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By Annabelle Short on 07/25/2016

The Top 10 UK Crafting Blogs

The Top 10 UK Crafting Blogs

Whether looking for easy-to-make (and clean up) kids crafts, such as pompoms and finger puppets, to elaborate quilt patterns and everything in between, the internet allows us to effortlessly find beautiful blogs loaded with informative tutorials, how-to's, and photo journals.However, with the wide world of crafting sitting at your fingertips, it is easy to get overwhelmed. Not to worry! Whether you are just beginning to follow your creative calling or have been crafting since you could hold a paint brush, you'll want to start with the top ten blogs in the UK that we selected below. Many of the crafters we feature do not limit themselves to just one medium, although you will find that many have an area of expertise that they enjoy sharing with readers the most.

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Don't hesitate to let us know in the comments who your favorite UK craft blogger is!

1. Heart Handmade

Heart Handmade offers a refreshing look at adult crafting. From a blog on handwriting improvement to printable "adult" coloring books, you will find all the inspiration you need to start creating something whimsical and wonderful in your own life. Blogger, Claire, offers a wide variety of tutorials that will spark your childlike imagination but fulfill your polished grown up taste.

2. Emma Varnam

Emma Varnam seems to have knit her life together perfectly. You can follow her adventures in knitting on her blog, Emma Varnam. There you will find photos of Emma knitting by the sea and tutorials on knitting pompoms for your handbag or stuffed bears for your smallest family members. Emma also offers readers free patterns for your keyring, kitchen, and other eye catching pieces for your home.

3. Bugs and Fishes

Author and online entrepreneur, Laura "Lupin" Howard, shares a multitude of tools on her website, Bug and Fishes. Her favorite medium? Felt! Filled with colorful and cute images of Laura's designs, there is plenty of eye candy and free resources for you to use your hands and craft your heart out. You will be awestruck by Laura's innovative designs that will leave you thinking, "Why didn't I think of that?"

4. Domestic Goddesque

Kelly Innes is Domestic Goddesque, a mother, wife, animal wrangler and blogger (amongst other things). As far as crafting goes, the bulk of Kelly's energies are focused on her children's crafts, though you will find tutorials on a multitude of handmade gifts such as: mini-pin boards, body scrubs, and a home-warming wreath. Catch a glimpse of her country style and good eats on Domestic Goddesque.

5. Crafts on Sea

Crafts on Sea offers "crafts for kids" and "crafts for grown-ups". Kate's clearly labeled site makes it easy to navigate through all the crafts and activities that Crafts on Sea has to offer. Crafts for kids are organized by seasons, holidays and activities while crafts for grown-ups are organized by adult coloring pages, felt finger puppets and DIY teacup craft ideas. Crafts on Sea is the perfect rainy day destination brimming with crafts for adults and children alike.

6. Red Ted Art

Red Ted Art's claim to fame are their "cute & easy crafts" for kids. Inspired by her own two children, Maggie offers everything from origami to wood art to dragon costumes. Armed with paint, brushes, glue, tape, googly eyes and plain paper you can create virtually anything blogger, Maggie, has to offer. In addition, Red Ted Art offers 101 tutorials filled with step by step instructions and informative photos for her adult readers. Be sure to check out her lovely video channel as well!

7. Capture by Lucy

Capture by Lucy is a stunning blog filled to the brim with visual stories and rich content. Blogger and photographer, Lucy Heath, gives you a peak into her elegant life in the South West country side of England. You will not be short on inspiration as you navigate your way through Capture by Lucy and find recipes, craft and party ideas, as well as beautifully crafted posts on the Heath family adventures.

8. Crafts from the Cwtch

Do you love all things yarn knitting and crocheting? If so, Crafts from the Cwtch (rhymes with "butch") should be your go-to craft blog, where author Sarah offers readers tutorials and free knitting patterns. Perhaps the most intriguing piece of Crafts from the Cwtch are Sarah's "Crochet-Alongs", which are multi-week projects that offer participants a new pattern and instructional video every week to create the final project.

9. Claireabellemakes

Clairebellemakes is an aesthetically pleasing craft blog offering all things handmade for your home. Claire, behind Clairebellemakes, runs her own e-commerce store and provides readers with how-to's including brilliantly displayed photo examples of her work. If you need a refreshing bit of inspiration for your home or office, Clairebellemakes is the place to go. When she's not crafting or behind the screen blogging you can find Claire at various craft markets across the UK.

10. The Purple Pumpkin

Created in 2011, The Purple Pumpkin is a well-established blog filled to the brim with interesting and valuable content. If you love holidays and themes as much as blogger, Michelle, you will be ecstatic to find that nearly all of Michelle's crafts are theme or holiday based and include images of her colorful crafts. Suggested by the name, Michelle enjoys all things October, you are sure to find her Crafty October posts keeping you busy with Autumn and Halloween inspired crafts all month long.

There are thousands upon thousands of crafting blogs to choose from. We hope you've enjoyed looking at Wunderlabel's favorites. Happy crafting!

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