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- 100% PVC
- Size: CR80 - 85,6 x 54 mm
- Thickness: 760 Mikron
- Edges: Comfort Rounded

Different Types of Card
Front / Back Print
100% customizable
superior quality

superior quality

highly individual

highly individual

lightning fast

lightning fast

in-house production

in-house production

super low quantities

super low quantities

How does an RFID Card work?

Contactless entry is the new norm in the hotel industry today. Not only that, it’s gaining popularity in gyms, community centers and corporate offices as well. It’s no wonder considering it’s a cost effective, efficient and safe way to permit access during a given time.

RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification and is a contactless form of using radio waves to transfer data. Each RFID Card contains a small chip which interacts with a transmitter after it has been programmed by an RFID Reader/Writer. Once programmed, an RFID card can be read from just a few inches away. Most of these types of cards can be rewritten and used again.

When used as a hotel key card, each door in the facility has a door card reader installed. These readers are programmed for unlocking/opening during a pre-set period of time. The card is programmed with the guest checks in, and it is valid for opening that specific hotel room door during the duration of their stay. It is safe, easy and convenient for the guests which is always a win.

Wunderlabel RFID Card Benefits

- They are convenient and easy to use
- They are easy to personalize using our online configurator
- They provide a high level of security and reassurance to your guests or employees
- They are durable and printed to last using high precision technology printing
- Quantities as low as 25 pieces can be ordered
- The card design can be designed according to your exact specifications
- Wunderlabel RFID cards are the size of a credit card and have rounded edges, so they are comfortable and easy to carry in your wallet.

What are common uses for RFID cards?

An RFID card is used for contactless entry most often as keycards and security access cards. They are most popular as hotel keycards, to grant access to restricted areas or open garage gates. They are also commonly used for time tracking and ticketing purposes.

Common Uses for RFID Cards:

  • Membership cards
  • Gift cards
  • Hotel room cards
  • Customer cards
  • Employee ID cards
  • Business cards
  • VIP cards

Create Your Own RFID Card Design

Ordering your very own RFID Cards is easy because of our online configurator. There are only a few steps and options to go through in order to place your order. For cards with your own logo or design follow these simple steps to place your order.

- From the side menu under CARD, choose the Type of Card (125 kHz or 13.56 MHz).
- Next choose the Print: front only or print on the front and back of the card.
- Coating is an option where the cards are laminated with a protective film which protects the surface of the cards. It has a matte finish.
- From the UPLOAD tab, upload your design or logo. Make sure it fits the format criteria.
- Choose your quantity and shipping method and continue on to checkout.

RFID Cards

Where to buy an RFID Card?

Wunderlabel offers many types of plastic cards which can be customized to suit any application. Plastic business cards, RFID cards and magnetic stripe cards are all part of the extensive line available in our webshop.

RFID Card: RFID (radio frequency identification) cards are used for contactless entry most often  as hotel key cards and security access cards. Two frequencies are available: 125 kHz or 13.56 MHz.

- Plastic Business Cards: Premium plastic business cards are a great marketing tool. They are less likely to be thrown out or damaged and the durability gives them added value in a client’s eyes. Plastic business cards make a statement and a lasting impression you don’t want to miss out on. 

- Magnetic Stripe Cards
Magnetic card technology is used for many applications such as gift cards, ID or security cards and membership cards. Also known as swipe cards, they can also be used to track customer loyalty. All of our cards are Hi Co with a 12.7 mm stripe.

Payment Options

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We accept: Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express

Design your own RFID Card online - just the way you want them!

Create a personal design with major recognition value for your business. Enjoy the highest quality standards along with fast, reliable service from Wunderlabel. Our reliable customer service team is here for you.