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By Terra on 03/27/2017

Customer Spotlight: Velvet California

Customer Spotlight: Velvet California

This month’s Customer Spotlight: Velvet California is radiating style!  Katy, the force behind Velvet California made it her mission to design a clothing line which not only gave that coastal boho vibe but was comfortable and practical too.  We wholeheartedly believe her mission was accomplished.  Creating fun clothing isn’t the only thing on Katy’s mind though, all of Velvet California’s designs are sustainably sourced, fair trade or a one-of-a-kind design which was made in California.  Her designs are unique and feminine and we couldn’t be happier to be Velvet California’s label provider!

Customer Spotlight: Velvet California

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Tell us about Velvet California.

I love to shop.  However, I'm the kind of girl who always finds almost what I'm looking for, but not know, the one who wants to add a patch here, cut off a hem there, and generally make things more interesting!  I started Velvet California after having two kids and realizing that what I wear has to be not only unique and fun, but also wearable for someone on the go.  I love vintage clothing, but it's often not very practical for someone who is chasing around toddlers at the grocery store!  

The line started around a kimono and a t shirt.  I have always been obsessed with kimonos, finding them at thrift stores and vintage shops and wearing them with my shirts and jeans or over dresses.  Kimonos and vintage t-shirts to me are the best finds at flea markets or anywhere I'm shopping, so my original vision for the line started with a more wearable Japanese inspired kimono and a shirt that looks like you could have found it in your grandparents attic.  

Velvet California is really designed to be the kind of clothes that you can make a statement in, but also be your "go-to" pieces that are comfortable and make you feel beautiful when you wear them.  They are inspired largely by the clothing of the 1960's and 70's, with a definite "California vibe" to them.  All of my pieces are made locally on the Central Coast of California by really cool people, which makes it even more fun!

Customer Spotlight: Velvet California

What keeps you inspired to create?

Meeting women, hearing their stories, and seeing their style.  When I see what wearing a good outfit does to someone's demeanor, it makes me so happy. I love clothing with a story...and to get to be part of someone's story is a huge honor to me!  To me, clothing is art, but art that goes with us everywhere we go and becomes part of the memories we create and the moments we treasure.  That inspires me to make pieces that are part of great moments in women's lives.  

Customer Spotlight: Velvet California

What does labeling your handmade items do for your business?

Labeling is a very important detail to me.  While I want my pieces to feel unique and have that "small batch" kind of feel to them, I also wanted a label that is beautiful and special.  To me, the label is what tells me what the quality of an item is.  I can tell right away if something has been well made or is mass produced by the label that is used.  I saw Wunderlabel on Instagram on another product, and instantly I knew that it was exactly the right fit for my brand.  Even though I'm just starting out, I've already gotten a huge response from women complimenting the quality and look of my label!

Customer Spotlight: Velvet California

Check out Velvet California’s gorgeous website to learn more about the line - you won’t be sorry you did. For some serious boho eye candy check out her Instagram and Facebook accounts.

Thanks for sharing Katy!

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