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By Terra on 06/12/2017

Customer Spotlight: T.Herman

Customer Spotlight: T.Herman

Our next Customer Spotlight is located in Sweden and knows a thing or two about chasing a dream!  Mathilda Hermansson, owner & creative director at T. Herman, has taken an idea and turned it into a thriving business.  T. Herman’s gorgeous bedcovers, blankets, pillowcases and handbags are just a few of the beautiful and high quality items being offered today.  Their custom woven logo label exudes style and quality - we are so proud to be her label provider. 

Introducing T. Herman!

Customer Spotlight: T.Herman

Tell us about T. Herman.

“Focus on quality and design – create sustainable luxury in everyday life”

Our business concept is to manufacture and sell unique products under our own brand. We have focus on quality and design and we would like to create sustainable luxury in everyday life. The products we design and manufacture under our own brand T. Herman are mainly textiles within the interior segment. We are trying to create products of the best quality and handpick our fabrics from India, we mainly work with wool fabrics that should last a lifetime. We want to create sustainability.  We do not believe in mass production, we would like to create unique products that are only available in a few pieces to have a more unique and exclusive feel.  Important for us is to create products that last in many years.

We constantly work to update our product portfolio and create, design and sell new products.

Customer Spotlight: T.Herman

What keeps you inspired to create?

My life changed! I have been working as a finance manager for international companies and as many other people I hit the “wall”, so my life changed and I started to think what I really wanted to do with my life and that was actually to create. I went back to my childhood dreams! So I quit my job and started on my own – in September 2016 I went by myself to India and looked for high quality fabrics! I bought 500 meters and started my own brand and production – this is my journey and I just love to create and inspire other people! I follow my dream now.

Customer Spotlight: T.Herman

What does labeling your handmade items do for your business?


When I started to design I had a vision for the brand that came very early in the process – how the brand should look like and the colours I wanted on my textile labels. I wanted to create that exclusive feeling and the labels are very important in that process, also that the labels have a high quality and a nice feel. The textile labels complete the look that I want and comply with the demands I have on quality of fabrics and textile labels.

Customer Spotlight: T.Herman

T. Herman can be found online and on instagram and Facebook.

Customer Spotlight: T.Herman

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