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woven labels

Woven labels

A woven label is a small, fabric-based tag or patch that you can attach to your clothing, textiles, and other products to convey important information, branding, or decorative elements. These labels are created using woven threads in intricate patterns that display text, logos, care instructions, or size information. Woven labels serve several important purposes, such as providing consumers with essential information about a product's brand, composition, washing instructions, and country of origin. They also contribute to the overall aesthetics of the item, enhancing its perceived quality and showcasing the brand identity in a subtle yet impactful way. All in all, woven labels are an essential part of the world of branding, product identification and consumer communication in the fashion and manufacturing industries. And they are a lot of fun.

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Premium Quality

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Woven Labels with Text & Symbol

These affordable and easy to order labels are by far our most popular product and are the top choice of crafters and professionals. Choose from hundreds of symbols, colors and fonts using our online design tool to create a truly unique label for all your branding needs. These labels make great name labels! Woven clothing labels can be sewn on by hand or with a sewing machine and are also available with an iron on option.


  • Sizes: 2.36" x 0.59" or 0.79" (60 x 15 mm or 20 mm) - to customize the size see Woven Logo Labels
  • Made with 100% recycled yarn and OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certified
  • Can be safely washed up to 194°F / 90°C
  • Labels are individually cut and will not fray
  • Labels are made using a Damask weave so they are very durable, soft and flexible
Woven Labels

Woven Labels - With Your Logo

Our fully customizable Woven Labels with Logo are popular with everyone from boutiques, style and accessory entrepreneurs to large scale companies. We have helped thousands of customers in creating their unique identity with professional fabric labels. 

The high-quality weaving process creates your personal design from scratch with the thread colors you’ve selected. The end result is a great-looking, Professional Quality Label that is more durable than Embroidered Labels.


  • Folding (optional)
  • Taffeta (optional)
  • Choose from over 300 different colors with pantone codes
  • Labels can have up to 6 colors
  • Can be safely washed up to 194°F / 90°C
  • Can be sewn on by hand or by using a sewing machine
  • Material: 100% Polyester
  • Standard 100 certified by OEKO-TEX® and 100% recycled yarn
  • Type of Weave: Damask, making labels that are strong and durable

Labels with Sparkling Text & Symbol

These woven labels add elegance and flair to your projects. Our Sparkling Text Labels add a little pizzazz and glamour to your brand and products. Choose from 4 different sparkling colors (silver, gold, blue or red) and customize with your choice out of 1000 symbols and the option to make them iron-on.


  • Come in the following sizes: 2.36" x 0.59" or 0.79" (60 x 15 mm or 20 mm) - for other sizes see Woven Labels - With Your Logo
  • Can be safely washed up to 194°F / 90°C
  • These woven labels can be sewn on by hand or by using a sewing machine
  • Material: 100% Polyester
  • 100% recycled yarn, OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certified
  • Type of Weave: Damask, making labels that are strong and durable

VIDEO: New Sparkling Labels ✨

Woven Labels for Clothing and All Your Handmade Items

Woven labels are a stylish and practical addition for clothing and handmade products. Use them as name labels, to showcase your logo or to display laundry instructions. 

The perfect choice for businesses and crafters alike, these clothing labels can be customized with a range of options. From iron-on woven clothing labels to woven loop labels, there is something for everyone. 
And there are even more good reasons to buy customized woven labels: They are durable, washable at high temperatures, won't fray and are soft on the skin. 
Creating your online woven label design takes no time at all with our configurators and our expert team will bring your vision to life with precision and care.

Advantages of Custom Woven Labels

Custom woven clothing labels are the ultimate multitaskers in the world of branding and personalization. Here are just some of the advantages:
- Functionality: Serve multiple purposes including providing instructions, essential information, and can also be used as name tags. 

- Marketing Power: Enhance brand recognition and loyalty among customers, acting as effective marketing tools.

- Decorative Appeal: Add an elegant touch to clothing products, accessories, handmade projects and artisanal gifts, boosting their aesthetic value.

- Symbol of Quality: Convey a sense of quality craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail, elevating the perceived value of the product.

- Durability: Resist fading and fraying even after repeated washes, ensuring long-lasting quality. 

- High-End Look: Achieve a premium appearance due to the precise and detailed weaving process.  

- Customization Options: Offer a wide range of customization possibilities to suit every need and preference.

Ease of Attachment: Can be easily attached to fabric either by sewing on or ironing on, providing flexibility and convenience in application.

Woven Labels by Wunderlabel

With over 10 years of experience in textile label production and hundreds of thousands of customers, Wunderlabel is the place to go for high quality woven labels. 

What sets us apart is our commitment to accessibility and sustainability. By offering small minimum orders and affordable prices, we make high quality custom woven labels available to everyone. Businesses of all sizes, aspiring designers and creative individuals are all welcome at Wunderlabel! Our woven sewing labels are made from 100% recycled materials and are free of harmful substances. Customizable with a logo or text, these labels not only decorate products, but also symbolize a commitment to eco-consciousness.

Types of Woven Labels by Wunderlabel

You will find customizable woven labels as well as pre-designed ones in the Wunderlabel Shop. Our personalized clothing tags can easily be configured online with your logo or artwork, text and laundry symbols. With many design options on offer - such as different sizes, fonts, symbols, colors and more - you can easily design custom clothing labels to match your brand or project.

  • Function: 

Our woven labels serve a multitude of functions, catering to diverse needs and preferences.

Woven labels with your logo are ideal for highlighting your brand as well as imparting information. The design is entirely up to you. Customizing labels with your name or a text, like size or instructions, is another great option. We also offer special custom care labels that can be personalized with a short text and up to 5 care symbols. 

A quick way of adding a decorative touch are our pre-designed woven labels with messages such as “Handmade” and “Made with Love”. And don’t forget to add a woven size label to clothing and accessories: You will find a large selection of ready-to-use custom clothing tags in the Wunderlabel shop.

  • Material: 

All our woven products are OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 Class 1 certified which means that they are devoid of harmful substances and safe for babies and toddlers as well. 

Not only that, Wunderlabel's woven labels made from 100% recycled yarn* are produced with Newlife™ yarn derived from post-consumer PET bottles making our labels the best choice for eco-friendly consumers. 

The production of our eco-friendly and sustainable woven labels uses professional machines to weave your design with a Jacquard weave technique. The resulting labels are durable, flexible and washable up to 194°F (90°C).

(*Melange, sparkling and imitation cotton yarn is not recycled)

  • Design:

When it comes to designing custom woven labels online, the possibilities are endless. Experiment with different fonts, colors, sizes and more.

Our array of special clothing label design options, such as folding variations, different textures, and sparkling yarn, allows you to create custom woven labels that truly stand out. 

And there are even more helpful options such as a taffeta border on the sides of the label to make them easier to sew onto fabric. The Pure Color option is great for labels with light backgrounds and a darker design: We weave an additional thread into the background color to stop the logo or text color from bleeding through.

  • Attachment Methods:

There are a few options for attaching made to order labels and tags: Choose which one suits your products, your tastes and your skill level best.

Our personalized sewing labels provide a traditional and secure attachment method, ideal for garments and textiles where durability is paramount. 

For those who are less skilled at sewing, iron-on woven labels are perfect. They have a hot melt adhesive on the back and can be applied with a common household iron or with a heat press. 

Some of our labels can also be ordered with laser cut mounting holes on the sides. These allow you to attach the labels with just a few stitches and even with a thicker knitting yarn or rivets.

How to Customize Your Labels

Our online design tool shows you all the available options and helps you design your custom woven labels. The main difference in the configuration of labels lies in whether you have your own artwork or logo to upload or whether you want to design them with just text and symbols. It couldn't be easier to order custom fabric labels: Follow the steps below, choose the number of labels that you need and proceed to checkout.

Woven Labels with Text & Symbol

LABEL: Choose the label size, the texture (smooth or textured) and between labels for sewing or ironing on. 

COLOR: Select a background color for your labels. Add the Pure Color option if you are worried about the text color “bleeding through” a light background color. 

TEXT: Enter up to 3 rows of text then choose a font and color. The text(s) you have entered can be moved and resized in the interactive preview. 

SYMBOL: Pick one of the symbols from our range. The symbols are sorted into categories to make matching them to your design easier. Adjust the position of the symbol in the interactive preview. (This step is optional.) 

FRAME: Add a frame to embellish your design. (This step is optional.) 

EXTRAS: Add laser-cut mounting holes to your design to make attaching your labels that much easier. This option is popular with knitters and crocheters. (This step is optio

The steps to create Woven Labels with Sparkling Text is exactly the same except you choose from sparkling silver, gold, blue and red for the text you’ve written. 

Woven Laundry Labels with Text & Laundry Symbols

COLOR: Select a background color for your labels. Add the Pure Color option if you are worried about the text color “bleeding through” a light background color. Choose between sew-on and iron-on labels.

TEXT: Enter 1 row of text then choose a font and color. 

EXTRAS: Add laser-cut mounting holes to your design to make attaching your labels that much easier. This option is popular with knitters and crocheters. (This step is optional.) 

SYMBOL: Pick up to 5 laundry symbols. These will automatically be placed underneath your text. 

(Please note that woven laundry labels are available in one size only - 2.36” x 0.59” (60 x 15 mm) - and that the preview for this product is not interactive.)

Woven Labels with Your logo

LABEL: Choose between a standard label or a folded label. There are many folding options to choose from. Your design can also be made into woven patches by selecting “Laser Cut - Any Shape”. Next, move the slider to customize the size of your labels. And finally, you have the option of adding a taffeta border at the top and bottom or left and right of your label.

UPLOAD: Upload your logo or artwork. Make sure to read through the information provided before doing so. The preview for woven logo labels is not interactive and your design cannot be changed within the configurator. 

COLOR: Let the Color Detection Tool choose the colors of your labels or select up to 6 colors manually. We display the Pantone color numbers to make it easier for our customers to find the correct colors for their designs. Add the Pure Color option if you are worried about the text color “bleeding through” a light background color. Choose between sew-on and iron-on labels.

MESSAGE: Write us a message with your design notes about your custom patches or labels.  (This step is optional.) 

Need some help?

If you get hung up along the way, no worries! Our friendly and helpful customer service team is here to help. Give us a call and we’ll be happy to walk you through the design process. Not a phone person? That’s okay too. Get in touch by sending an email or over live-chat.

How to Attach a Woven Label

Attaching woven labels to your products can be done through various methods, each offering its own advantages and considerations. Sew-on labels provide a versatile option, allowing you to attach them by hand or using a sewing machine. You can sew around the edges, on two sides, or just the corners to securely affix them to your fabric or item. Folded labels (“woven loop labels”) are typically sewn into garment seams or folded around hems before stitching. Alternatively, iron-on labels offer a fast and convenient application process. For added versatility, labels with laser-cut holes provide options for attachment using thread, yarn, or rivets, allowing for creative and customizable placement on your handmade creations. Choosing the right attachment method ensures your labels remain securely in place, adding a polished and personalized touch to your products.

We want to ensure you have all the resources you need for your creative endeavors. Have you checked out our recent blog post on "How to Attach a Woven Label"? It's packed with step-by-step instructions and handy tips to make sure your labels are applied perfectly every time. Whether you're a seasoned crafter or just starting out, this guide is a valuable resource.

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Applications of Woven Tags

Initially utilized by manufacturers for clothing and textiles in the 19th century to display care instructions, custom woven tags have since found their way into a myriad of products and industries (Read more about history of woven labels). The production of custom woven labels for clothing has evolved significantly over the years, with advancements in technology enabling finer detail, faster production times, and greater customization options. From traditional looms to computerized Jacquard machines, the process has become more precise, efficient, and versatile. Nowadays, it's the norm to use these fabric labels for handmade items, apparel and home furnishings alike, serving as markers of quality, brand identity, and essential information. 

Apparel Industry: Clothing, Accessories, Footwear

Woven labels - as well as printed labels - play a critical role in the apparel industry, spanning clothing items, accessories and footwear. They serve as a practical tool by providing sizing and care information, which is especially important to ensure that customers can properly care for and wear their items. Beyond functionality, custom garment labels contribute to the overall aesthetic appeal of fashion products. In an industry where style is paramount, high-quality labels can enhance the look of products, making them stand out in a highly competitive marketplace.
They are also a powerful marketing tool: When customers wear or use items with custom labels, they effectively become walking advertisements, contributing to brand visibility and recognition.

Textile Industry: Bedding, Towels, Upholstery

Combining style and durability, quality custom made woven labels in the textile industry not only promote brand recognition, but also ensure that essential information remains accessible, enhancing the overall quality and longevity of products. Bedding and towels, which are subjected to frequent washing and high temperatures, require labels that can withstand these conditions to ensure that essential care instructions remain legible over time. Similarly, upholstery, which is subject to significant wear and tear, requires durable labels that won’t fade or deteriorate.

Handmade Products: Crafts, Artisan Goods

Woven labels are indispensable for handmade products, such as artisan goods and crafts, where uniqueness and personalization are paramount. The labels serve as distinctive markers of craftsmanship, providing details about the handmade articles or including heartfelt messages like "handmade with love," which resonates with consumers seeking authentic and heartfelt products. Additionally, in a market saturated with mass-produced items, unique labels help handmade products stand out, reinforcing their authenticity and individuality. 

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Useful Tips for Your Creative Work

You can effectively integrate patches, tags and labels into your creative work, adding both aesthetic appeal and practical functionality to your products. Here are some useful tips for incorporating custom sewing labels into your creative work:

  • Brand Consistency: Design your custom labels to reflect the overall aesthetic and branding of your creative endeavors. Consistency in design helps to strengthen brand identity and recognition.

  • Clear Information: Utilize the space on your clothing label wisely by including essential information such as care instructions, material composition, and product origin. Clear and concise information enhances customer satisfaction and product longevity.

  • Creative Expression: Don't hesitate to get creative with your design. Incorporate unique elements, such as intricate patterns, vibrant colors, or personalized logos, to add an extra layer of creativity to your products.

  • Versatility: Personalized woven labels can serve various purposes beyond branding. Consider using them as decorative accents or personalized name tags to further enhance the appeal and utility of your creations.

  • Quality Matters: Invest in high-quality woven labels that are durable and washable at high temperatures. Quality labels not only withstand wear and tear but also exude professionalism, elevating the perceived value of your products.

  • Attention to Detail: Pay attention to the placement and attachment. Opt for secure stitching or iron-on options to ensure that your brand labels stay in place, maintaining a polished finish on your creations.If you are using sew-on labels try using a more decorative stitch or thread in a contrasting color to add interest.

We want to not only support our customers with labels but also help them with their creative work. Are you ready to take your creative work to the next level? We've compiled some useful tips that can help you. For example, do you know all the sewing techniques? Maybe you're interested in our 13 tips for sewing with wool to make your projects even better? For knitting enthusiasts, we also have many ideas. Do you, for instance, master the decrease stitches in a knitted hat? And don't forget to stay updated! Take a look at the latest statistics and trends in handicrafts to stay inspired and discover new ideas. The possibilities are endless - so let's bring your creative vision to life together!

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