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By Terra on 06/18/2018

Customer Spotlight: Indigo Ember Designs

Customer Spotlight: Indigo Ember Designs

"It is my hope that by having a piece of one of my collections, you are able to express your creativity as well."

We all know how hard it is to find the perfect bag or statement necklace. Heather, the creator of Indigo Ember Designs, is making it way easier by offering up her handmade creations. Her bags are not only beautiful but functional and her beaded necklaces are little works of art. We are proud to be Indigo Ember’s label provider!

Customer Spotlight: Indigo Ember Designs

Introducing Indigo Ember!

Customer Spotlight: Indigo Ember Designs 

Tell us about Indigo Ember Designs.

Indigo Embers was started because of a hobby and a creative spark. For as long as I can remember, I've been an artist at heart, whether it is by drawing, painting, building, or sewing, I have a passion for creating. In 2012 I began making jewelry to share with the world in craft shows and just through word of mouth. As life happens, I became busy with my kiddos and work and pushed it to the side. At the end of 2017, I really felt the calling to start doing more creating again.

What keeps you inspired to create?

In the last few years I've really learned a lot about business, fashion, and creating a product that I would love to share. As I have been on this journey in my busy life, I noticed a need for cute, functional and affordable handbags and totes for busy gals which I am super excited to be bringing to fruition. Most pieces are day dreams, sketches or plain ol' spur of the moment creations. It is my hope that by having a piece of one of my collections, you are able to express your creativity as well.

Customer Spotlight: Indigo Ember Designs

What does labeling your handmade items do for your business?

I think it is super important to have your branding vibe and a good visual presentation when showing your product to a customer. I immediately chose Wunderlabel in my search to help brand my pieces because of how they presented themselves. I love that my hangtags create a long lasting impression on my customers and that the little label that they see in each bag is a reminder that each is made with love and creativity.

Indigo Ember Designs can be found on Facebook, Instagram and on

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