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Newsletter March 2015

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We have new symbols for our woven and printed labels
New symbols have been added to our current range.
A symbol can have a significant effect on the look and message that you want your label to convey. Symbols function as an 'alphabet of human thought.' In other words, a universal means to communicate information or a concept. For instance, a red rose signifies love, romance and compassion.
A status symbol.
A symbol can define how you present yourself to your customers, influencing the vibe you want to portray on your label. So next time you are looking to use a symbol, don't just pick one because it was the first you came to, think about what you're designing, who it's for and then which symbol fits best aesthetically.
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Personlized Hang Tags
Hang Tags personilzed with own Logo and Text & Symbol
Hang Tags
Add extra panache to hand-crafted garments or showcase your new clothing line with our elegant custom-designed hang tags. Follow the link and create your own unique hang tag in a few easy steps:
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We are a Philadelphia based company selling Labels and Ribbon in USA & Canada. We specialize in making professional quality woven labels available for crafters and small business.
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Newsletter March 2015