The importance of woven fabric labels

The Importance of Labeling Your Handmade Goods

Whether you’re a hobby seamstress, a quilter, a crafter or making items to sell online or in shops, chances are you’re putting a lot of time and effort into your handmade items. Your time and effort means something! This is where woven and printed labels come into play. Think of labels as the “signature” on your masterpiece, taking pride and ownership of your creation. Just as a painter signs a canvas to complete the masterpiece, woven or printed labels can be used to obtain the same effect.

The Importance of Fabric, Printed and Clothing Labels plus Hang tags

Labels are important for so many reasons. If you plan on selling your goods, marketing and branding can be the key to your success. Offering a quality-made handcrafted product isn’t always enough. Labeling can give a professional edge which in turn lends a feeling of credibility. For a customer, this feeling can often be the deciding factor that your handiwork is worth the investment. Woven and printed labels can also act as a simple reminder of the origin of the handmade item, which can easily be lost or forgotten without proper labeling. This is a great way to obtain repeat customers! The benefits of using labels are endless. However you decide to round out your marketing and branding strategy, woven and printed labels are a simple way to make a big impact.

Maybe your goal isn’t to sell the things you make. Maybe branding isn’t something that you’re concerned with because you’re lovingly making items for family and friends. Woven and printed labels can also be a fantastic way to pass along a sweet sentiment and/or note the date when an item was created. It’s a nice way to personalize a gift and make a special statement. On heirloom quality items, it’s reassuring to know that the label will tell a story about the maker for generations to come. There is no project too small for a beautifully designed label.

Of course, there are the utilitarian reasons for labeling, although this doesn’t make them any less important. Sizing, fabric content and care instructions are all crucial bits of information. Size labels, of course, will ensure a proper fit. Including care instructions, which can include fabric content, in the form of a laundry label is the easiest way to ensure your products are being cleaned in an appropriate way. Proper cleaning methods ensure a longer lasting product which results in a happy customer.

Adding labels can seem like a small detail, but in the end you’ll be glad you did. Your creativity and hard work are worth it! So tell us, creatives and makers out there, what are your thoughts on labels?

Overview of Importance Fabric Labels

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