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Metki bawełniane

Metki bawełniane

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Najwyższa jakość

Najwyższa jakość

Opcje w 100% z recyklingu i odwzorowanie kolorów HD

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Najlepsza jakość

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Szybka wysyłka

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Metki bawełniane z tekstem i symbolem

Nasze metki bawełniane premium są wykonane w 100% z bawełny. Profesjonalny druk fleksograficzny zapewnia jasne kolory i ostry nadruk, który nie blaknie nawet w czasie prania w wysokich temperaturach. Zaprojektuj swoje spersonalizowane etykiety w naszym konfiguratorze i nadaj swoim produktom wysokiej jakości wykończenie!


  • Dostępne w 9 rozmiarach: 60/70/80 mm x 15/20/30 mm
  • Ekologiczna bawełna (100%)
  • Można prać w pralce do 30°C i można bezpiecznie suszyć w suszarce
  • 10 różnych kolorów nadruku do wyboru
Etykiety bawełniane

Materiałowe metki drukowane PRO

Materiałowe metki drukowane PRO od Wunderlabel można dostosować za pomocą własnej grafiki lub logo. Dostępne z jedwabiście satynowego poliestru lub 100% naturalnej bawełny, wszywki te są profesjonalnie drukowane metodą druku fleksograficznego. Rezultatem są żywe kolory i ostre szczegóły. Profesjonalna jakość i precyzyjny nadruk sprawiają, że są one ulubieńcami klientów.


  • Rozmiar: 10, 15, 20, 30, 40 mm  x  w odstępach między 30-200 mm
  • Dostępne w 100% z bawełny, tyvek lub satynowego poliestru
  • Precyzyjny i żywy nadruk przy użyciu atramentu z certyfikatem ECO Passport by OEKO-TEX®.
  • Profesjonalna metoda druku fleksograficznego
  • Prześlij własne logo lub projekt

How can I create my own cotton labels?

Creating your own 100% cotton labels is easy! Our online design tool will walk you through each step of the design process. Choose the size of your labels, the color of the print and add up to 3 lines of text using your favorite font. You can also embellish your design by using up to 4 symbols. The process is simple, fun and the design possibilities are endless.

Ordering cotton labels can be done by following these simple steps. From the main menu choose Printed Cotton Labels with Text and Symbol. This will take you to the online design tool page.

- In the LABEL tab, choose the size of your cotton label. There are 9 different sizes to choose from.

- Next is the COLOR tab. The cotton label printing is done using the Flexographic print method using vibrant colors. Choose your color in this step.

- The TEXT tab is where you will add your own personalized text. You can have up to 3 rows of text which can be edited directly on the label display. Choose your font, change the size and drag your text to the proper position using the tools on the label display.

- Choose your favorite framing option if you’d like in the next FRAME tab.

- The last step in the cotton clothing label design process is the SYMBOL tab. Choose up to 4 symbols to embellish your design. Position them using the tools on the label display to create the perfect design.

- Finally just choose the quantity and shipment method for your order and add to your cart. From there you can follow the check-out process. It’s as easy as that!

What can cotton labels be used for?

100% cotton labels are soft, flexible and earth friendly which makes them ideal for labeling all types of clothing, activewear, bags of all kinds, stuffed animals and home textiles, just to name a few. They can be washed in hot water (up to 194°C) so they are the right choice for reusable face masks as well. These beautiful natural beige labels are also extremely popular as cotton care labels. The fact is, cotton labels are a truly versatile labeling option. They can be customized for any labelling need.

Order quantity for these valuable labels starts at as little as 100 pieces which means that small batch orders are no problem. Available in 9 different size options, cotton clothing labels are easily customized, making them a customer favorite.

Are cotton labels from Wunderlabel sustainable?

Yes they are! Cotton itself is an earth friendly, sustainable, renewable and biodegradable resource. For this very reason, cotton labels custom are an exceptional choice as an environmentally friendly labeling option. 
As if that wasn’t enough, our cotton labels custom are printed using an environmentally friendly water-based ink. This water-based ink is certified to be free of harmful substances and has the ECO PASSPORT by OEKO-TEX® certification and complies with Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX® Product Class I.
 The labels are printed using the Flexographic Print Method. Rubber print plates (or templates) are created for each individual design which is ordered. The cotton label material is run through a system of cylinders and the ink is transferred to the label. This method ensures vivid colors and precise printing that does not fade or transfer. 

What are the care instructions for cotton labels?

Our cotton labels for clothing are the definition of easy care. There is a good reason why cotton is so widely used: it is one of the most resilient materials around in spite of being soft and flexible.
Wash them and tumble dry them over and over again: the labels won’t lose shape and the print doesn’t bleed or fade. 
Perfect for any items that need to be washed at a high temperature, like protective masks, as they can be safely laundered up to 30°C!

The Advantages of Wunderlabel Cotton Labels

Wunderlabel 100% cotton labels are made using only the finest materials because we care about the earth and the people on it. You can count on us to deliver when it comes to quality and customer service. 

- Our in-house production facility means your labels are made on demand and pass a rigorous quality control.

- Cotton labels are eco friendly and printed with water-based ink which has the Eco Passport by OEKO-TEX®.

- Small and large orders are welcome. Orders start at only 100 pieces.

- Cotton labels are robust, tear resistant, can be washed in hot water (up to 194°C) and can be tumble dried.

- Professional Flexographic printing method means vivid colors and precise designs.

- Natural cotton material makes them ideal as a cotton care label.

Our cotton clothing labels pair well with other branding materials such as custom stickers and hang tags. Check out our laundry labels to get ideas on how to create the perfect cotton care label design.

Choose the Best Wunderlabel for Your Needs

Wunderlabel offers more than just cotton labels for clothing! You can find many alternatives in our online shop in a range of sizes and materials with an array of additional options to ensure that all your needs are met.
Instead of printed cotton name labels you might consider a smooth printed satin label with an elegant sheen, also available with your own logo or artwork
Or take things to the next level with our incredibly popular personalised woven labels: these high quality 100% polyester tags are woven to your exact specifications and individually heat cut to avoid any fraying. Best of all, they are made from at least 90% recycled materials! 
All our products, including hang tags, ribbon and plastic swipe cards as well, are made in our very own Wunderlabel factory to the highest standards. Because we produce everything ourselves we can fully guarantee the quality of our products and ensure fair working conditions. 
If you would like to know more about our vision and how we have chosen to run our business, have a look at the dedicated “About Us” page.