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Personalized Labels

Your Personalized Labels: Create a design using text and colorful symbols or upload your Logo.
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Personalised Labels

You might think that personalized labels are just meant for fashion designers and textile producers. But that is far from the truth: custom labels can be designed and purchased by anyone and for any purpose. They are a great way to display not only your logo or artwork but even just a name or a message. Finish your handmade project with a one of a kind fabric label and matching hang tag for a professional look that will impress loved ones and potential customers alike!

Let Wunderlabel help you bring your ideas to life!

We have the right personalized labels for you. Customized labels are our jam and we have all the products you need in a one-stop-shop. Our online design tool will help walk you through each step of the process to create your very own design which you can be proud of.

Where can I get personalized labels made?

Creating and ordering your very own personalized labels at Wunderlabel is easy. We offer a wide range of label types with different material and printing options. Wunderlabel makes it incredibly easy to create your own customized clothing labels using our online design tool. Create clothing labels, laundry labels, leather labels and even stickers or hang tags. We have a label which is perfect for you.

What types of personalized labels are available?

Wunderlabel offers an array of options when it comes to personalized label. We have everything from durable woven labels to silky satin printed labels and everything in between. Customized clothing labels of all materials, shapes and sizes are available to design to your exact specifications. Upload your own logo or artwork to create a label or use our online design tool to create your own using text and symbols.

Woven Labels All of our woven labels are made with 100% recycled material and are OEKO-TEX® Standard 100, CLASS I certified. Available in many colors and sizes as well as folded options.

Printed Labels Choose from satin polyester, Tyvek, cotton, imitation cotton or PU. 100% recycled options are also available. Printed labels have precise print with saturated colors.

Logo Labels Upload your own design, logo or artwork to create a one-of-a-kind label. Logo labels are available as printed or woven labels with many sizes and materials to choose from.

PRO Printed Fabric Labels The top choice for professionals, these labels are available in assorted sizes in 100% satin polyester or cotton. Upload your logo or design using the online design tool with just a few clicks. Bright colors and sharp print makes these a favorite.

Care Labels Laundry or care labels can be designed as printed or woven labels. Choose your laundry symbols and customize with an array of colors and fonts.

Leather Labels Choose between genuine leather or faux leather which come in a range of gorgeous colors. WunderPap labels, which are an eco-friendly washable paper label made to look like leather, are also available. Laser engraved with precision using your text and a symbol.

Personalized sewing labels are super easy to create since we have an option for everyone. Let your creativity guide you to create personalized labels for handmade items!

personalized labels

Personalized Leather Labels

Create handmade leather labels with just a few clicks in the Wuderlabel online design tool!

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Uses for Personalized Labels

Since we offer many different branding options, the uses for our personalized labels are endless. Using personalized sewing labels for clothing and handmade items is the perfect way to brand your product or to show that it was handmade. But there are also many other reasons to create a personalized fabric label, customized sticker labels or even hang tags. 

  • Personalized sticker label

Stickers are a great way to make a big statement on a budget. Create your own design using text and symbol or upload your logo. A personalized custom sticker label can be used for product packaging, parties, branding and even advertising.

  • Personalized quilt labels

Anyone who makes quilts knows that it’s a tradition to label the quilt with the maker’s name and the date it was finished. Some even stitch a personal message. Wunderlabel can help you create a durable and beautiful quilt label. Personalized quilt labels are the perfect finishing touch to a work of art.

  • Personalized labels for kids

Using labels for kids items is so practical! Use them for school items like backpacks and lunch boxes. They can also be used to label books and gifts. Personalized labels for kids means never having to search through the lost and found and school again!

  • Personalized clothing labels

This almost goes without saying, personalized clothing labels make a huge impact when used for branding. When you’re making clothing or homegoods, attaching personalized labels for handmade items creates brand recognition which is never a bad thing!

How can I create my own personalized labels?

Wunderlabel uses a very intuitive and easy to use online design tool. This online design tool will walk you through the design and order process with ease. With just a few clicks you can create a label design with it perfect for your application. Upload your own logo or create a design using text and a symbol. The design possibilities are endless!

Depending on which type of label you choose, the design process can vary, but listed here are the design and order basics.
SIZE: Choose a label size, shape or fold which fits with your application.
MATERIAL: Each label type has its own options for materials. The label material will be listed in the menu of the configurator.
COLOR: Color is important! That’s why we offer many vibrant colors and patterns to choose from.
TEXT & SYMBOL OR LOGO: Depending on which type of label you are designing, you’ll have the opportunity to upload your own logo file, or use our huge list of symbols and text fields to create your own.
OPTIONS: We offer many design options to make sure you have the tools to create the perfect label. Personalized iron on labels are a popular choice! Punched holes and taffeta edging are just a couple of the amazing options available to you.
QUANTITY AND SHIPPING: The last step in the process is to choose your quantity and shipment method. Rush orders are also an option.

Choose the Wunderlabel Experts for Your Personalised Clothing Labels

Wunderlabel aims to provide more than just high quality personalized clothing labels and other branding materials. Sustainability, affordability and reliability are at the heart of everything we do. 
Our journey began in 2004 and we have been going strong ever since, investing in professional machines, streamlining our production processes, adding to our dedicated staff and sourcing environmentally friendly materials. 
All our personalized clothing woven labels (except for the sparkling threads) are made from Newlife™ yarn which is produced solely using post consumer PET bottles. The rest of our range features recycled options wherever possible and we continue to look for better and more sustainable alternatives. 

From personalized iron on labels to leather labels to stickers, we are confident that Wunderlabel has something for you. Not sure where to start? Our helpful and friendly customer service team can assist you.
We want to help you achieve your vision, whether you are an avid knitter or a professional designer. Feel free to get in touch with our friendly customer service team for advice and more information!