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By Wunderlabel on 12/08/2020

Free Crochet Placemat Pattern

Free Crochet Placemat Pattern

Only a few days left until Christmas and the final preparations are underway. How about welcoming your loved ones with selfmade crochet rectangular placemats? These sets are great as a last-minute Christmas present as well as a table decoration and can be made in no time at all, even as a beginner! We will show you how it’s done in our free Crochet Placemat Pattern.

Have fun!

You will need:

How to Make a Crochet Table Mat:


22 stitches = 10 cm (place mat: 45x37 cm / cutlery pouch: 25x13 cm)

Basic pattern:

Crochet back and forth on a chain as follows:

Row 1: 1 double crochet into the second link of the chain, followed by 1 double crochet into each chain link

Row 2: Turning chain of 3 stitches at the beginning of the row, then 1 treble crochet into each subsequent stitch

Row 3: Turning chain of 1 stitch, then 1 double crochet into each subsequent stitch  

Repeat rows 1 and 2.

This is what it should look like:

Free Crochet Placemat Pattern

Chain 30 stitches for the placemat and then repeat rows 1 and 2 30 times (one row of double crochet, one row treble crochet).

Bind off and then start crocheting around the square.

Row 1: Double crochet in the main colour, with 3 double crochets in 1 stitch at each corner.

Row 2: Double crochet in a different colour of your choice

Row 3: Main colour, alternate 2 rebel crochet stitches with 2 chain stitches

Row 4: Double crochet using the secondary colour

Rows 5 & 6: Double crochet using the main colour

Row 7: Reverse double crochet and bind off

Cutlery pouch:

Use the basic pattern and 25 chain stitches until you have crocheted about 40 cm.

Free Crochet Placemat Pattern

Use an openwork pattern at the top (same as the border of the table mat).

Free Crochet Placemat Pattern

Fold the top over and fold the length together to create a pouch.

Finish off with one row of double crochets in the main colour, one row in the secondary colour and one row of reverse double crochet.

Last but not least: Attach a personalized wunderlabel! Quick and easy to design online and to attach to your project. We even offer labels with holes at the edges: perfect for sewing onto crocheted items with a thicker thread or yarn!

Free Crochet Placemat Pattern

Your crochet Christmas placemats are ready for your festive table! Let us know what you think of our free Crochet Placemat Pattern, and share your creations with us on Instagram or Facebook #wunderlabel. We would love to see what you have made!

Free Crochet Placemat Pattern

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