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Iron on Clothing labels
Iron on Clothing labels

Iron on Clothing labels

Iron-on clothing labels are special labels made of textile or synthetic material that consumers attach to fabrics using heat. These labels have a thermoplastic coating on the back. When applied with a hot iron, this coating melts and permanently bonds the label to the fabric. Iron-on labels are a popular choice for apparel, home textiles and other textile products.

Perfect for kids clothing
Quick and easy to apply
Highly individual
superior quality

superior quality

highly individual

highly individual

lightning fast

lightning fast

in-house production

in-house production

super low quantities

super low quantities

Personalized Iron on Clothing Labels for Your Needs

Iron on clothing labels provide a simple and effective way to attach important information such as brand names, care instructions or personal messages. Aside from their commercial use, they are often used in nursing homes / care homes, as clothing labels for daycare and are also perfect for school uniforms and camp clothes. 

As with any product, there are advantages and disadvantages that you should consider when choosing iron-on labels.


- Easy to apply: They require no sewing or special tools to apply. All you need is an iron or a heat press.
- Permanent attachment: Once attached properly, the labels will last very well and can be put in the washing machine and dryer.
- Versatility: They are suitable for a variety of fabrics and are available in different shapes, sizes and designs.
- Aesthetics: Iron on clothing labels can be applied very discreetly and flat to the fabric, making them almost invisible and not detracting from the look of the garment.


- Heat Sensitivity: Labels must be ironed at a specific temperature. Too little heat will result in poor adhesion, too much heat can damage the fabric or label.
- Limited reusability: Once ironed on, these labels are difficult or impossible to remove without damaging the fabric. This can be problematic if the label needs to be replaced or removed.
- Application errors: If the label is not ironed on correctly, it can peel off at the edges or warp unattractively.

How to Apply Iron-on Labels and Name Tags?

Video-Tutorial: Attaching iron on clothing labels is quick and easy! Perfect for kids clothing, or in a nursing home or daycare setting.
Iron on labels are affordable, easy to apply and stay put once you attach them. Iron on labels are a great alternative to sew in labels because they are the same professional quality but can be attached in just a few minutes.

Instructions for Applying your Iron-on Labels

Before You Get Started:

  • Please check the laundry label on your fabric, or make inquiries directly with the manufacturer, to make sure that it can withstand the hot temperature required to iron the labels on. Delicate fabrics (silk, satin, wool etc.) and those with a low melting point (nylons, vinyls, leathers etc.) are not compatible with this product!
  • Iron-on labels might not adhere to textured or very stretchy fabrics, for example canvas, fleece or jersey knits.  We suggest that you ask our customer service team to send you a sample of an iron-on label if you are unsure about your chosen fabric so that you can test before you buy. 
  • Wash and iron your garment / fabric before you begin.
  • Have silicone parchment paper or unwaxed baking paper on hand. This is a must for the application: do not iron directly on the labels!
  • Keep in mind that every iron is different: always start on a medium heat and only increase the temperature if the labels are not sticking (and the type of fabric you are using will allow it!)

1. Set the iron on medium / high heat

To ensure that your iron-on label looks good and lasts, it is important that it is applied well. 
Simply follow the steps below!

Set the iron on medium/high heat and turn off the steam.  Allow it to heat up fully, as it must be hot enough to activate the adhesive.

2. Lay the garment flat on an ironing board

Lay the garment flat on an ironing board so that the area where you want to apply the label is easily accessible. A mini iron is ideal for awkward small spaces and they are quite affordable. Make sure the fabric is as smooth and wrinkle-free as possible.

3. Remove the paper

Remove or peel the backing paper from the label.

4. Place the label on the garment

Place the label on the garment, adhesive side down, and cover with a sheet of baking paper. Do not use a tea towel or ironing cloth as they will prevent the heat from sufficiently heating the adhesive. 

5. Iron Label for 10-25 Seconds

Press the iron onto the baking paper for 10-25 seconds with circular motions and even pressure. Keep checking the edges of the label. If they do not adhere completely, repeat again for another 5 seconds. Be careful with this step: Prolonged exposure to heat can scorch and discolor the fabric.

6. Keep in mind

The special adhesive hardens after application. Wait 24 hours before the first wash. For best results, always wash at a low temperature. The labels are dryer safe on a low temperature setting.
If the iron-on labels come off after several washes, you can easily reactivate the adhesive by repeating the steps above.

To remove the iron-on labels then please follow the instructions on our blog: HOW TO REMOVE AN IRON ON LABEL.

Types of Iron on Clothing and Name Labels

Wunderlabel offers different types of iron on clothing labels for a variety of applications. They differ from the type of production to the function and application. Wunderlabel offers woven and printed iron-on labels in its product range.

  • Woven Labels

- With Text & Symbol: These personalized clothing labels are ideal if you don't have your own design but still want to display your (company) name on a tag. You can also choose a symbol from our selection to embellish your label. The labels are made from 100% Oeko-Tex certified polyester.

- With Sparkling Text & Symbol: Looking for something special but don't have your own design? Then this product could be something for you. Glitter motif on the iron-on label gives clothing a striking and decorative look, popular especially in children's fashion or festive attire.

- With Logo: If you already have your own logo, this option is perfect for you. You can easily upload your own design in our configurator. These fabric tags are made from 100% recycled OEKO-Tex certified yarn. 

- With Text & Care Symbols: These labels consist of 2 lines; a line of text and a line of up to five care symbols. They are also made from 100% OEKO-Tex certified polyester yarn. 

  • Printed Labels

- PU Iron On Name Labels: These labels are made of polyurethane and provide space for text and symbols.

- DTF Custom Iron On Transfers: With this type of label, consumers transfer only the water-based ink from the film to the fabric. To create this product, you can upload your logo, image, or artwork using our online configurator.

- DTF Name Labels for Kids: These custom name labels include space for the child's name and a cute color symbol: Choose from animals, monsters, castles, food and more. Avoid confusion at daycare and school by applying them to clothing items, shoes and bags. 

How to Create Personalized Iron-on Labels?

The design process is slightly different depending on the type of label you choose. However, here is the basis for most orders:

- Size: Select the label size, shape, or crease that is right for your application.

- Material: Each label type has different material options. Label materials are listed in the sidebar of the configurator.

- Color: Color is important to convey the aesthetics of your business. That's why we offer many bright colors and patterns to choose from.

- Text and Symbol or Logo: Depending on the type of label you are designing, you can upload your own file or create your own design from our extensive list of icons and fonts.

- Options: Choose from a variety of design options to help you create the perfect label. Punched holes and taffeta borders are just a few of the great finishing options available.

 - Quantity and shipping: The last step is to select your quantity and shipping method. Express orders are also available.

Inspiration and Tips for Using Iron On Clothing Labels

For those who want to get creative and get the most out of their iron on clothing labels, there are a variety of inspiring blog articles and tutorials. You can also learn about the history of iron-on labels. Not only do they show you how to apply and remove the labels, but they also provide insight into creative DIY projects that really showcase them. 

  • How to Apply Iron On Labels: This article provides step-by-step instructions on how to properly iron on logo and name tags to various types of fabric. Ideal for beginners and advanced users who want to make sure their labels last and look professional.

  • Free Crochet Placemat Pattern: Give your homemade coasters a personal touch by adding iron-on labels. This blog article contains a free crochet pattern and shows how iron-on labels are perfect for making your handicrafts look more individual and professional.

  • Sew a Paper Toilet Holder: Sustainability and creativity go hand in hand in this upcycling project. Learn how to sew a practical toilet roll holder out of old fabric and add custom labels to create a unique and practical accessory for your home.

  • DIY Face Masks Tutorials: At a time when face masks are essential, this tutorial offers simple instructions for sewing face masks. Personalized Iron on or sewing labels can be used to provide important information such as washing instructions.

These blog articles not only provide valuable tips and inspiration, but also show how versatile  you can use these iron on clothing labels in a variety of projects. Get inspired and discover the many possibilities that our labels have to offer!