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Iron on Clothing labels

100% Your Design

Iron on Clothing label instruction

Attaching iron on clothing labels is quick and easy! Perfect for kids clothing, or in a nursing home or daycare setting.


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Iron on labels are affordable, easy to apply and stay put once you attach them. Iron on labels are a great alternative to sew in labels because they are the same professional quality but can be attached in just a few minutes.

Step by step instructions - Customize your iron on clothing labels

Iron on clothing labels

How to apply iron on labels?

To ensure your iron-on labels look great and last a long time, proper adhesion is key.  This is easily done by following
a few simple steps. Let's get started!

Set iron to medium/high heat and turn off the steam setting.  Let the iron heat up fully.

 iron on clothing labels

Place the garment flat on an ironing board with the area you wish to add the label easily accessible.  

Iron on clothing labels

Remove the paper backing off of the label. 

Iron on clothing labels

Position the iron-on label, adhesive side down, onto the garment and cover with a sheet of parchment paper.


Using a circular motion and steady pressure, iron on top of the parchment paper for 10-15 seconds. Check the label edges.  If the edges have not fully adhered, reposition the parchment paper and iron for another 5 seconds.

Iron on clothing labels

Keep in mind

The special adhesive used on our iron-on labels continues to cure after it has been applied. Please do not wash garments with newly applied labels for 24 hours.
For the best results, machine wash up to 30°C.
 If, after many washings, the iron on labels start to lift, simply cover with a sheet of parchment paper and iron to reactivate the adhesive.

What Kind of Iron On Clothing Labels Does Wunderlabel Offer?

All Wunderlabel yarn (except for sparkling yarn) is Oeko-Tex (Standard 100) certified and proven to be free of harmful chemicals. They are certified for Class 1 products - the highest standard - and suitable even for baby products. In addition, all our yarn is made of at least 90% recycled material.
That leaves the question: Which iron on clothing labels best suit your needs? Find the answers below.

Printed Iron On name Labels with Text & Symbol

Printed Iron on name labels / tags are the perfect option for labeling garments, jackets, hats & mittens and all things for children at daycare or school. Moms love them because they can be designed with a symbol which can be recognized by younger children as well. Dimensions: 1.8” x .5” ( 46 x 12 mm ),
2” x .8” ( 50 x 20 mm ). 30 °C washable.

Iron on clothing labels
Woven Iron On Labels with Text & Symbol

Woven Iron On Labels with Text & Symbol

You don’t have your own design but want to order an iron on name tag? Then use our free online design tool and create your very own label design by choosing from a variety of options. These iron on clothing labels measure 60 x 15 mm (2.4" x 0.6") and are made of 100% Oeko-Tex certified polyester yarn.


Woven Iron On Clothing Labels with Sparkling Text & Symbol

Are you looking for a glamourous iron on label but don’t have your own design? Our online configurator lets you create your own iron on clothing labels by selecting different options. The label dimensions are 60 x 15 mm (2.4" x 0.6") and woven from polyester that is 100% guaranteed to be free from harmful substances.

Woven Iron On Clothing Labels with Sparkling Text & Symbol
Bespoke Woven Iron On Labels with Logo

Woven Iron On Labels with Logo

Do you have your own logo or artwork and want to design iron on clothing labels? Our logo clothing labels can also be ordered with an “iron on” option. You can choose your measurements and up to 6 colors. The polyester yarn used for these labels is Oeko-Tex certified. We also offer black and white yarn in a 100% recycled version.


Woven Iron On Care Labels with Text & Laundry Symbols

Wunderlabel also offers care labels with laundry symbols as iron on clothing labels. These have one row of text and can fit up to 5 laundry symbols. They measure 60 x 15 mm (2.4" x 0.6") and are made of 100% Oeko-tex certified polyester.

Woven Iron On Care Labels

The Advantages of Wunderlabel Iron On Clothing Labels

The Advantages Iron On Clothing Labels

Wunderlabel  iron on clothing labels are fully customizable and available in the size, design and color of your choice.  You can create your own iron on design on our website by selecting different options such as font, symbol, frame and colors. You can also order iron labels with your own design and customized measurements.  

An iron on logo label can help boost your brand, imparts a personal touch and increases your company’s recognition value. Simply iron on your logo and make a lasting impression. Whether you are a small business owner, a DIY enthusiast or a crafter, iron on clothing labels will ensure that the recipient of your product or present will remember you and your brand.

Iron on patches are extremely practical: iron on name tags, for example, is very quick. And they can be attached to a range of fabrics such as cotton, polyester and wool. Simply use heat to fix the labels to your fabric. The clothing label will remain securely fastened and is tough and durable.

Because they are so easy to attach, iron on name tags are very popular in settings where a large number of labels need to be applied, like daycare, schools and nursing homes. And they make allocating clothes and towels a breeze!

Wunderlabel offers excellent value for the money when it comes to iron on labels: a high quality product at affordable prices.

How Can You Design Your Iron Labels at Wunderlabel?

Simply go to Clothing Labels on the wunderlabel.com homepage. Then simply add your iron on fabric label to your cart, enter your personal details and finish the process by paying for your order. Here you will find the following options for iron on labels:


Woven Iron On Labels with Text or with Sparkling Text and Symbol

  • Color: Choose one of 27 label colors available and the Pure Color option if applicable. You should then tick the box “Iron On”.
  • Text: Enter up to 3 lines of text and choose the alignment (right, center or left). Select a font and a text color. With the sparkling text labels there is a choice of 4 metallic colors.
  • Frame: If only have 1 to 2 rows of text then you can also add a frame.
  • Symbol: You can choose from one of over 300 symbols to match your needs.
 Iron On Labels with Text or with Sparkling Text and Symbol
Woven Iron on Labels with  your Logo

Woven Iron on Labels with your Logo

  • Label: If you need an iron on label then the folded label option is not available: please select “Standard Label”. Then proceed to enter the required dimensions. Please skip the Taffeta step as this is not an option with iron on labels.
  • Upload: In this step you can upload your own design or artwork with up to 6 colors.
  • Color: Here you will find a range of Pantone colors and the “Pure Color” option should you need it. Make sure to tick the box “Iron On” before you proceed to the next step.
  • Message: You may use this field to ask a question or give us more information about your design.


Woven Iron On Laundry Labels with Text and Laundry Symbols

  • Color: Select one of 27 colors for the label and decide whether the background color needs to be enhanced with the Pure Color option. Then tick the box “iron On”.
  • Text: Add one row of text (optional), choose the alignment, font and text color.
  • Symbol: You can select one symbol from each of the following categories: Temperature, Bleaching, Drying, Ironing, Dry Cleaning.


Woven Iron On Laundry Labels with Text and Laundry Symbols
Iron On Name Labels with Text and Symbol

Iron On Name Labels with Text and Symbol

  • Size: Choose between 2 sizes which are available to you.
  • Text: Add up to 2 rows of text, choose the font, font size and text alignment. Decide on Red, Blue or Black text.
  • Symbol: Choose from hundreds of symbol options and decide on the symbol alignment.


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Wunderlabel Custom Iron On Labels: High Recognition Value Paired with High Quality

Custom Iron On Labels

High grade yarns are woven into custom iron on labels by professional weaving machines with the newest technology. The labels are finely woven and produced under strict quality control, resulting in a durable and resilient product with vivid colors. Skilled personnel and safe working conditions make this a fairly produced article. Our certifications guarantee that the labels are free from harmful substances and suitable even for babies.

The Wunderlabel website makes designing custom iron on labels super easy. Create iron on patches in your own individual style by using our free online design tool.
Wunderlabel iron on name tags will withstand the test of time and are definitely an investment worth making. So why not simplify things by choosing an custom iron on label? No sewing, just apply with heat!



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Paying for Iron On Clothing Labels with the Following Options

You have placed your order for personalized fabric iron on clothing labels. These will be made from scratch just for you as soon as your payment has reached us.
Make the payment online from the comfort of your home with one of the following payment methods:

  • Credit card: American Express, Mastercard, VISA, Discover
  • PayPal


 Iron On Labels for cloth
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