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Which country do we ship for?




We'll get your items out the door fast and let you know when they're on their way.


Please use the chart below to access shipping fees for USPS and UPS (rush order) delivery. Delivery date estimates are given directly on the configuration page for each individual product.

Rush OrderStandard USPS
USA $24.95 $2.50
Canada $24.95 $2.50
Mexico $24.95 -
Brazil $24.95 -
Argentina $24.95 -
Chile $24.95 -
Singapore $24.95 -
India $24.95 -
Taiwan $24.95 -
South Korea $24.95 -
Philippines $24.95 -
Nigeria $24.95 -
Thailand $24.95 -
Vietnam - $2.50


Not sure which website to order from? Find your country in the chart below and use the link to direct you to the correct website. If you don’t see your country on the list, get in touch with our customer service team and they can direct you.

Andorra Please visit https://wunderlabel.eu
Angola Please visit https://wunderlabel.co.za
Australia Please visit https://labelsandribbon.com.au
Austria Please visit https://wunderlabel.de
Belgium Please visit https://wunderlabel.nl
Botswana Please visit https://wunderlabel.co.za
Bulgaria Please visit https://wunderlabel.eu
Canary Islands Please visit https://wunderlabel.es
Croatia Please visit https://wunderlabel.eu
Cyprus Please visit https://wunderlabel.eu
Czech Republic Please visit https://wunderlabel.eu
Denmark Please visit https://wunderlabel.se
Egypt Please visit https://wunderlabel.eu
Estonia Please visit https://wunderlabel.eu
Finland Please visit https://wunderlabel.se
France Please visit https://wunderlabel.fr
French Polynesia Please visit https://wunderlabel.fr
Germany Please visit https://wunderlabel.de
Greece Please visit https://wunderlabel.eu
Guadeloupe Please visit https://wunderlabel.fr
Guernsey Please visit https://wunderlabel.co.uk
Guyana Please visit https://wunderlabel.fr
Hungary Please visit https://wunderlabel.eu
Iceland Please visit https://wunderlabel.se
Ireland Please visit https://wunderlabel.eu
Italy Please visit https://etichettanome.it
Japan Please visit https://wunderlabel.jp
Jersey Please visit https://wunderlabel.co.uk
Kenya Please visit https://wunderlabel.eu
Latvia Please visit https://wunderlabel.eu
Lithuania Please visit https://wunderlabel.eu
Luxembourg Please visit https://wunderlabel.nl
Malta Please visit https://wunderlabel.eu
Martinique Please visit https://wunderlabel.fr
Mauritius Please visit https://wunderlabel.fr
Mayotte Please visit https://wunderlabel.fr
Mozambique Please visit https://wunderlabel.co.za
Namibia Please visit https://wunderlabel.co.za
New Caledonia Please visit https://wunderlabel.fr
New Zealand Please visit https://labelsandribbon.com.au
Norway Please visit https://wunderlabel.se
Poland Please visit https://wunderlabel.eu
Portugal Please visit https://wunderlabel.es
Romania Please visit https://wunderlabel.de
Réunion Please visit https://wunderlabel.fr
Saint-Martin Please visit https://wunderlabel.fr
Saint-Pierre and Miquelon Please visit https://wunderlabel.fr
San Marino Please visit https://etichettanome.it
Slovakia Please visit https://wunderlabel.eu
Slovenia Please visit https://wunderlabel.eu
South Africa Please visit https://wunderlabel.co.za
Spain Please visit https://wunderlabel.es
St. Barthelemy Please visit https://wunderlabel.fr
Sweden Please visit https://wunderlabel.se
Switzerland Please visit https://wunderlabel.de
Tanzania Please visit https://wunderlabel.co.za
The Netherlands Please visit https://wunderlabel.nl
United Kingdom Please visit https://wunderlabel.co.uk
Wallis and Futuna Please visit https://wunderlabel.fr
Zambia Please visit https://wunderlabel.co.za
Zimbabwe Please visit https://wunderlabel.co.za
Åland Islands Please visit https://wunderlabel.se

Custom Made with Fast Delivery

Standard Shipping

All of our standard shipment orders are shipped via First Class Mail with the United States Postal Service.

Please add 5-8 business days to the delivery time estimate for standard shipments going to Canada.

Standard shipments can be delivered to a P.O. Box. 

The estimated delivery date can be found on the individual product pages. 

Express Shipping

All of our express shipment orders are shipped via UPS Express.

Express delivery can take an estimated 2-7 days off the standard production/delivery option.

Express shipments cannot be delivered to a P.O. Box. A physical address and contact telephone number is required. A signature will be required upon delivery.


Production times can vary. For accurate production and delivery estimates, please visit the configuration page of each individual product.

Express orders are prioritized and are produced and shipped directly from our production facility.