Woven labels, printed labels, clothing labels

The Difference Between Woven and Printed Labels

Chances are, if you’ve been looking at personalizing your own labels, you’ve faced the question: woven or printed?  One very important part of designing the perfect label for your brand is choosing the right type of label.  A few factors should be considered when making that choice and we’re here to help with this comparison between woven and printed labels.

Woven Labels
Woven labels are considered an industry standard for high end garments and are used for an array of different applications.  Since the entire design of the label, including the background, is woven into one piece of fabric, they are sturdy and soft to the touch.  Our woven labels are durable but soft against the skin and retain their shape even after countless washings in all temperatures. You don’t have to worry about the labels fading either – they are colorfast!
woven labels, printed labels, clothing labels


Wunderlabel Woven Labels are made of 100% damask woven polyester woven on professional jacquard looms.  Each label is made from scratch and each label design is set up and mapped separately on our weaving machines.  The label edges will not fray due to our hand cutting method using heat which makes applying the labels a snap.
woven labels, printed labels, clothing labels


Printed Labels
Printed labels are an economical option which can be used for a variety of applications.  Our printing method consists of a color foil being heated by the printer and transferred directly onto the label material.  This method results in crisp images which means designs with small details come out looking great!  The finish is smooth and durable and the colors will not run in the wash.
woven labels, printed labels, clothing labels

Wunderlabel printed labels are made of 100% white satin polyester which means they are silky and soft to the touch and lend a luxurious feel. The label edges are smooth against the skin and will not fray due to our heat cutting method which lends to their staying power.

No matter your branding need, we feel confident that Wunderlabel has the labeling solution for you.  If you still aren’t sure or have any questions, feel free to contact us for guidance at [email protected].  

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