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Business Cards

Business Cards

Customer Testimonials

The Wunderlabel Difference

Premium Quality

Premium Quality

Printed on certified 300 gsm plain or kraft paper

Best Value

Best Value

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Fast Shipping

Fast Shipping

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Printed Business Cards

Wunderlabel business cards are printed on 300 gsm glossy paper which means they are professional quality with a sturdy feel. Customise your business cards to your exact specifications by using our step-by-step online business card configurator. Add text, choose vibrant colours and embellish with symbols to create the perfect design for your business. There are also options to upload your own logo or artwork and even generate and insert a QR Code. Perfect your design by using our interactive business card preview. 


  • Size: 85 x 54 mm
  • Choose between 300gsm paper, recycled paper and kraft paper
  • Insert your logo or create a QR-Code for your custom design
  • Optional matte lamination coating available
  • Print: Digital Print
  • Perfect your design using the interactive design preview
Business cards

Wunderlabel Business Cards

You might think that business cards are a thing of the past: An old-fashioned and obsolete marketing strategy that has been replaced by the new technology at our disposal. But business cards give a special personal touch. Compare it to receiving a pretty postcard or a letter on quality paper. It’s just not the same as an email or text message, is it? 
And business cards aren’t just for CEOs and large brands. Anyone can add this highly effective tool to their marketing arsenal, from businesses large and small to budding designers and any online sellers.
Wunderlabel allows you to design business cards that will make your brand stand out. Read on to find out just how easy and affordable it is!

Print Business Cards: Your Options

Wunderlabel offers a wide range of design options to print business cards. Use the online configurator to guide you through the process and make your cards as unique as your products. From sleek and elegant to fun and colourful: anything is possible! You can enter a text online and add up to three of the many symbols we offer, or simply upload your logo or artwork. You even have the option of generating a QR code with our handy design tool.
Business cards don’t have to be boring so go for one of our colourful backgrounds or choose a variety of colours for your text and symbols. 
Our interactive preview allows you to move, rotate and change the position and size of each individual element until you are 100% happy with the result.
Your design can be printed onto sturdy standard white paper, recycled white paper (40% recycled) or kraft paper using a digital printing process for crisp lines and vivid colours. The optional matte laminate coating will enhance the look and feel of your business cards even further and is a great choice for the professional market.

Make Your Own Business Cards Online

With the Wunderlabel online configurator you can make your own business cards in just a few easy steps. See how it’s done in the overview below.  

- Material: Start by choosing the material and whether you want your cards printed on one or both sides; You can also add the matte coating option in this step.
- Colour / Pattern: Make your custom business cards more interesting with a colourful background or opt for a standard background colour to keep things simple.
- Text: Type your text in the fields provided and choose a font and colour; Feel free to skip this step if you are planning on uploading a file.
- Symbol: Add up to three symbols from our range if you wish to embellish your cards.
- QR Code: You can create a QR code by entering your URL or uploading a file. The online design tool will automatically generate the code for you.
- Logo / Artwork: Here is where you can upload a logo, artwork or picture. Please make sure that you follow the advice contained in this step regarding resolution and formats.

Are custom business cards still relevant?

Even in the digital age business cards can still make an impact. First of all, some people are simply still old-school and expect business cards or “calling cards” to be handed out after a meeting and see it as a sign of professionalism. But even those used to accessing information online appreciate the thoughtful and personal touch that a business card represents. 
Introducing yourself with a good quality card and eye-catching well thought out design will inspire confidence in prospective customers. 
And on a practical level, a card is still a quick and convenient way of exchanging information, and an actual physical reminder of an encounter. Use custom business cards as a supplement to other forms of marketing for maximum impact.

Who makes business cards?

Business cards are available at most printers and are manufactured by branding specialists. Wunderlabel allows you to create business cards online with a user-friendly interactive tool. Low minimum order quantities, high quality materials, professional manufacturing processes and affordable prices make our business cards ideal for individuals and businesses alike. Best of all, you can design other personalised products to match your cards: Choose from hang tags, stickers, labels and more!

What business cards stand out?

Custom business cards should reflect the image of your brand so they can be elegant, fun or even quirky. What is important is that they exude quality and are well designed. There is no need to include every piece of contact information but do make sure that the content feels unique and personal. It’s all about creating a lasting first impression. 

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