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Swing Tags

Swing Tags

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Swing Tags with Text & Symbol

Our swing tags are professionally printed on 300gsm paper couche and are available in many sizes and shapes. Each swing tag is individually cut and includes a punched hole for hanging with an optional cord or ribbon. Designing perfect swing tags is easy using our online configurator. Choose from an array of colours, fonts and symbols to pair with your own text and you’re on your way!


  • Different sizes: 97 x 36 mm, round 51mm, 58 x 36mm, 50 x 50mm, 80 x 36mm..
  • Available in different shapes
  • Printable on the front and back
  • Professional matte coating option available
  • Optional cords and ribbons
  • Professionally printed on sturdy 300gsm paper
Hang Tags

Swing Tags with Logo

Logo swing tags really are the perfect way to promote your brand identity. Simply upload your logo or artwork using our online design tool. The amount of information which can be shared on these custom swing tags is endless. Each swing tag is hand cut and includes a punched hole for hanging.


  • Different sizes & shapes
  • 1-Sided Print, duplicate print on front and back or different print on front and back
  • Optional cords and ribbon available for hanging
  • Glossy or matte finish
  • Printed on substantial 300gsm paper

Swing Tags with QR Code

The same high quality classic swing tags which include a QR code instead of a symbol. Use a QR code to give customers instant access to an array of information such as product details, website URL or instructions.


  • Different sizes & shapes
  • 1-Sided print or duplicate print on front and back
  • Optional cords and ribbon available for hanging
  • Glossy or matte finish
  • Printed on sturdy 300 gsm paper

What are Swing Tags used for?

Most items being sold in a retail setting include a swing tag. They are used for branding, marketing and relaying information to potential customers. Information such as a logo, sizing, product information, pricing, a mission statement and social media platforms are examples of what can be displayed. They can also be designed to be used as personalized gift tags.

- Clothing tags have a lot to do with brand recognition and help customers remember your products. Design your own and set yourself apart from your competitors!

Custom swing tags can also be used as gift tags. Many of our customers have created customised gift tags to accompany gift wrap, floral arrangements and even goodie bags. They can easily be personalised with a picture or a message like “Happy Birthday” or “Merry Christmas”. We also stock pre-designed swing tags for certain holidays to make ordering even easier.

Where can I buy swing tags?

Wunderlabel swing tags are affordable, easy to design and ship fast. We have 2 types to choose from. Swing Tags with Text & Symbol can be designed using your own text and a selection of colours, font and a symbol. Our Logo Swing Tags are completely customisable using your own logo or artwork which can be uploaded using our online design tool.

- Give your products a professional edge by customising the perfect design at Wunderlabel. 

Video: Designing Hang Tags

Which Swing Tags Can You Make at Wunderlabel?

Create a unique swing tag, either with a text and matching symbol or your own logo at are several fun shapes to choose from and your design will be printed on high quality paper (standard or kraft). Cords and ribbons for hanging are also available!
Our swing tags come with a punched hole so that they are ready to use. Get creative with your choice of swing tag string: choose natural materials like twine or yarn for a more rustic look, or go for a more lighthearted and fun vibe with colourful curling ribbon. 
The Wunderlabel rayon cords come with a snap lock fastener and are ideal for clothing swing tags: the cords will stay securely attached until the tag has served its purpose and is cut off. Our delicate satin ribbons - in white or black - give a more elegant finish. You can tie a knot to secure them or attach them to your product with a small safety pin. 
But if you have a large number of swing tags and time is of the essence then we would definitely recommend using a tagging gun to secure the swing label with small plastic swift tacks!

How to Make Swing Tags with Our Online Configurator?

Our online design tool will help you create the swing-tags of your dreams in just a few steps. Choose from an array of shapes, colours, patterns, fonts and symbols, or upload your own design. We cater to DIY enthusiasts and businesses alike: quantities range from 10 to 10000 to make it possible for anyone to get unique swing tags labels!

Here is how it’s done: 

Select the shape, paper (standard, recycled, kraft), print (one or double sided) and surface (matte or glossy) for your swing tags.

a) For Logo Swing Tags

  • Upload your logo

b) For Swing Tags with Text & Symbol

  • Choose a background colour or pattern
  • Enter your text in your desired colour(s) and font(s)
  • Select a symbol (optional)
  • Adjust the size and positioning of your text and symbol

Add cords or ribbons for hanging (optional)

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Tips for Your Swing Tag Design

There are no rules to what you can have printed on your swing tag. But remember that they will be displayed prominently on your item and will create a strong first impression, whether good or bad. The best advice we can give you is to keep it simple! Don’t overwhelm the recipient with too much information. Also, create an appealing design that conveys a message that matches your brand or creative vision. 

Here are some ideas of what to include, especially if the seing tags are meant to promote your business.


- Display your name, the name of your brand or your logo / artwork. 

- Tell people more about your product: General information, like, what is it made of, where does it come from, how should it be cared for? 

- Include contact details so that people can reach out to you with questions or place another order. 

- Add your slogan, or even a message. Addressing your customer directly with a funny, heartfelt or cute message will make them feel more connected to you, your brand and what you are selling. And more likely to come back for more!

- If it makes sense for the running of your business, then add a barcode on the swing tags to help you keep track of what you are selling. 

- Consider using a QR code: They are a great way of providing more information, as well as engaging the customer and linking to online platforms.

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Upgrade your gift wrapping with personalised swing tags

Design the perfect swing tag for your brand. Simple or sophisticated, you can't go wrong with swing tags. Swing tags are easy to design, affordable and total show stoppers! Design your own swing tags for branding, gift giving or special retail packaging.

Buying Personalised Products from Wunderlabel

Not only do we offer custom printed swing tags (with string), you will also find other personalised products in our online shop that can be perfectly matched to your new swing tags. 
Wunderlabel’s mission is to offer affordable high quality branding products to everyone. You don’t need to be a big company to shop with us: we purposely offer low minimum order quantities to include crafters, hobbyists and all manner of other wonderful creative persons.
We pride ourselves on the excellent products and service that we offer. Rest assured that we will be there for you every step of the way. And in the unlikely event that you are not happy with your purchase, we will work with you to find a solution!

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