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By Wunderlabel on 02/20/2017

Attach a hang tag

How to Attach a Hang Tag

Hang tags, sometimes referred to as swing tags, are an excellent marketing tool and can help with branding as well as the “look” you want to portray.  They’re a great way to pass along information about your business or specifics about your products.  Using a common theme between business cards, packaging, labels and hang tags gives your brand a memorable and unified look which is always a good thing when you want to stand out from the masses.  Luckily, Wunderlabel hang tags are easy to design and order.  Brand recognition never looked so good! 

There are a couple of different ways to attach a hang tag.  The first option is to use a piece of cord or string.

Simply pull the cord through the hang tag and make a loop.

Hang tag with cord

Or fold the cord in half and string the closed end through the hang tag.  Pull the open ends of the cord through the loop at the opposite end of the cord.

Tag with folded cord

Simply knot the cord around a clothing label, through a buttonhole, or around a strap on the garment.

Attach tag with cord

The addition of a safety pin allows you the freedom to pin the hang tag in any location.  Most hang tags are pinned onto the clothing label or along a seam to avoid leaving a small hole.

Attach tag with safety pin

The second option used to attach a hang tag is a tagging gun.  Tagging guns use a plastic fastener, also referred to as tagging barbs, to attach the hang tag directly to the garment.  The process is quick and easy if you follow these simple steps.

Load the tagging gun with plastic fasteners by following the manufacturer’s instructions.

Tagging gun

Slip the hang tag over the needle with the front of the hang tag facing the tagging gun. Our hang tag was double sided.

Insert needle

Choose where on the garment you would like to attach the hang tag.  As stated before, most often hang tags are attached through a seam or clothing label to avoid leaving a hole in the fabric of the garment.  Shirts, for example, are often tagged at the inside seam at the end of a sleeve, under the arm seam, or at the neckline.

Insert the needle of the tagging gun into the fabric and hold in place.

Choose position of tag

Squeeze the trigger of the tagging gun to engage the fastener.  The end of the fastener will come through the needle and hold the hang tag in place.

Squeeze the trigger

 Your tag is now attached!

Attached hang tag

Of course, hang tags can be used on an array of products and are not limited to just clothing.  

If you’re interested in designing some of your own customized hang tags, visit our website to get started!

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