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By Wunderlabel on 04/21/2016

Ideas for Personalized Ribbon

Creative Ways to Use Personalized Satin Ribbon

Ribbon has many uses and is definitely a favorite among crafters. Satin ribbon made of polyester is one of the most versatile ribbons on the market today and is a great affordable alternative to silk ribbon. We’ve seen endless creative uses for our personalized printed ribbon here at Wunderlabel and today we’ll share some of our favorites.

Who doesn’t love parties? Birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers, weddings and graduations are all perfect reasons to celebrate and make the guest(s) of honor feel special. Adding style and a festive feeling without making a huge dent in your party decoration budget is easy with personalized ribbon. It can be tied to balloons, wrapped around vases and candle votives or cinch up goody-bags. These small details can take your party decorations from looking great to spectacular!

Box with ribbon

Personalized ribbon can be a smart addition to your merchandising plan. Whether you’re selling in a retail setting or setting up a booth at a craft fair, a bit of ribbon here and there can add elegance and charm. Personalized ribbon is also an easy way to spruce up seasonal and holiday displays. It can enhance the look of merchandise bags too – tie a length of ribbon to the handle to give your once plain looking bag a custom look. Ribbon featuring your catch phrase or shop name can also be used in your shipment packaging. Wrap a piece around some tissue paper before sealing up a box for shipment. This small detail can turn an otherwise standard looking package into something special and memorable.

Corporate or charity events can also benefit from the uses of personalized ribbon. It can embellish table centerpieces, gift baskets, floral arrangements and even awards. Our ribbon has also been used to pin to clothing in honor of a person or special event.

Event ribbon

Most of of the time satin ribbon brings to mind a beautifully wrapped present with a bow on top, but as you can see, it can be used for so much more. Speaking of bows, check out this step-by-step guide on how to tie a cute little bow with a fork!

What are your favorite ways to use ribbon?

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