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By Wunderlabel on 10/18/2021

Sewing christmas decoration

Sewing a Christmas Decoration for Your Tree

Stars not only brighten up the night sky, but also our homes during the holiday season. So it's no surprise that they are found in all sorts of variations, especially during Christmas. 

To get you in the mood we are showing you how to make a DIY Christmas tree star in our free tutorial. 
Ours is about 12 cm tall and made for hanging on the Christmas tree, but you can also make yours smaller or bigger to use as a table decoration or door ornament. They also make a great present for your loved ones: Just choose individual colors and patterns for each recipient.  

No matter whether glittery, plain, elegant or modern, this homemade Christmas star will bring warmth to the dark winter days and fill your home with Christmas cheer. Even after the festivities are over your DIY star decorations will still make a pretty addition to your home decor.  

Do you love stars as much as we do? Let us show you step-by-step how easy sewing a Christmas decoration is. Your DIY Christmas star will look beautiful on the tree or on a wreath. How you use them is entirely up to you, so feel free to get creative! 

This Christmas star sewing pattern is great for pros and beginners alike. Let’s get started! 

You will need the following materials for sewing your Christmas decoration:  

How to sew a Christmas star

First print out the free Christmas star sewing pattern. 

We will now show you step by step how to make your very own sewing Christmas decoration.
What fabric you use is completely up to you: Choose whatever you like best, whether plain or patterned. You can also recycle fabric scraps and make a patchwork Christmas star. 
Begin by cutting your fabric(s) to size - you will need a total of 10 diamond shapes. Plan out how you want your star to look. We have used 5 different fabrics, but you can also use 3 different fabrics or sew a plain star.
Place the pattern on the fabric and outline it with a pencil. Leave a margin so that you have enough room to sew it together later on.

Our diamonds measure 3 cm plus seam allowance on each side. But you can also use a different size. The main thing is that the angle measures 72° so that the pieces fit together nicely.

Sewing a Christmas Decoration

Sew the diamonds right sides together with a seam allowance of 0.75 cm. The last one will be a little fiddly and might take some patience and practice to get right.

Sewing a Christmas Decoration

Next, sew a cord or ribbon (approx. 10cm) to one of the points to hang your star. If you want to use your ornament as a table decoration, skip this step.

Sewing a Christmas Decoration

Now sew the two sides of the star right sides together with a seam allowance of 0.75 cm. Remember to leave an opening on one side and to lock your stitches before and after it. Trim the seam allowance on the points of the star and make a cut into the allowance of the inside corners.

Sewing a Christmas Decoration

Sewing a Christmas Decoration

You can also sew a folded logo label into the side of the star at this point. 

Tip: Pay attention to the number of colors in the woven logo labels.
Christmas decoration custom label
Turn the star through the opening and use a pointed object to shape the corners. Finally, pad your homemade Christmas star with the filling making sure to push enough of it into the tips of the star as well so that they are nicely shaped. You can use a pointed object again to fill the points with padding.

Sewing a Christmas Decoration

Once you have finished filling, you can sew the opening shut with a ladder stitch. 

If you like, you can sew a button in the centre on each side or on one side only.

You will have to do this by hand because the finished star won't fit under the sewing machine foot! Your star is now finished!

Sewing a Christmas Decoration

See? It’s easy to sew a Christmas star! 

Gift ideas and inspiration

You can sew the star in any size. A larger one would make a beautiful standalone door decoration. Smaller ones can be attached to a piece of string and the garland then hung onto the Christmas tree or on the wall. Consider wrapping fairy lights around the garland for a magical special effect.   

Another great idea is to give a homemade Christmas star to friends and family as a present. They can also be used as tags as a final touch for your wrapping. Why not sew a label with a Christmas message in the middle of the star? 

No matter who you are sewing a Christmas decoration for, it is sure to make an impression! Follow our easy instructions for Homemade Star for Christmas Tree and start making your unique ornaments today. 

Thinking about transforming your sewing hobby into a business? Whether you're considering a part-time endeavor or ready to dive into full-time entrepreneurship with your handmade creations, explore these 21 sewing business ideas to ignite your entrepreneurial spirit!

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