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Not sure where to start?

No matter what your branding needs may be, we feel confident that Wunderlabel has the right product for you. Check out our handy comparison below to get a feeling for what best suits your application.

Woven Labels

Woven labels with logo

Our Woven Labels are quickly and easily personalised using text, a symbol and an optional border. Need something a little more custom? Upload your logo or artwork to create a Woven Logo Label with more advanced options available to you.

Printed Labels


Printed labels offer personalisation with text and a symbol and are a great value. Printed Logo Labels offer the same soft and silky label but with the ability to showcase your logo or artwork in an array of colors.

The choice is yours!

Gone are the days where only generic, mass produced labels are available for the home sewist, designer or crafter. Here at Wunderlabel you get choose how to make your fabric labels, hang tags, stickers or ribbon uniquely your own. Whether you’re making your own clothing, designing high fashion, selling handmade items online or simply creating for your family - we have the branding tools you need. Choose between a huge selection of fonts, colours and symbols to easily design the label of your dreams online or upload your logo or artwork to create a fully custom label. The choice is yours!

Highlight Your Individuality!

Our labels and branding products are used for many different things and we are constantly inspired by what is shared with us. Our custom woven clothing labels can be used for not only your own clothing, but for kids school items, clothing used in a care home which need a name label, or even to personalise party favours at birthday parties and weddings. They can be used to brand items you’re selling or instruct how to properly care for your handmade item. Highlight your individuality with a label which is truly your own by creating a design online with our easy to use design tool.