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Custom Printed Labels

Custom Printed Labels

Custom Printed Labels are labels that are designed according to the specific requirements or preferences of the customer and embellished through various printing methods. They serve to provide useful information about the product to the consumer while also representing the brand and relaying instructions from the manufacturer. These fabric printed labels are often made from satin, cotton or polyester, depending on the customer's individual needs.

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Premium Quality

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Best Value

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Fast Shipping

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Printed Satin and Imitation Labels Color

These printed satin and imitation cotton labels are so popular because of all the options available to create your perfect design. Add text, embellish with a symbol or upload your own logo - it’s simple with the online design tool. In addition to vibrant colors and background patterns, you can even generate and add a QR Code. The digital print on these labels is crisp and bright and won’t fade in the wash. Silky 100% satin polyester lends a luxurious feel while imitation cotton labels have the durability of 100% polyester and the organic look and feel of cotton.


  • Size:    Height: 0.4” (10 mm), 0.6” (15mm), 0.8” (20 mm), 1.18” (30 mm), 1.57” (40 mm). 
  • Width: 2.36” (60 mm) , 2.75” (70 mm) , 3.15” (80 mm)
  • Print: Digital Print
  • 100% satin polyester or imitation cotton labels
  • Upload your logo or generate a QR Code
  • Create a design using text and colorful symbols
  • Edit your design using our interactive preview
  • Cut using a heated method so labels will not fray
Printed Labels

Cotton Labels Text & Symbol

Our premium cotton labels are made of 100% cotton. The professional flexographic printing ensures bright colors and a sharp print that does not fade even at high washing temperatures. Design your personalized labels in our configurator and give your products a high quality finish!


  • Available in 9 different sizes: 2.36”/2.76”/3.15” x .59”/.79/.1.18”  (60/70/80 mm x 15/20/30 mm)
  • Eco-friendly cotton (100%)
  • Machine washable in hot water (up to 86°F / 30°C) and tumble dryer safe
  • 10 different print colors for you to choose from

Printed Iron on name labels

Printed Iron on name labels, also sometimes referred to as iron on name tags, are the perfect option for labeling garments, jackets, hats & mittens - all things for children at daycare or school. Moms love them because they can be designed with a symbol which can be recognized by younger children as well.


  • 2 SIZES: 1.8” x .5” (46 x 12 mm) and 2” x 0.8” (50 x 20 mm)
  • Easy to apply with an iron and they stay in place once attached
  • Add up to 2 rows of text. Text is available in black, red or blue
  • Choose from hundreds of symbols to embellish your label design
  • Machine wash cold (up to 86°F / 30°C)
Printed Labels

Printed Logo Labels

Our economically priced Printed Logo Labels are recommended for designs with a lot of intricate details. Our online configurator will walk you step by step to choose your lablel size and upload your logo or artwork. Your logo is then digitally printed which results in a silky smooth and durable finish. These labels look and feel very luxurious. 


  • Size: Length 3" x Width 0.6", 0.8" or 1.2" (74 x 15, 20 or 30 mm)
  • Available in 100% recycled polyester satin or Tyvek
  • Washable in all temperatures
  • Labels are individually cut and will not fray
  • Can be sewn in by hand or with a sewing machine

Printed Labels with Text & Symbol

These affordable Printed Labels with Text & Symbol come in 3 different sizes and can be ordered in 100% polyester satin or Tyvek. Custom Printed Labels with Text & Symbol have a smooth, durable finish and can be safely washed in all temperatures. Creating a design is easy using our online design tool which will walk you through each step of the process.


  • Size: Length 3" x Width 0.6", 0.8" or 1.2" (74  x 15, 20 or 30 mm)
  • Available in 100% recycled polyester satin or Tyvek
  • Washable in all temperatures
  • Labels are individually cut and will not fray
  • Can be sewn in by hand or with a sewing machine

Video: New Printed Labels

What types of custom printed labels are available?

Custom printed labels at Wunderlabel are offered in a diverse range of materials and styles. Each custom clothing label is customizable according to your design concept and created from scratch. These custom clothing labels are available with your text and a symbol or with your own logo. Material choices are, 100% Satin Polyester, Recycled Satin Polyester, 100% Cotton, Recycled Tyvek and Iron-On PU.

- Satin Polyester labels are silky against the skin and have soft and flexible edges. A recycled polyester option is also available.

- 100% Cotton labels are a great choice for earth friendly labels. Made from 100% cotton, these labels are environmentally friendly and biodegradable.

- Tyvek labels are robust, tear resistant and waterproof. All of our Tyvek labels are made with recycled material.

- Iron-On PU school labels are a breeze to apply and are made to stay put. Great for labelling school clothes, jackets and bags.

What are the benefits of custom printed labels?

The benefits of custom printed labels printing can be enjoyed by everyone. Large and small companies alike utilize their branding power. Parents and children benefit from labeling clothing and jackets so that they never get lost again, and hobbyists enjoy the ease of creating the perfect label for their handmade items. Custom clothing labels can be used for an array of uses and are easy to design and order.

How can I order custom printed labels?

Printed Labels with Text & Symbol
➜ Available in 6 sizes: 
2.4” x 0.6” (60x15mm), 2.4” x .08” (60x20mm), 2.4” x 1.2” (60x30mm)
2.9” x 0.6” (74x15mm), 2.9” x 0.8” (74x20mm), 2.9” x 1.2” (74x30mm)
➜ Material: 100% Satin Polyester, Recycled Satin Polyester or Recycled Tyvek
➜ Input your own text, choose your font, text size and color
➜ Optional frames available
➜ Embellish with a symbol of your choice

Printed Labels with your Logo
➜ Available in 3 sizes: 
2.4” x 0.6” (60x15mm), 2.4” x .08” (60x20mm), 2.4” x 1.2” (60x30mm)
➜ Material: 100% Satin Polyester
➜ Upload your own logo or artwork

Printed Cotton Labels with Text & Symbol
➜ Available in 9 sizes: 
2.4” x 0.6” (60x15mm), 2.4” x .08” (60x20mm), 2.4” x 1.2” (60x30mm)
2.76” x 0.6” (70x15mm), 2.76” x 0.8” (70x20mm), 2.76” x 1.2” (70x30mm)
3.15” x 0.6” (80x15mm), 3.15” 0.8” (80x20), 3.15 x 1.2” (80x30mm)
➜ Material: 100% Cotton
➜ Input your own text, choose your font, text size and color
➜ Optional frames available
➜ Embellish with a symbol of your choice

PRO Printed Fabric Labels
➜ Sizes Available: 
10, 15, 20, 30, 40 mm x Ranging in increments from 30 to 200 mm
➜ Material: 100% Satin Polyester or 100% Cotton
➜ Upload your own logo or artwork
➜ Printed using the Flexographic print method

Printed Iron-On School Labels
➜ Available in 2 sizes: 
1.8” x 0.47” (46x12mm), 1.97” x 0.79” (50x20mm)
➜ Material: PU
➜ Input your own text, choose your font, text size and color
➜ Embellish with a symbol of your choice

When ordering your custom labels, make sure your text is written exactly as you want it along with the correct color and font. Confirm the correct custom label type along with the correct logo file is being uploaded.

Bring your custom clothing labels to life by playing around with your online design configurator. The colorful display will show your custom labels design as you build it.

If you need help along the way, our dedicated customer service team is here to help.

Where can I make custom printed labels?

Custom printed labels can be made to your exact specifications at Wunderlabel. Use our online design tool to create the perfect custom labels by choosing your own text, colors, font and symbols, or upload your own logo or design. Simply follow each step in our online design tool and wait for your order to be delivered to your doorstep.

Creating your own custom printed labels at Wunderlabel is simple and fast!

Whether you’re adding a professional tough to your home based business or buying for bulk manufactured products, creating your very own custom printed labels has never been easier. Add your own personal touch to your design for a look that’s all your own. You can even create more than one design from scratch or upload your own logo. The possibilities are endless.

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