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The Wunderlabel Difference

Premium Quality

Premium Quality

OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certified

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Best Value

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Fast Shipping

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Printed Event Wristbands

Our printed event wristbands are soft against the skin, durable and look great! They are very popular for concerts, festivals and charity events. Sponsors and organisers love them because they are virtually impossible to counterfeit. Customise your design with an array of event wristband colours, text and cool symbols!


  • Size: Adult: 340 x 10 mm and Child: 255 x 10 mm
  • Made with 100% satin polyester
  • Optional self locking slide closures are available
  • Individually cut and will not fray
  • Vibrant colours and fun symbols to choose from

Event Woven Wristbands

Our event woven wristbands are a favorite with sponsors and organisers because of our ability to weave intricate designs - making them impossible to counterfeit. The edges are soft and flexible which make the woven wristbands comfortable to wear. Taffete ends make them easy to use with our optional locking slide closures.


  • Size: Adult: 340 x 15 mm and Child: 255 x 15 mm
  • OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certified
  • Made with 100% recycled material
  • 100% Damask woven polyester
  • Fully personalisable with your choice of text and 1 symbol
  • Washable up to 90°C

Event Wristbands - Make Your Party Exclusive!

Event wristbands - or admission bracelets - are best known for being used by event planners and larger venues, typically for concerts and festivals. They serve to manage admissions and can be used instead of traditional tickets and invitations to quickly identify authorised guests.
Custom event wristbands are increasingly also being ordered for destination weddings, graduation parties and fundraisers. Even schools have begun using them on field trips and outings. One of their most popular and inspiring applications is as “awareness bracelets” (similar to awareness ribbons), to show support for a special cause or charity. 
Say no to gatecrashers or show your support for a worthy cause: order your event bracelets / wristbands online now!


A wristband serves to show that entry has been paid for and indicates how long your guest is allowed to stay at the venue. But it is also a souvenir of a memorable event that should last for as long as possible. Wristbands can even constitute a statement in certain communities and amongst particular fan groups that proclaims their sense of belonging. Wearing the wristband is seen as a unique identifier and is kept on the wrist long after the party has ended. That is why we make sure that our wristbands are tough and durable and able to withstand daily wear and tear such as handwashing and showering.

Our wristbands can not only be used for festivals and concerts but also for other occasions like children’s parties, school events, weddings and dance recitals.
Wunderlabel stands out from the crowd due to their premium quality and great finish. Designing your own wristbands at Wunderlabel is quick and easy: simply use the online design tool to create a unique product by adding your name and the date of your party, for example.

Designing your own wristbands online at Wunderlabel saves time and means that you can get the product at a much cheaper price than with other manufacturers.

Where to Buy Event Wristbands?

Wunderlabel has two different products for you to choose from: the premium woven wristbands or the incredibly affordable printed wristbands.
Perfect for one evening, a weekend or even a whole week! Take control by creating a unique event wristband and keeping unwanted guests out. 

Our plastic closures slide onto the wristband so there is no need for a special tool to fasten them: just thread the two ends through the opening and you are ready to go. The self locking closure will secure the bracelet until it’s ready to be taken off. This ensures that the wristbands are non transferable. Please note that they will need to be cut off!
Get your event wristbands now and get your party started!

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How Do You Make Event Wristbands Online?

All you have to do is enter your text in the online configurator, choose your colours and add a matching symbol. Self-locking plastic closures in a choice of 4 different colours can also be added to your order. 
It only takes 5 quick steps to design woven or printed event wristbands online at!

Size: The length of woven wristbands is 340 x 15 mm for adults and 255 x 15 mm for children; the printed wristbands are available in an adult size as well, 340 x 10 mm and child size 255 x 10 mm.

Colour: Select the background colour. There are 27 colours to choose from for the woven wristbands, and for the printed ones you have the full spectrum of CMYK colours at your disposal.

Text: Enter 1 or 2 lines of text in a font and colour from our vast range.

Symbol: Pick one of our fun symbols to further enhance your design (optional)

Extras: Add plastic closures to secure the wristbands; available in white, black, blue and red (optional)

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What Are Event Wristbands Made of?

Wunderlabel event entry wristbands are made of high quality and durable polyester. The woven wristbands are made of at least 90% recycled materials and are OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certified: kind to your skin and kind to the planet! If you are on a budget then the cheaper custom printed event wristbands are for you: the soft and flexible satin polyester is long lasting but also comfortable on the skin.
Both are individually cut with heat to stop the material from fraying and to make the edges smooth. 
Our wristbands are made to last so you can keep wearing them even after the party is over to remind you of a great night out or to continue showing your support for a good cause. 
Don’t forget to get self locking plastic slide closures when you order your wristbands from Wunderlabel!


Why Buy from Wunderlabel?

We are experts in personalised products! Wunderlabel has been around since 2004 and we have been steadily growing ever since.
A lot of effort has been put into making sure that our website is fun and easy to use so that our customers can design and order event wristbands, gift ribbon, stickers, labels and much more in a matter of minutes. 
We want everyone to be able to buy our products which is why we offer low minimum order quantities and competitive prices. Volume pricing and quantity discounts mean considerable savings for our customers as well. 
Place your order and pay securely by credit card, PayPal or bank transfer (IBAN). We aim to produce and ship your items as quickly as possible!
Should you have any questions, our dedicated customer support team is there to help. 
For further inspiration and helpful tips, check out our picture gallery, our blog or Instagram. 

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