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By Wunderlabel on 11/13/2023

Limited colors for woven labels

Why Can You only Choose a Limited Number of Colors for Woven Logo Labels?

Displaying your logo on your products is a crucial branding strategy with numerous benefits. Firstly, it serves as a powerful and constant reminder of your brand's presence. When customers see your logo on a product, it reinforces brand recognition and familiarity, making them more likely to choose your products over competitors. Additionally, a prominently displayed logo communicates professionalism and trustworthiness. 

No wonder our woven logo labels are so popular: These finely woven high quality labels are ideal for adding that essential touch of professionalism!

Looking at the color options in the online design tool you might have noticed that you can only choose up to 6 colors / threads: 1 background color + up to 5 logo colors. We frequently get asked why there is a limit. 

The short answer is that designs with more than 6 colors rarely look good woven: The labels will be too thick and the logo rendering won’t be as precise. And since we want to offer our customers only the very highest quality labels, we choose to limit the number of threads. 

But it is not just about looks. There are several practical reasons linked to our manufacturing process that makes using an excessive number of threads challenging:

1. Machine Limitations: Most textile labels are produced using automated weaving machines, such as shuttle looms or needle looms. These machines have a finite number of spindles or needles that can hold threads. Each spindle or needle corresponds to a specific color or thread, and there's a physical limit to how many spindles or needles a machine can accommodate. This limits the number of threads or colors that can be used in the weaving process.

2. Complexity: Adding more threads or colors increases the complexity of the weaving process. Each additional thread requires its own mechanism for tensioning and control, which can be technically challenging to manage in a textile label where space is limited. Complex designs with a high number of threads may also require specialized and expensive machinery.

3. Cost: Using more threads or colors in weaving increases the cost of production. Each additional thread adds to the material and labor costs. For textile labels that are often produced in large quantities, cost-effectiveness is a crucial consideration. (You will notice that we charge a little bit more for each thread / yarn that is added.)

4. Practicality: Textile labels are typically small and meant to convey information or branding. Excessive use of threads or colors can make the label look cluttered, confusing, or less legible. Simplicity and clarity in design are essential for effective labeling. 

5. Production Speed: Using a limited number of threads or colors allows for faster production speeds. Labels are often produced in large quantities, and efficiency in manufacturing is a priority.

6. Quality Control: Managing a higher number of threads or colors increases the potential for errors in weaving, such as misalignment or breakage. Quality control becomes more challenging with complexity.

Modern technology has made it easier to produce detailed woven labels, but there are still some limitations and practical boundaries that even the highest quality machines cannot overcome. 

TIP 1: If your logo does have a lot of colors or gradients, then we would recommend opting for printed labels with logo.

TIP 2: But if your logo is still in the development phase, then you can consider the cost factor for woven labels now and possibly reduce the number of colors in the logo.

If you are interested in checking out the quality and variety of our woven labels or any of our other products then why not order a free sample pack

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