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leather labels

Leather Labels

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The Wunderlabel Difference

Premium Quality

Premium Quality

100% Genuine Leather, WunderPap and PU Leather

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Best Value

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Genuine Leather Labels

Our Leather Labels are made of 100% genuine leather. Your design can be personalised with your choice of text and a symbol which is then laser engraved and cut to your exact specifications using laser technology. We offer a bold range of colours which can create a feeling of refined elegance or rustic toughness.


  • Size: Available in 3 sizes: 60 x 15 mm, 60 x 20 mm or 60 x 30 mm
  • Made with 100% real leather
  • Labels are individually laser cut and holes for attaching are offered as an option
  • Genuine Leather Labels are not washable
  • Text colours range from light brown to black depending on the base colour of the label
Leather Labels

Faux Leather Labels

Our Faux Leather Labels are made out of PU and have an authentic leather feel. Each personalised design is engraved onto the label using laser technology. Faux leather labels come in 6 different colours to create the perfect look. Optional holes can also be laser cut into the corners to make attaching the labels easier.


  • Size: Available in 3 sizes:60 x 15 mm, 60 x 20 mm or 60 x 30 mm
  • Made of PU and non woven material
  • Labels are individually laser cut and have flexible edges
  • Can be safely washed up to 30°C
  • Text colours range from light brown to black depending on the base colour of the label material

WunderPap Leather Labels

These WunderPap Leather Labels are laser engraved. WunderPap is a washable paper material which has a leather-like appearance. It is often used for labeling jeans and other garments and handbags. It ages as it wears and is durable even after many washings.


  • Size: Available in 3 sizes: 60 x 15 mm, 60 x 20 mm or 60 x 30 mm
  • Made out of a durable washable paper
  • Labels are individually cut and have flexible edges
  • An array of bold and vibrant colours available
  • Can be safely washed up to 60°C 
  • Real leather look
Leather Labels

Video: Premium Leather Labels

What do perfect leather labels look like?

Leather labels can evoke a sense of ultimate elegance or a rustic charm. You can choose colours, fonts, symbols and text to create a label that looks and feels like your brand! Choose from genuine leather, PU synthetic leather or WunderPap (washable paper - up to 60°C). All are engraved using the latest laser technology. The result is a leather label that stands out from the crowd.

As an option, you can have holes punched in the corners of our leather labels to make them easier to sew onto the product. In addition, leather labels can be attached using leather rivets and screws, which is a very popular method of attachment, especially for crochet and knitwear.

Another popular method of attaching our leather labels is to fold them in half and attach them to the garment. Let us help you design your own perfect leather label!

How can leather labels boost your business?

You may have considered having custom leather labels laser engraved. Wunderlabel offers high quality at a reasonable price. The investment is well worth it. We want to assure you that leather labels and other personalised products are excellent marketing tools for brand presentation.

Leather labels not only enhance your products and make them stand out, but also give your creations a unique aesthetic. Just like personalised packaging, leather labels with a custom logo can promote your business.

By using leather labels, you engage in an active dialogue with potential customers to convince them of the benefits of your brand. When designing the labels, it's a good idea to incorporate themes or messages that evoke emotion and attract attention. After all, buying decisions are often driven by emotion. This is easily achieved with custom leather labels, which you can create and order online using our design tool.

Sew-on leather labels are suitable for garments, accessories and textiles. They are thin, flexible and can even be folded (e.g. around the hem of a garment).
The variety of design options allows you to tailor the label perfectly to your brand.

Can I order leather labels even if I'm an individual?

Everyone is welcome at Wunderlabel! Our aim from the beginning has been to provide products not only to big companies in large quantities, but also to small businesses, freelancers and craftspeople who need smaller quantities.

Many of our customers are DIY enthusiasts who sew, knit and crochet for friends and family and want to personalise their creations with a message or name. Leather labels that say "Handmade" or "Made with Love" show the recipient that the item has been made with care.
The perforated option is particularly popular with our talented hobbyists as it makes it easier to attach labels to knitted and crocheted items, even with thicker yarn.

Unlike logo leather labels, this option is suitable for people with no design experience. You don't need your own design or a custom file to upload! Simply enter your text online in the configurator and choose your preferred options (font, background colour, etc.).

However, if you have a logo, you can upload it to the configurator to order logo leather labels.

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High-quality leather labels for your creations

Leather is known for being a luxurious and high quality material that enhances any piece. Wunderlabel's laser engraved leather labels are versatile and add a professional and sophisticated touch to your creations.

Our high quality leather labels are available in both genuine leather and synthetic leather in a variety of natural colours: soft browns, burgundy, forest green or perhaps a warm autumnal orange? There's something for everyone.

For knitting and crocheting enthusiasts, we also offer the option of ordering these labels with two or four holes, making them much easier to attach with yarn. This means you don't have to buy any extra accessories. Our leather labels can also be attached with a sewing machine, metal Chicago screws, leather rivets or snap fasteners.

Best of all, you can fully personalise these labels. We offer a wide range of fonts, symbols, font sizes and the option to upload a logo. There's something for everyone!

Our highlight is the premium faux leather labels that will impress even the most demanding customers.

As you can see, with so many options, the design possibilities are almost endless!

Our latest product - a beautiful alternative to leather labels: WunderPap labels, a paper-like, washable material that develops an interesting leather look through washing and wearing. It looks great with any DIY garment and is washable in warm water up to 140°F (60°C). This material is particularly popular for jeans, as the leather look goes well with denim. But even chunky knit hats, gloves and scarves look much more upmarket and sophisticated with a leather label.

You can let your creativity run wild and use these labels on the inside, on the outside, horizontally or vertically on your creations. There's no right or wrong way. They even look great folded over a cuff, for example on a hat, cap or bag. Handbags in particular are often decorated with them. A smooth black faux leather label, for example, instantly enhances the look of a simple handbag.

Why should you buy leather labels?

Genuine leather is often preferred because it is a natural material that is biodegradable and has a unique texture. We make our sew-on leather labels from 100% cowhide (or goatskin for the orange labels), which is smooth and even. You can also choose leather look labels made from synthetic leather or WunderPap (washable paper - up to 60°C). The faux leather labels are thin, soft and flexible.

Our leather labels are not embossed. Instead, they are engraved using the latest laser technology and then individually laser-cut into the shape of your choice. Durable and tear-resistant, our faux leather labels are also easy to care for: they can be washed up to 30°C.

WunderPap and faux leather labels are ideal for sewing and knitting as they do not bleed when washed. Use the online configurator to design and purchase leather labels at affordable prices.

How do you design your own leather label?

With the online configurator, you can create the perfect leather labels in minutes.
First, choose the size, material and colour you want. Next, think about what you want to write on your labels. As your text, logo and symbol will be laser engraved, the colour of the design and text will be determined by the background colour you choose. You can see the colour in the preview. You can then add a symbol, logo, QR code, frame and punch holes.

Here's how to design your own leather labels:

1. Label: Choose from different sizes and materials.
2. Text: Write up to three lines of text in a choice of fonts.
3. Symbol: Select a matching symbol.
4. Upload: Upload your image or logo. Note that the logo can only be laser engraved as a silhouette.
5. QR Code: Create a QR code with text or URL.
6. Frame: In this step you can add an optional frame.
7. Extras: Leather labels can be perforated on each side for easy mounting. High quality Chicago Screws & Leather Rivets are also available in this section.

You can now add the leather labels to your basket and proceed to checkout.

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Faux Leather Labels at Wunderlabel

Faux leather is all the rage! Not only does it look high quality and elegant, but it also contains no animal components. Wunderlabel's faux leather labels are the perfect choice for anyone who wants to work with vegan products and still add a touch of sophistication. You can create your own faux leather labels using our online design tool. Not only can you write any text in a beautiful font, but you can also choose and customise a symbol or logo. Some of our most popular symbols include hearts, stars and various handmade motifs.

The Wunderlabel configurator makes it intuitive to design your imitation leather labels.

Premium faux leather labels come closest to the look of real leather labels because their texture is modelled on real leather labels.

All DIY faux leather labels are made from PU leather and non-woven material. They are durable and have the feel of real leather. They are also washable up to 30°C and available in a range of sizes. The high quality PU (polyurethane) artificial leather is cut using innovative laser technology, making the edges soft and flexible and preventing fraying.

As an alternative to handmade faux leather labels, Wunderlabel also offers real leather labels. These are not machine washable, but they do have a beautiful leather look. Our WunderPap, on the other hand, only develops its interesting leather look after several washes. This label can even be washed at up to 60°C without fear of damage.

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