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Newsletter January 2015

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We have new fonts for our woven labels
If graphic design was a religion then typography is the priest.
There's no doubt that your words, colours and pictures tell your story. But don't forget to pay attention to your font selection when designing your label. The font you use for your text can portray a message far beyond that of the words it writes. A person's choice of font can be as telling of their personality as their dress sense!
Choosing a font for your text is like picking an outfit for a particular occasion. There is a dividing line between typeface that is chic and expressive and typeface that is functional and suitable in certain circumstances. Enjoy the current selection we offer but just wait and see what we are going to add! If you would like any help selecting a font for your label, please let us know and we will be happy to help you choose the perfect typeface.
Checkout our new fonts
Product Highlights
Hang Tags - Text & Symbol
Hang Tags
Add extra panache to hand-crafted garments or showcase your new clothing line with our elegant custom-designed hang tags. Follow the link and create your own unique hang tag in a few easy steps:
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Woven Labels - With Your Logo
Woven Label with your Design
Put your own words and pictures onto our stylish woven labels for the perfect way to add a dash of your individuality to a special gift or your new design. Find out how to create your own exclusive label by clicking the link and following the few easy steps:
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We are a Philadelphia based company selling Labels and Ribbon in USA & Canada. We specialize in making professional quality woven labels available for crafters and small business.
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Newsletter January 2015