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leather labels

Leather Labels

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The Wunderlabel Difference

Premium Quality

Premium Quality

100% Genuine Leather, WunderPap and PU Leather

Best Value

Best Value

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Fast Shipping

Fast Shipping

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Genuine Leather Labels

Our Genuine Leather Labels are made of 100% genuine leather. Your design can be personalized with your choice of text and a symbol which is then engraved and cut to your exact specifications using laser technology. We offer a bold range of colors which can create a feeling of refined elegance or rustic toughness.


  • Available in 3 sizes: 2.36" x 0.59” (60 x 15 mm), 2.36" x 0.79" (60 x 20 mm) or 2.36” x 1.18” (60 x 30 mm)
  • Made with 100% real leather
  • Labels are individually laser cut and holes for attaching are offered as an option
  • Genuine Leather Labels are not washable
  • Text colors range from light brown to black depending on the base color of the label
Leather Labels

Faux Leather Labels

Our Faux Leather Labels are made out of PU and have an authentic leather feel. Each personalized design is engraved onto the label using laser technology. Faux leather labels come in 6 different colors to create the perfect look. Optional holes can also be laser cut into the corners to make attaching the labels easier.


  • Size: Available in 3 sizes: 2.36” x 0.59” (60 x 15 mm), 2.36” x 0.79” (60 x 20 mm) or 2.36” x 1.18” (60 x 30 mm)
  • Made with PU
  • Labels are individually laser cut and have flexible edges
  • Can be safely washed up to 86°F (30°C)
  • Text colors range from light brown to black depending on the base color of the label material

WunderPap Leather Labels

This WunderPap Leather Labels are laser engraved. WunderPap is a washable paper material which has a leather-like appearance. It is often used for labeling jeans and other garments and handbags. It ages as it wears and is durable even after many washings.


  • Available in 3 sizes: 2.36” x 0.59” (60 x 15 mm), 2.36” x 0.79” (60 x 20 mm) or 2.36” x 1.18” (60 x 30 mm)
  • Made out of a durable washable paper
  • Labels are individually cut and have flexible edges
  • An array of bold and vibrant colors available
  • Can be safely washed up to 140°F (60°C) 
  • Real leather look
Leather Labels

Video: Premium Leather Labels

Make a statement with leather labels

How can leather labels help promote my business?

Labels in general are a great marketing tool. Leather labels in particular lend a very professional look to your products. They also suit a wide range of styles from elegant and chic to casual or rustic. Our custom leather clothing labels can be used for garments, accessories and home goods and are particularly popular with knitters and crocheters.

Don’t think just because you have a small business that you can’t order custom leather labels. Our small minimum order quantities and online design tool make it easier than ever for anyone to order.

Each one of our embossed leather labels are made to your exact specifications using the finest of materials. Each and every label is laser engraved and cut, goes through quality control and is guaranteed professional quality.

Not sure how to make leather labels? Don’t worry! Our online design tool will take you through each step to help you create your best leather label design.

What are my leather label options

The Wunderlabel Custom Leather Labels Product Range: Our assortment is vast! From leather labels to faux leather labels to WunderPap labels, we have something for everyone. Check out all the options available to you:

  • Leather: These labels are made from 100% cowhide (aside from the color orange which is goat hide). The leather surface is natural and has a matte sheen.
  • Faux Leather: Faux Leather Labels are made of PU leather which is durable and flexible. It has the look and feel of real leather. This category is available in 3 different finishes: Leather Texture, Wood Look and Smooth Finish.
  • WunderPap: WunderPap is a washable paper material which has a leather-like appearance. It is often used to look like leather labels for jeans.
  • WunderPap Metallic - COMING SOON!  WunderPap Metallic labels have the same look and properties as our regular WunderPap product except they have a shiny metallic surface which is available in bold colors.

How can I create my own design?

Starting the design process is super simple. Leather labels can be found under CLOTHING LABELS in the main menu.

The configurator has 5 steps to follow:

LABEL: Choose between different label sizes.

Choose your material and label color in this step.

TEXT: Enter up to 4 rows of text (depending on your label size selection), select your font and adjust the text size and alignment.

FRAME: Embellish your design if you choose to with an optional frame.

EXTRAS: In this step, you can choose to have holes to assist with attaching your labels. 2 or 4 holes are possible.

SYMBOL: This fifth and final step is where you choose which symbol you’d like to add to your custom design. We have hundreds to choose from!

Under the label preview, you will choose the quantity needed and the method of shipment. You are ready to check out!

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How can I pay for my Leather Labels Order??

Once you’re finished with designing your labels, we will need your payment and shipment details. If you are already a registered customer, then you can log in with your email address and password. If you don’t already have an account with us, you can create an account with us quickly and easily. Having an account with us means that you can access the details of previous orders which makes re-ordering a breeze. The next step is to choose your preferred payment method. Please note that we will only start with the production of your items once the payment is verified.

We accept the following payment options:

  • Credit Card (American Express, Visa, MasterCard)
  • PayPal

The Wunderlabel Custom Labels Product Range

Combine custom leather labels with other branding projects to create the branding story you want to tell. Wunderlabel offers customizable products for all types of budgets and for companies large and small. Check out all we have to offer such as:

Fabric Clothing Labels
Custom Stickers
Personalized Hang Tags
Iron On Labels
Size Labels

…..and much more!

Not sure where to start? Get in touch with our friendly and knowledgeable customer service team. We’re happy to help!

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