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Clothing Labels

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Paper Tags

Online Creation

Ribbon & Wristbands

Online Creation

Label Type

Standard Label

Label Size

Select Height: " (15 mm)


None (Standard)

Upload your Logo or Artwork

Please read before uploading your file:

The following file formats are allowed: JPG, JPEG, TIFF and PDF

If you are uploading a JPG or JPEG file, please make sure that the resolution is set to 300 dpi

Make sure that your graphic will fit on the label size that you choose. For example, if you select a square label, make sure to upload a square graphic

Confirm that the colors you select in the COLORS step in the configurator corresponds with the colors in your design.

Please note that we cannot produce details like shadows and small granular details

Allow approx. 3/16” (4 mm) around the perimeter of your design to allow for sewing if you have not chosen a folded label or taffeta option.

Confirm that the size of the text in your design is at least 1/16” (2 mm) high.

Label Color

Number of Threads / Colors

Choose Colors

Label Color

Logo Color

Pure Color

Pure Colour:
The Pure Color option means that an additional layer of thread is woven into the label background color. This extra thread strengthens the background color so that the text thread color does not "bleed" through the background..

Sew On / Iron On

Design Notes

Please note any important information or details regarding your label design including yarn colors.



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Woven Labels

Woven Labels - Text & Symbol

Woven Labels - Text & Symbol

Woven Labels - Sparkling Text & Symbol

Woven Labels - Sparkling Text & Symbol

Printed Labels

Printed Labels - Text & Symbol

Printed Labels  - Text & Symbol

Logo Labels

Woven Labels - with your Logo

Woven Labels - with your Logo

Printed Labels - with your Logo

Printed Labels - with your Logo

Laundry Labels

Woven Laundry Labels

Woven Laundry Labels

Printed Combination Laundry Labels

Printed Combination Laundry Labels

Printed Laundry Labels

Printed Laundry Labels

Hang Tags

Hang Tags - Text & Symbol

Hang Tags - Text & Symbol

Logo Hang Tags

Hang Tags - with your Logo

Hang Tags - with your Logo


Stickers - Text & Symbol

Stickers - Text & Symbol

Logo Stickers

Stickers - with your Logo

Stickers - with your Logo


Printed Ribbon - Text & Symbol

Printed Ribbon - Text & Symbol

Woven Wristbands

Wristbands - Text & Symbol

Wristbands - Text & Symbol

Standard Label

End Folding left + right

End Folding top + bottom

Center Fold

Manhattan Fold

Book Cover Fold

Hanger Loop Standard

Hanger Loop Reverse

Hanger Loop Even

Please note:

  If you choose the standard label option, please leave 3/16” (4 mm) on each side of the label design for sewing.

  If you choose the taffeta option, 1/4” (6-7 mm) of taffeta fabric will be added to each side of your label for sewing.

None (Standard)

With Taffeta Left, Right ca. 1/4” (6-7 mm)

With Taffeta Top, Bottom ca. 1/4” (6-7 mm)

Please note:

  If you choose a label without taffeta, please leave a space of 3/16” (4mm) on each side of the label design for sewing.

  If you choose a label with taffeta, 1/4” (6-7 mm) of extra material will be added to each side of your label design for sewing

  If you are unable to choose the Taffeta option in this step, it means that the label type chosen cannot accommodate the Taffeta edging. Label type can be changed in the FOLDED LABEL OPTIONS section under LABEL in the configurator.

Taffeta Example:

Example 1. Woven label without taffeta Example 2. Woven label without taffeta Example 3. Woven label without taffeta

Choose Color Category


Base Colors













Category: Green

Oeko-Text Confidence in Textiles Standard 100 Wunderlabel

Configure your: Woven Labels - with your Logo


19/32 " (15 mm)

Width: 2 3/8 " (60 mm)


100 Pieces (Unit Price $0.710)



Standard USPS ($4.99)


Estimated Delivery
Saturday, Dec 29


Estimated Delivery
Wednesday, Dec 26


excl. Sales Tax. and excl. Shipping

Configuration incomplete

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Woven Labels - with your Logo

- 100 Pieces for $68.00

OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certified and made with a minimum of 50% recycled yarn.
Fully Customized Woven Labels: Choose Size, Colors, Layout, and Upload Your Design/Logo. Your Style, Your Label!


Product Photos from our community


Woven label with logo




Our woven labels are made of 100% damask woven polyester which means they are colorfast and machine washable in all temperatures. The label edges will not fray due to our hand cutting method using heat. Our woven labels are durable but soft against the skin and retain their shape even after many washings. Optional taffeta trim is also available.

We're thinking green! That's why all of our woven labels are made with a minimum of 50% recycled yarn.

The materials used to make our woven labels are OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certified. The OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 is an independent testing and certification system for textile raw materials. The materials used by Wunderlabel to make our woven labels have been proven to be free of any substances which might be harmful to people's health.

Melange Color Option

Our two-tone melange labels have a slight shimmer finish and are comfortable against the skin. Each color option has a soft heathered effect which lightly glistens.


Can be safely washed in all temperatures (iron-on labels washable up to 90° F.) and tumble dried.


  • Material Composition: 100% Polyester
    OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 Certified
    50% recycled yarns
  • Brand: Wunderlabel
  • Size: Customizable
  • Washable: All temperatures
  • Edges: Soft
  • Cutting: Hotcut
  • Fraying: No Fraying
  • Weave Technique: Jacquard Looms


Customized woven labels are a great way to showcase your individuality and brand identity using your own logo. We have helped thousands of customers in creating professional, high quality fabric woven labels featuring their own unique designs. Upload your logo using our online configuration tool to create a label that stands out from the crowd. Our logo woven labels can feature up to 6 Pantone colors for a detailed and sharp look. Options like folded edges and taffeta trim can bring your garment labels to the next level of design and comfort. Our high-quality weaving process creates your newly designed woven label from scratch. These woven labels can be sewn on by hand or by using a sewing machine and also have an iron-on option.


Our woven labels are made with professional weaving machines using the finest materials. However, if you are not satisfied with your final product, we are happy to make it right. We will work with you to create a new product or give you a 100% refund of the purchase price. Terms and conditions apply.

We reward our Customers with active Discounts

  • 2% Discount when you order 2 items
  • 3% Discount when you order 3 items
  • 4% Discount when you order 4 items
  • 5% Discount when you order 5 items



Q & A

Q & A

More Info

The finishing touch for your creation

Have you just finished your work on a garment for someone special and want to add a special detail to it which lets the recipient know you like them? Self-made things, be it a jersey, a scarf, a knit cap or even a bag are the latest fad. It is very thoughtful to give them to people you really like and care about. After time and dedication on your gift, it is only right to add a finishing touch to it. Be it in form of a message, a logo or a name tag, at you can find it all.
We have name tags for clothes, labels for clothing and a lot more that helps you to have your own personalized clothing.

Order your unique labels for clothing

With our woven labels you won’t only benefit from the excellent material quality and unique color styles, since they also have a lot of other advantages. You can wash them cold, warm and hot, no matter what happens, they will stay strong and durable for a long time. If you add our name tags for clothes to your self-made garment, you can be sure it won’t get lost and even your children will know what belongs to them, because you were working with our extraordinary products.
As our labels for clothing are made from polyester they don’t need much care, are colorfast and will keep their form. You won’t even notice them when you wear your personalized clothing!

Lots of possibilities

Your personalized clothing will look awesome with the help of our labels. They will make your garment something special and unique and you can be sure to have your individual item worldwide! At you can choose from #NUMBEROFSYMBOLS# symbols, #NUMBEROFFONTS# wonderful fonts and #WOVENSTANDARDCOLORS# beautiful colors which will turn your creation into a piece of art. Or add one of our extraordinary name tags for clothes to your garment and make sure that no one will ever mistake it for their own! Furthermore you can design the logo to your liking, as you want it to be for your product! Just have a look at our beautiful selection of our labels for clothing and order whatever makes you happy and makes your creation unique.

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