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Cotton is a soft and fluffy fiber which grows on a shrub as a seed pod called a boll. Inside these bolls are puffs of cotton and seeds. The shrub is native to tropical and subtropical regions of the world including North, Central and South America, Africa, Egypt and India. 

The cotton fiber is harvested from the plant, separated from the seeds, cleaned and spun into thread or yarn which is used to make textiles. Cotton textiles are durable, soft and breathable and very popular due to being a natural material. 

The use of cotton can be traced back to the fifth millennium BC and ancient fabric remnants were found in Peru which date back to 4200 BC. While it is known that cotton was being used long ago, the invention of the modern day cotton gin, a machine which separates cotton fibers from the seeds, made cotton available to a wider market.  

Characteristics of Cotton

  • It’s a natural material and is very durable.
  • Items made from cotton are comfortable and soft.
  • Cotton is very absorbent.
  • Fabric made of cotton is breathable.
  • Cotton fabric is machine washable.
  • Cotton is static free.
  • Cotton fabric is a renewable resource and biodegradable.

What type of cotton labels are available at Wunderlabel?

Our cotton labels are made with 100% cotton using a plain flat weave. The labels have 2 finished woven edges and are blade cut. Since cotton is a natural material, the cut edges of the label will fray. Therefore, we recommend folding the cut sides of the label in before sewing.

At Wunderlabel, our natural beige cotton labels are often designed as clothing and laundry labels. They are available as logo labels but can also be designed using our online design tool.

Products available in 100% Cotton:

Can be safely washed up to 30°C.

Premium Clothing Labels
Printed Cotton Labels