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Handmade Labels
Handmade Labels

Handmade Labels

- 100% Polyester
- High Quality
- Washable hot
- Different sizes & colors

100% recycled yarn
OEKO-TEX® Standard 100
100% customizable
superior quality

superior quality

highly individual

highly individual

lightning fast

lightning fast

in-house production

in-house production

super low quantities

super low quantities


Creating a label which says ‘Handmade’ or ‘Made for you’ is a great way to add a special touch to your handmade items. We make it easy to design the perfect handmade labels for your work. Wunderlabel offers many different materials, styles and sizes of labels for all types of applications.

How can I personalize my handmade labels?

Creating your very own handmade tags or handmade labels is easy because of our online design tool. Use your own text, a symbol and combination of colors to design a handmade label which is uniquely your own. ‘Handmade with Love’ or ‘Handmade by Grandma’ are just a few examples of popular handmade label text.

A few tips which can help you with your design:
1. Choose colors which compliment your brand and/or handmade items. 
2. When choosing symbols for your handmade labels, keep your overall look in mind and make sure the symbol fits with that theme.
3. Not all label materials are a good fit for all designs. Choose a material which fits the material or look of your handmade items. Example: a satin polyester label is perfect for pajamas and a Tyvek label would be great on a hiking backpack. Leather labels look amazing on knitted hats and handbags while custom woven logo labels are easily designed as handmade quilt labels.
4. Iron-on handmade labels can only be washed on a cool setting, so they wouldn’t be great on items which need to be washed in hot water.

What kinds of handmade labels are available?

Woven Labels for Handmade Tags
Our online design tool makes it super easy to create ‘handmade’ labels. Using a label with ‘Made for you’ or ‘Made with Love by Grandma’ adds a special touch. We offer many different options, materials and styles.

- Our Woven Labels with Text and Symbol can be designed by using your own unique text and a symbol along with your choice of color combinations. They are even      available with sparkling text to add a little glamour to your handmade labels. They are made with 100% recycled polyester and are OEKO-TEX® Standard 100     certified. That means they are certified to be free from any substances which may be harmful to your health. 

Custom Printed Labels
Our custom printed clothing labels can be designed using many different sizes, materials and embellishments Check our our printed label range:

- We offer a full range of printed labels which can be used for handmade labels. Printed Labels with Text and Symbol come in silky satin polyester or Tyvek, a robust  paperlike material which is tear resistant and waterproof.

Printed Satin Labels Color can be designed using satin polyester or imitation cotton labels. Insert your own text, symbols, upload your own artwork or picture and even create and display a QR code. These labels can be printed using many colors and a lot of detail.

Cotton Labels with Text and Symbol are made with 100% cotton and can be designed with your own text and a symbol. Use our interactive design preview to edit your design until it is perfect. Cotton labels can add an earth friendly feel to your handmade labels.

Iron-on School Labels are durable PU labels which can be applied with an iron. Insert your text, a symbol and choose between red, black or blue print. It couldn’t be easier to create a handmade label using these handy iron-on labels.

Logo Labels
If you’re interested in using your own logo or custom design for handmade labels for sewing, our logo labels are for you. Simply upload your own logo or artwork using our online design tool. It really is that simple. 

- Logo labels are available as Woven Labels which are 100% recycled polyester, OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certified and come in a variety of flat or folded labels. Simply upload your logo or artwork using our online design tool. 

PRO Printed Fabric Labels come in satin polyester or 100% cotton. They are fully customizable in size and come with 1 print color. They can even be printed on both sides. These are a great way to add care instructions, a handmade message and even sizing or material content too.

Printed Labels with your Logo are printed on satin polyester and come in 3 sizes. They are great for logos with fine details. These soft and silky labels make great handmade labels.

Laundry Labels
Wunderlabel laundry labels, sometimes referred to as care labels, can be designed to be a combination of handmade gift tags and laundry instructions. We offer them in different sizes and materials so we know there is something which is perfect for you.

Printed Combination Laundry Labels come in satin polyester or recycled Tyvek, a robust paperlike material which is tear resistant and waterproof.  We also offer 100% recycled satin polyester labels. These labels make great handmade labels because you can include up to 10 lines of text plus 5 laundry symbols. That makes it easy to include a ‘handmade label’ message such as ‘Made with love by Mom’ or ‘Handmade by Grandma’.

PRO Printed Fabric Labels are a great way to add your logo, create a special message and include laundering instructions. They are available in satin polyester or 100% cotton and look amazing.

Printed Laundry Labels are a simple label with 1 line of text and laundry symbols. They are printed on satin polyester and make adorable ‘handmade label’ tags.

Leather Labels

Leather labels for handmade by labels are a customer favorite. They can look elegant, robust, rustic or refined. It all depends on how the label is designed. These leather labels look amazing on just about anything from clothing, bags, hats and even home items.

Leather Labels with Text and Symbol are available in 100% real leather, faux leather or WunderPap, a washable paper material which has the look and feel of leather. Choose different textures and colors to create the look you want. These leather labels make gorgeous handmade gift tags or even handmade quilt labels.

Handmade leather labels

"Handmade" labels in leather with your text

Design your leather handmade labels with the easy-to-use online configurator!  

Design now

What advantages come with ordering handmade labels at Wunderlabel?

Creating handmade label at Wunderlabel means that you are getting professional quality labels which are available in low quantities. Designing your own label is fun and easy when using our online design tool which will walk you through each step of the design process. Text, fonts, colors and materials are all up to you. Each label is made from scratch in-house and shipped to you quickly. Don’t forget, we offer quantity discounts! The more you order, the more you save.

Once the design process of your handmade labels is complete you can move on to choose your method of shipment. From there, you can proceed to check-out. We offer many payment options including major credit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay and PayPal.

Add a special touch to your handmade items by creating your very own handmade label with Wunderlabel today!

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