolly frame of mind.
"Now then, please tell me, what is the charge against you?"
" I was caught doing my Christmas shopping very early," replied the man in the dock.
"That doesn't seem like an offence to me. What do you mean by very early?”
"Well, Your Honor," said the defendant, "it was before the shop was open."
No Christmas is complete without some corny cracker jokes so we're on the hunt to find the best jests for this year.
If you think you can sprinkle some festive cheer, drop us a (punch) line and see whether you're able to tickle our ribs or provoke a chorus of groans!

In the meantime, we are delighted to take this opportunity to wish you all a wonderful Christmas and hope your celebrations are merry and bright.
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We are a Philadelphia based company selling Labels and Ribbon in USA & Canada. We specialize in making professional quality woven labels available for crafters and small business.
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Newsletter December 2014