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Laundry Labels

Laundry Labels

Laundry Labels, also known as care labels, are small labels that are sewn into clothing or other textile products and contain information on how to properly care for the item. These labels provide instructions and washing symbols for washing, drying, ironing and other care instructions. In addition to washing instructions, manufacturers also include information about the material and country of origin of the product on the laundry labels.


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Premium Quality

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Printed Combination Laundry Labels

Printed Combination Laundry Labels are the perfect combination of form and function. Choose up to 5 laundry symbols and 10 lines of text which can include information such as textile content, instructions, counrty of origin and/or brand name. Our online design tool will take you step by step to create the perfect laundry label with care instructions for your brand.


  • Size: 1.2" x 2.8" (30 x 70 mm)
  • Available in polyester satin and Tyvek
  • Washable up to 140°F / 60°C
  • 100% recycled options available
  • Quantities start at 25 pieces
 Laundry Labels

Small Printed Laundry Labels

Choose up to 5 laundry symbols and a line of text to create clear and concise small laundry label. Our easy to use design tool will take you step by step through the design process to create the perfect washing instructions.


  • Size: 2.9" x 0.6" (74 x 15 mm)
  • Available in polyester satin and Tyvek
  • Washable in all temperatures
  • 100% recycled options available
  • Quantities start at 25 pieces

Woven Laundry Labels

Woven Laundry Labels are an easy and professional way to add fabric content and care instructions to your garments. Select up to 5 laundry symbols and a line of text in addition to your choice of background and text color. Our Woven Laundry Labels are also available with an iron on option.


  • Size: 2.4" x 0.6" (60 x 15 mm) - to customize the size see Woven Logo Labels
  • Labels are made using a Damask weave so they are soft, flexible and very durable.
  • OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 Certified and made with 100% recycled yarn
  • Labels are individually cut and will not fray.
  • Can be safely washed in all temperatures
 Laundry Labels

Custom Laundry Labels for Your Quality Clothing

Wunderlabel offers a wide selection of laundry labels in the USA, also known as care labels, in various designs. They provide important care instructions / care information from the manufacturer. These printed or woven textile labels can be found on garments and other textiles. The laundry symbols on the care labels help you determine how to care for your items.

The advantages of laundry labels for clothing:
- Cleaning labels with laundry symbols ensure that garments are cared for properly to maintain their longevity.
- They help prevent damage from improper cleaning or drying.
- They provide a simple guide to help consumers understand how to care for their clothes.
- Labels with wash symbols assist in selecting cleaning and drying methods based on material requirements.
- They contribute to the sustainable use of clothing through proper care practices.

Information on Laundry Labels

Laundry labels - which fall under labels for clothing - are an important part of garment care, especially for delicate garments such as cashmere, wool or fabrics like silk that require gentle handling (wring carefully). 
They are an essential part of keeping your clothes looking their best and provide important information on how to properly care for your garments to maintain their shape, color and quality. 
Follow the instructions on the laundry symbols. This will help prevent damage such as shrinkage, fading or stretching of the fabric, and keep your favorite items looking like new for years to come. From the right temperature to how to wash and dry the item, laundry labels give you the instructions you need to keep your clothes looking their best.
A laundry label displays the company name and five care symbols in the order specified by the Textile Fiber Products Identification Act. Optional are size information, country origin, material composition, company address and contact details.

What Do the Care Symbols on a Laundry Label Mean?

The care instructions consist of five laundry symbols. Each symbol refers to a different care process: washing, bleaching, drying, ironing, dry cleaning.
The washing symbols on the care label are practical and compact washing instructions. They show the temperatures to which the product can be washed without problems. Failure to follow these instructions may result in shrinkage, loss of shape, fading or even destruction of the garment.

Never put handwash only items in the washing machine. Spinning can damage the delicate fibers. Water that is too hot can shrink things like wool jackets. Almost all washing machines control buttons display the same or very similar care symbols to those on the labels. 

Washing: This wash symbol is in the shape of a bowl of water and indicates that the laundry is machine washable. The number on the wash symbol indicates the water temperature. If hands are shown instead of a temperature, the fabric is not machine washable.
Bleaching: “Bleaching” is represented by a triangle.  Only use chlorine or other bleaching agents if the triangle is empty.
Drying: The washing symbol for “drying” is a square and contains all information about the drying process. 
Ironing: This symbol is in the shape of an iron. It indicates at what temperature garments may be ironed or if they are allowed to be ironed at all. 
Chemical Cleaning: The washing symbol for chemical cleaning is a circle and is either blank (meaning that it needs professional cleaning/drying) or contains a letter, for example “A” for “any solvent”. 
Wunderlabel owns all rights to the symbols offered. This means that you can use our care symbols. Please contact Wunderlabel if you have any questions.
Find out more about the Information and Meaning of Laundry Symbols

Further Care Instructions on Laundry Labels

A laundry label can also be used to increase brand recognition: The brand or manufacturer's name can be added to the care symbols. This raises a number of questions: Which font is best, what should the label look like?
Wunderlabel has developed a design tool that makes it easy to design and order custom laundry labels. This saves time and accelerates creative projects.
The Wunderlabel configurator offers five symbols to choose from. You can also add text.
The following information is typically included on a laundry label:

  • Name of the manufacturer / company
  • Country of origin
  • Size
  • Material (composition in percent)  
  • Laundry symbols
  • Website address (URL)
  • Contact details

Simply enter your text in the fields provided and the configurator will place the text in the correct location. The preview will show you what your laundry label will look like. If you don't like something, such as the font, you can simply go back to the relevant box and change the design.

Where Are Laundry Labels Placed? 

Laundry labels can be sewn into garments in a variety of ways: 
- For example, sewn-in laundry labels are typically found in the side seam below the waist on tops.
- On pants, the labels are typically sewn into the seams at hip height. 
Some garments, such as baby clothes, vests and knit hats, do not use laundry labels because they can damage the delicate fabrics.  In some cases, it may be too difficult to apply a custom care label. Instead, the information is printed on special stickers that can be removed before the product is used for the first time.

Custom Laundry Labels with QR Code and Logo

Application and Use of Laundry Labels

The history of laundry labels and their use begins in the 19th century. Even the earliest textile factories used laundry markings to display the manufacturer's name. Later on, producers began to include washing instructions for caring for clothing or textiles on fabric labels.
The application and use of care labels nowadays are crucial steps in dealing with textiles, significantly influencing the longevity and quality of clothing. It's not just about their use but also the material of the white laundry labels that plays an important role. 
You should therefore first consider which textiles the laundry labels will be sewn into before ordering. In industries like construction, for example, laundry labels made of Tyvek are common because they are waterproof and don't get wet.

Applications for Labels with Laundry Symbols

Manufacturers of clothing, bedding, and textiles use laundry labels to provide care instructions and ensure the proper maintenance of the items. Sewn into the seams of garments or attached in a conspicuous place, they make it easier for the user to follow the correct care instructions.

Sewing Laundry Labels into Clothing and Textiles

To attach laundry tags to clothing items, manufacturers use special sewing machines to secure the labels in the right place and ensure they remain intact during washing and wearing. These seams are usually inconspicuous and blend into the fabric to achieve an elegant finish.

How Do I Design a Laundry Label?

You can customize laundry labels by selecting your own text, symbols and colors to match your preferences or brand identity. These personalized labels will enhance the overall appearance of the garment.
It's easy to design and purchase your own laundry labels using our configurator!
You can find all of our laundry labels in the main menu under CLOTHING LABELS. Select the label you want to customize from the list of options. The online configurator will guide you through the design process step by step.

  • Printed Laundry Labels

Color: Choose the material (satin or Tyvek) and the color or white background of the label. 100% recycled options are available.
Text: In this step you can enter your text and select the font. You can also choose the alignment of your text and the text color.
Symbol: Select the symbols you want to use in your design. There are 5 main categories of laundry symbols: Temperature, Bleaching, Drying, Ironing and Dry Cleaning. Choose up to 5 symbols.
Upload: You can upload your logo or your own design for the label.

  • Woven Laundry Labels

Color: Select the background color for the label. You can choose between sew-on or iron on clothing labels and add the Pure Color option.
Text: In this step, you can enter your text and choose a font. You can also choose the alignment of your text and the text color.
Symbol: Select the symbols you want to add to your design. There are 5 main categories of laundry symbols: Temperature, Bleaching, Drying, Ironing and Dry Cleaning. Select up to 5 symbols.
Select the quantity below the label preview.
Save and proceed to checkout!

What Material Are Laundry Labels Made of?

The textile industry produces Laundry Labels as an essential, often overlooked, but very important component for consumers, manufacturers and regulators.
A variety of materials and technologies are used.  Wunderlabel, for example, offers labels in satin, Tyvek and polyester.
The materials are favorites with manufacturers because of their strength and abrasion resistance that ensure the labels remain intact throughout the life of the garment.
Polyester labels are widely used by manufacturers because of their durability and colorfastness, making it an excellent choice for long-term care labels.
Satin labels are chosen for their softness and ability to blend seamlessly into delicate garments without causing irritation or discomfort.
Thin Tyvek labels are the choice for labeling in industrial environments, outdoor applications, and situations where durable and reliable labeling is a must. They are valued for their durability, water resistance, tear strength, and resistance to harsh environmental conditions. Tyvek water resistant labels also have a smooth surface that allows for high-quality printing and good readability.
By choosing the right material for laundry labels, manufacturers can ensure that essential care information remains legible and intact, giving users precise instructions on how to clean and care for their garments.
Wunderlabel produces care labels from recycled materials that meet the requirements of harmful substance testing.
The woven polyester care labels are tested according to the Oeko-Tex Standard 100. This means that the label material has been tested for numerous harmful substances, optical brighteners and the like. The test includes all components of the product. 

Tips: Proper Care of Clothing 

To keep clothes and textiles in good condition for a long time, there are a few tried and tested care tips. These include carefully reading and following the care instructions on the laundry labels to ensure that garments are cleaned, dried and ironed correctly. In addition, it is advisable to treat stains immediately and to protect clothing from excessive wear, e.g. by taking care when carrying heavy bags or sitting on rough surfaces. Find all the information you would ever need in our laundry symbols guide.

Washing instructions

To maintain the shape, color and quality of your clothes, it is important to follow washing instructions exactly. This includes choosing the correct wash temperature, laundry detergent, fabric softener, and spin speed. It is also important to follow special instructions, such as hand washing or dry cleaning, to prevent damage. To avoid damage during washing, delicate fabrics or wool garments should be washed in a mesh bag. When in doubt, it is better to play it safe and wash on a gentle cycle in cold water to prevent shrinkage or fading.

By following the washing instructions, you can keep your clothes  looking like new for longer.

Prolonging the Life of Garments and Textiles

A few simple steps can extend the lifespan of clothing and textiles. These include 

  • Avoiding excessive washing and drying 
  • Treating stains carefully
  • Regularly removing fluff and hair. 

It is also a good idea to protect clothing from direct sunlight and moisture to prevent discoloration and mildew. 
By taking these precautions, you can ensure that your clothing and textiles last longer and look their best.

Correct Storage of Labeled Items

It is important to store clothing and textiles properly to preserve and protect them. This includes using breathable storage materials, such as cotton bags or garment bags, to allow good air circulation and prevent damage from moisture. It is also advisable to fold garments neatly or hang them on hangers to avoid creasing and deformation. Proper storage keeps garments and textiles in good condition for longer.

Wunderlabel: Leading Supplier of Laundry Labels

Wunderlabel has established itself as a leading provider of high quality, customized textile labeling solutions in the area of laundry label development and innovation. With a wide range of materials, printing techniques and designs, our company enables clothing manufacturers to develop customized laundry labels that meet the specific needs of their products. Through continuous research and development, our company works to introduce innovative technologies that further improve the efficiency and effectiveness of care labels.

Care labeling laws and regulations play a critical role in the textile industry and have a major impact on the production of well designed laundry labels. We ensure compliance with all relevant care labeling laws and regulations to ensure that labels meet the legal requirements in different countries. By constantly updating production processes and materials, the company stays abreast of the latest legislation to provide customers with labels that are not only functional, but also compliant.

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